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CloudFactor gives Gmail-users the utility belt of data and processes they need to complete end-to-end tasks in Salesforce without leaving Gmail. With CloudFactor users can: *Access Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Case & Chatter info as it relates to Email *Record Emails & Tasks against any object in Salesforce *Create Leads & Contacts directly from email *All without ever leaving Gmail or Google Calendar. Enable CloudFactor in your Google Apps domain and begin to bring Salesforce info into Gmail for better customer management. Here are some additional benefits of integrating Salesforce into Google Apps: *CloudFactor saves time by delivering the right information, in the right place, at the right time, putting Salesforce content directly in the context of the work you do in Gmail and Google Calendar. *Users maintain focus on completing their work in Gmail and have information to do it more effectively. They are more customer-aware, they save time, and are more productive. *Users keep transactions up to date, save Emails, log Calls, create Follow-up Tasks, and Contacts and Leads based on their customer interactions all without leaving Gmail. *Users tap into internal knowledge with Chatter and have external social network awareness with Twitter. *CloudFactor is a service you enable, not software your users install, and it only needs to be enabled once for the entire organization to have access. No more browser extensions or multiple installs *The UI is configurable allowing you to cater it to your business requirements and unique Sales and Service processes. CloudFactor can be purchased here: or by contacting cloud at appirio dot com.

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2. Gmail as a business hub:Access to Salesforce, Box, LinkedIn, andTwitter boosts productivity while workingin Gmail and CalendarEnterprise-grade:Configurable UIs, centralized install andadministration, no browser extensions oruser installs to manageEasy to get started:Admin installs into Google domain andenables for users within minutes 3. Supercharge Business Productivity Access Salesforce Salesand Service Cloud data aswell as Force.comcustomizations Save emails and link toSalesforce data View, create, and updateCRM data Access Salesforce Chatter Search LinkedIn andTwitter for social networkrelevance Upload files to BoxHigher Productivity, Better User AdoptionUsers complete business processes and keep CRM up to date whileworking in Gmail saving time, improving adoption 4. Enterprise App - No User by User Installs Keep users focused on their worknot installing and troubleshootingbrowser extensions CloudFactor is cloud-based, soadmin doesnt need to deploy ormanage client-side software Once enabled, users can accessfunctionality on any laptop/desktopwith wide range of supportedbrowsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, IE,and Safari Admin configures apps andenables users in CloudFactoradmin consoleInstall once for the entire OrgComplete Google Marketplace install within minutes for entire domain orsubset of users 5. Each Salesforce Deployment is Unique Configure page layoutswith custom fields, customobjects, and read-only orrequired field validation Configure apps to createany type of record inSalesforce including forcustom objects Configure action dialogsand toolbar buttons Enable features for all orsome users with flexiblegroup-based accesscontrolConfigure and Extend CloudFactor appsBring your customized business process and Salesforce extensions toGmail with simple declarative configuration 6. Manage your Sales Process in Gmail Sales view shows Contact,related Account, and OpenOpportunities Prospect view shows Leadand related Campaign View and edit existingdata, record emails, logcalls, create other tasks,see contextual Chatter andActivity History Create new Accounts,Contacts, Leads, andOpportunitiesManage Contacts and LeadsKeep key business relationships and sales transactions up to date whileworking in Gmail 7. Manage your Sales Process in GCalendar Sales view showsContacts on meeting,related Account, and OpenOpportunities View details and openrecords in Salesforcerelated to the currentmeeting Selectively save meetingto Salesforce, and ifnecessary update orremove a saved meeting Link other Salesforce datato the saved meetingPrep for Meetings in Google CalendarReview related deals, selectively save meetings to Salesforce fromGoogle Calendar 8. Manage your Service Process in Gmail Access the referencedCase record, all Cases forthe related Contact, and allCases for the relatedAccount View and edit existingdata, record emails, logcalls, create other tasks,see contextual Chatter andActivity History Add Comments to Casesand make them public orprivate Create new CasesManage CasesHandle cases referenced in email, continue working them to closuredirectly from Gmail 9. Enterprise Collaboration in Gmail Chatter: Access user feed,contextual record feeds, andfeed related to Chatternotification emails Chatter: Create new postsand comments Chatter: Add personmentions, share links andfiles, like/unlike, open relatedrecords Chatter: Embed Chatter inGoogle sites page and viewgroup feeds Ideas: Vote and Commenton Ideas driving adoptionacross the businessCollaboration with Chatter and IdeasCross-business collaboration helps teams align and execute 10. And one more thing... Add email attachments to your Box account Access your LinkedIn network to findconnections related to people you interactwith in Gmail View Tweets related to Salesforce contentAccess Salesforce and other services in one platformCloud Factor provides access to Salesforce, Box, LinkedIn andTwitter to support a complete business processEmbed web pages in Gmail canvasusing CloudFactor Business Actions Salesforce dashboards, external services,intranet sites 11. Get started with CloudFactor today!More Info: www.cloudfactorapp.comCompany Info: www.appirio.comContact us: [email protected] toAppExchangeto begin yourFREE 30 daytrial