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Update of activities and programs August, 2015

Transcript of Rocket Hatch Overview

  • Building a dynamic North Alabama economy fueled by a vibrant and diverse startup community

    Overview + PROGRAMS

    Rocket Hatch, 2015

  • 2Rocket Hatch Community

  • 3Rocket Hatch Community


    Rocket Hatch started at the beginning of 2014 as an idea of a group of

    entrepreneurial individuals with backgrounds in creative, social and tech

    startups. We saw the need for a support

    community for entrepreneurs that

    wanted to focus their efforts in the

    commercial space, leveraging modern

    technologies and business frameworks to launch new companies that could

    create value locally while selling globally.

    Many of us had seen first hand the startup movement taking hold around

    the world and transforming it rapidly. We

    understood that starting a business in 2014 was way different than just a

    decade ago. First the internet, then the

    cloud and now mobile technologies had

    changed everything, and we knew we

    wanted to join in, but we did not want to

    leave our home, Huntsville.

    We knew Huntsville had all the critical elements to be a thriving startup

    ecosystem. However, disruptive commercial startups were not common

    and if they existed were disconnected to

    the local scene.

    In April of 2014 we decided to change that by supporting the first Weekend

    Startup competition in town. In May, we incorporated Rocket Hatch as a 501(c)(3)

    non-profit with the mission to unleash the

    untapped entrepreneurial potential of

    North Alabama through an open,

    inclusive and collaborative startup

    community. Only a few months later we could not be more proud of what our

    emerging startup community has

    accomplished and the role we have

    played as a catalyst. This success pushes

    us to continue with this mission.

    Will you join us in this effort?

    Rocket Hatch Community

    To unleash the untapped entrepreneurial potential of

    North Alabama through an open, inclusive and

    collaborative startup community.


  • 4Rocket Hatch Community

    10,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,0000

    PopulationMale Female



  • 5Rocket Hatch Community


    Total Population Huntsville Metro


    Graduated College 44.2%

    20-35 y/o 139,464Double Income No Kids

    35-45 y/o 90,602Double Income With Kids

    45-55 y/o 109,992Mid-Life Executive & Spouses Returning to Work

    Population In Prime Entrepreneurial Age


    If only 10%+ of Potential Entrepreneurs Succeed the economic impact is huge

    Small Businesses3,399 x $1M = $3.3B

    Medium Businesses339 x $10M = $3.3B

    High Growth Businesses33 x $1ooM = $3.3B

    10%* = Potential Entrepreneurs


    Combined Economic Potential


  • 6Rocket Hatch Community

    COMMUNITY: THE SUSTAINABLE ACCELERATOR It all ends and starts with the community. To become sustainable, the community itself

    needs to organically transform in the accelerator.

    This means our efforts have to focus just as

    much on cultural change and values as on

    training and mentorship.

  • 7Rocket Hatch Community


    The best way to achieve sustainable startup acceleration is to nurture the

    community that is already here. Like the internet, our community should be a

    diverse network with multiple nodes and

    engines so that a single failure cannot

    bring down what we have achieved. In

    the past few years, we have seen how

    creating an environment of community and sharing helps new leaders emerge

    and connect to create the new startup

    community we want to emerge.

    Entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors,

    angels and other key players are starting

    to converge but much still needs to be done.

    We have a great R&D legacy thanks to the Department of Defense and NASA,

    we want to leverage it for diversification

    and growth.

    Build Strong Local Networks That Reach Out Regionally

    In the past several decades, because of immigration and population growth, a

    diverse pool of talent and resources has been accumulating. This growing

    demographic includes millennials who

    grew up here, stay-at-home spouses,

    minorities and immigrants ready to start

    their own businesses. Our target

    community wishes to engage in new and creative forms of entrepreneurship that

    can make our economy more diverse

    and resilient, our community more

    interesting and inspiring, and improve our

    quality of life.

    The South East region is raising as an entrepreneurial hub, led by pioneering

    efforts in cities like Chattanooga,

    Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans and

    Memphis. It only makes sense to join in

    and bring the best to North Alabama.

    We believe there is an opportunity for great growth by tapping into our local

    strengths but also reaching out to the rest of the region and Alabama for

    connection, inspiration and resources.

    For the last several years, our founders have been reaching out to the

    community both locally and regionally to

    learn, connect and develop a strategy that draws from the experiences and

    lessons learned from our neighbors, but

    that is also distinctly North Alabamian.

    Our principles are simple: to create community we need to be open, lean,

    and smart. We understand that building a community is the effort of many. We

    celebrate all those trying to build

    community and try to partner and

    support all worthwhile efforts.

    Rocket Hatch Community

  • 8Rocket Hatch Community


    Rocket Hatch is a Startup:

    We follow the path our entrepreneurs

    have to follow


    An acceleration network: We are engaging with all

    players in the community.

    Always looking to partner and

    collaborate, our partners include: entrepreneurs,

    investors, mentors, incubators,

    government, universities, and

    nearby communities.

    Players: To spawn innovation, our communities need to interact.

    Scientists and artists,

    engineers and physicians,

    technicians and bankers,

    artisans and lawyers,

    educators and public servants, government and

    privateall are welcome.


    As agile as our startups: We are a bootstrapped

    accelerator. We have spent

    our time doing customer

    development, understanding the problems faced by our

    local entrepreneurs and

    stakeholders (our funders and


    Its not about the building: Social capital comes first. We operate virtually utilizing

    existing infrastructure and

    spending our resources in

    activities that create lasting

    value: Engagement,

    Connection, Learning, Launching, and Accelerating.

    The fancy building can wait.


    Strategic Partnerships: We have established

    relationships with key startup

    communities in our region and


    We are licensing and adapting proven programs, creating

    new ones only when we see a

    market opportunity.

    Our local partnerships provide us with physical locations, infrastructure, funding, and


    Our community network provides volunteers, speakers,

    mentors, facilitators, services,

    infrastructure and funding.

  • 99Rocket Hatch Community

    Community ValuesHatchers come from the community we support and exemplify the

    culture we are striving to create. Our

    culture comes from our core values:

    + Collaboration+ Trust + Open communication+ Encouragement+ Inclusiveness+ Risk-taking+ Fail forwardRocket Hatch as the startup community we nurture is a

    do-acracy where what Hatchers do

    supersedes what they have or who

    they know, what or where they studied or worked.

    Hatchers are always looking to grow

    themselves, their business, their team and their community.

  • 10Rocket Hatch Community

    Thanks to Rocket Hatch, there is some very good new energy. I was pleased to meet many of the players and I will be happy to support you on other events thanks for all this help to our community!

    Peggy SammonSerial Entrepreneur | CEO GeneCapture

  • 11Rocket Hatch Community

    In just over a year, Rocket Hatch reached out to a diverse community of leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and stakeholders looking to create

    and open, inclusive and dynamic startup ecosystem.

  • 12Rocket Hatch Community


    1,700+Total Community





    990 959



    25-34Median Age

    40+Rocket Hatch



    50++From other