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2. Industry Leading Business SaaS Applications Leader in SaaS Productivity Applications 10,000,000 + Business Users Leader in SaaS Enterprise Applications 1,000,000 + Paying Subscribers 3. Unified Vision for Software-as-a-Service April 14, 2008|San Francisco, CA Marc Benioff & Eric Schmidt 4. Google in the Enterprise Enterprise, Mid-Marketand Public Sector Academic and Non-Profits 10,000,000+ users

  • 500,000+ businesses
  • 2,000 businesses/day

Small Businesses 5. Salesforce for Google Apps 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE 1-800-667-6389 6. What Is Google Apps? Gmail for Business Run your corporate email on your own domain with Google Google Talk Instant communication within and outside your business Google Calendar Business calendar with shared, and public calendars Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations Simple real-time document collaborationGoogle Sites Easily create and edit web pages for your projects and teams Google Start PageYour business home page, with views into all of your business apps 7. Google AppsmeansBusiness Business-Class Applications with Administrative & Security Controls 8. Business Email and Calendar Email and Calendar at your business address ([email protected]) 9. Instant Communication with Colleagues Corporate-wide Instant Messaging and File Sharing 10. Collaborate on Business Documents Documents

  • Sales Plans
  • Campaign Briefs
  • Business Contracts


  • Financial Models
  • Customer Analysis
  • Commissions


  • Sales Presos
  • Marketing Events
  • Offsites

Work with your entire team online, in real-time 11. Internal Websites for Projects/Teams Self-Service Websites, Intranets, Project Sites, Wikis, and more! 12. Online, Offline, and Mobileall Included Access your productivity apps from anywhere on the web, and even when youre disconnected Gmail, Talk, and Google Docs accessible from your cell phone, Blackberry, or iPhone 13. Google Apps is Software-as-a-Service

  • Easy to Use
  • No Software
  • No Upgrades
  • Perfectly Integrated

On average,$8 out of $10 spent in IT is dead money not contributing to business change and growth. 14. Salesforce + Google Apps = A Perfect Match Salesforce and Gmail Salesforce and Google Docs Salesforce and Google Talk Salesforce and Google Calendar 15. Getting Started 1 2 3 Next Steps Login to Salesforce > Login Try Google Apps Setup > Administration > Google Apps Buy Google Apps 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE 16. Web: [email_address] Email: 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE(1-800-667-6389) Phone: 17.