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Transcript of Rock Sound

Analysis of Rock SoundBy Max Qayyum

Front Cover

HeaderThe header is related to the main image and also tells audiences about other articles in the magazine.

MastheadThe masthead uses Rock Sounds R logo as well as the whole title.

Issue number

Main ImageThe main image is a medium long shot of Biffy Clyro, with the band members looking shocked and the lead singer looking straight into the camera. They are holding birthday cake which is a reference to the this being an anniversary edition of the magazine.

Sell LineThis promotes this special issue of the magazine by advertising it as the 150th Birthday issue and featuring lots of small images of famous artists.

Sell LinesThese advertise the free extras in the magazine, encouraging people to buy this issue.

Cover LinesThe cover lines tell the audience about the main articles in the magazine. These help to appeal to a wider audience by simply listing band names. Barcode

House StyleRed and white are the most prominent colours on the cover.

Target Audience

Rock Sound is a well known monthly rock publication. Lots of popular rock artists are mentioned on the front cover as well and more niche artists to cover a wide target audience of rock fans.It will primarily be aimed at a male audience, around 16-24 years of age. It is a monthly publication and costs 3.99, being aimed at the B C1 social classes.

Pull QuoteThe quote from the My Chemical Romance article encourages readers to read on, also using a medium close up of their lead singer to appeal to fans of the band.


ImagesThis is an introduction to this issue of the magazine by the editor. It gives a brief overview of the issue. The contents page uses images of artists to appeal to their fans. No band names are used to anchor the images. However, they are anchored by the subheading names given in the contents below. This live shot is from one of the shows reviewed in this issue of the magazine.

ContentsThe contents are divided into sections by the use of subheadings, and pages numbers are not given for individual articles, just sections as a whole. This image is similar to the one used on the front cover, again showing Biffy Clyro, the cake and the Rock Sound logo.

House StyleThe band names are bold to stand out within each paragraph.The Rock Sound R logo is reused on this contents page as well as primarily red, white and black. The fonts are sans serif.

Main ImageShows the band sitting down, the props (paper and bin) create miseen-scene and relate to the this sort of article by having readers send in their questions.

Double Page Spread

Feature TitleTrash Talk is the name of this regular Q&A feature. The bands name is also used.

Stand FirstGives a short introduction to the feature

Medium Close UpA medium close up of a band member eating paper as is directly related to the quote next to the image.

House StyleThe fonts are sans serif like the cover and contents, along with continuing the use of the prominent red, black and white colours, but adding grey.

Pull QuoteUses a quote from the main feature to intrigue readers.

Medium ShotA medium shot of the lead singer of the band holding props to add to the mise-en-scene.

Written ArticleThe article is written in question answer format, with readers of the magazine having previously submitted answers and the band, Panic! At the Disco, answering them in an informal manner. Some of the questions are serious questions about the bands music and live shows, whilst some are completely unrelated to their music.The article is split up into 3 columns and 6 questions are answered.