Reckon Conf2015 (AU) Reckon One deep dive Bankdata and Projects

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Transcript of Reckon Conf2015 (AU) Reckon One deep dive Bankdata and Projects

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What is the BankData module all about ?


What is the Project module all about ?


Reckon One Certification

Within BankData, what methods are available when allocating an expense?

The order of transaction rules determines priority - the rule appearing higher in the list will be applied if there's a conflict.

Imported bank entries will appear on the Unallocated tab of the selected bank account.

You can add loan accounts to Reckon One.

How many bank accounts are you limited to for bankdata feeds?

You can create multiple budgets for a project.

You can assign customers, suppliers and items to a project.

Which level of module functionality is required to track suppliers by project & set up item rates by project?

When a project has a start & end date, can an invoice be raised after the end date of the project?

Assigning items to a project allows you to customise the sale rate for a particular project. What item rates are available in the projects module?


The Programme

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