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  • The Confidential Meaning


    Ratha-Yatra_ _

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    The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-ytr 1Jaganntha Prama 2Baladeva Prama 4Subhadr Prama 4Sudarana Prama 5Snna Prim - Lord Jagannthas Birthday 6The History According to the Skanda Pura 6The Body is a Ratha - Chariot 7Control the Chief Sense 11King Pyavijaya and the Material History 13Prahlda Performed Ratha-ytr 14The Heart is the Seat for the Lord 15The Tattva Behind Ratha-ytr 16r Jagannthakam 17Jaganntha-Ketra is Vipralambha-Ketra 21The Meeting at Kuruketra 23Please Come to Vrajabhmi! 25There is No Ratha-ytr in Vndvana 29Let there be Ratha-Ytr Every Day! 30General Instructions 30Questions & Answers 32

  • His Divine Grace rla Gour Govinda Swami Mahrja

    A lecture delivered by His Divine Grace rla Gour Govinda SwamiMahrja on 11th July 1994, Bhubaneswar, India.

    The Confidential Meaning


    Ratha-Yatra_ _

  • 1TheConfidential Meaning of


    T here are many misconceptions about Lord Jaganntha and Ratha-ytr. We should understand the tattva that Mahprabhu spoke about and manifested, because Mahprabhu is the supreme authority. Who is Jaganntha? There is no difference between Mahprabhu, Ka and Jagannthayei ka, sei gaura, sei jaganntha. The people in general do not understand. They have many speculations or concoctions. They are proud of their material learning, merit, intelligence and knowledge, but one cannot understand the Supreme Lord without the mercy of the Lord. That is the only thing required, and that mercy is received through sdhu, guru, vaiavas, without which no one is able to understand. Many speculations are going on and they are just creating a hue and cry, filling the whole atmosphere with it. Those of you who have been to Jaganntha Pur on the Ratha-ytr day might have heard how they are speaking, with big microphones, all kinds of speculation and nonsense, filling the whole atmosphere with their misconceptions.

  • 2The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    Only one who is a dear devotee of Jaganntha, Ka, Mahprabhu can understand what Mahprabhu has said. Mahprabhu is an crya. He came as an crya, sdhu-guru, and He has spoken on the tattva behind Ratha-ytr. It is not an easy topic to understand. rmad-Bhgavatam states, who can understand? Paramo nirmatsarm sat vedyam, only a devotee or Vaiava who is non-envious can understand. Though you speak, still they cannot understand. It will not enter into their ears thus they cannot hear it.

    Therefore now is the time, over these next few days in which we will discuss this tattva. Especially in the evening, in our Guic-mandira temple we discuss it. Yesterday I had no chance to speak on it, however today I will speak on the history and tattva of Ratha-ytr, how Mahprabhu has revealed it. Before that we will offer pranamas to Jaganntha, Baladeva, Subhadra and Sudarsana Ju, accordingly I will recite [from Skanda Pura] and all of you should repeat.

    Jaganntha Prama

    deva-deva jagan-nthaprapannrti vinana

    trhi m puarkkapatita bhava-sgare

    O God of gods! O Jaganntha, the Lord of the Universe! Please destroy this great distress that has overcome me! O Lotus-eyed One! Please deliver this fallen soul from the ocean of material existence!

    namas te jagaddhrajagad-tman namo stu te

  • 3The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    kaivalya triguttagujana namo stu te

    I offer my obeisances unto You, the support of the universe. To You, the very soul of the universe, I humbly bow. You are situated above the three material qualities and the impersonal brahman as well, yet You are decorated with wonderful transcendental qualities. To You I offer my respectful obeisances.

    karumta pthodhisudhmne namo namadnoddhraika guhyyakp-pthodhaye nama

    O You wo are an ocean of nectarean compassion and whose abode is most attractive, I offer my obeisances unto You again and again! You are the sole up-lifter and deliverer of the fallen souls, but how You do this no one can understand. O ocean of mercy, I offer You my respectful obeisances!

    paritrhi jagan-nthadna-bandho namo stu te

    nistrno ha bhavmbodhiprpya tva tara sukhm

    O Lord Jaganntha, please rescue me! O friend of the fallen, I offer my obeisances unto You! Please deliver me from this vast material ocean! Obtaining Your lotus feet I will become supremely happy.

  • 4The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    Baladeva Prama

    namas te tu hala-grmanamas te mualyudhanamas te revat-knta

    namas te bhakta-vatsala

    Obeisances to You, O holder of the plow! Obeisances to You, O wielder of the mace! Obeisances to You, O beloved of Revat! Obeisances to You, who are very kind to Your devotees!

    namas te balin rehanamas te dhara-dharapralambre namas te tu

    trhi m ka-prvaja

    I offer my respectful obeisances unto Lord Balarma, the best of the strong and the support of the earth. Obeisances unto You, O enemy of Pralamba! Please deliver me, O elder brother of Ka!

    Subhadr Prama

    dev tva viu mypimohayanti carcaram

    ht padmsana sansthsiviu-bhvnusri

    O Dev, You are Lord Vius my, and as such You cause the bewilderment of all moving and non-moving living entities in the universe. Situated on the lotus seat of Your heart is great loving devotion to Lord Viu.

  • 5The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    jaya dev bhakti-dtriprasda-paramevari

    jaya dev subhadre tva sarve bhadra-dyi

    All glories to You, the bestower of bhakti! You are famous as the supreme controller. All glories to You, Subhadr Dev, the giver of auspiciousness to one and all.

    Sudarana Prama

    sudarana mah-jvlakoi-srya-sama-prabhajna-timirndhn

    vaikuhbdha pradaraka

    O, Sudarana! Your great effulgence is as brilliant as millions of suns! You dispel the darkness of ignorance and thus reveal the path to the eternal world of Vaikuha.

    namas te nitya vilasadvaiavstra-niketana

    avrya-vrya yad rpavios tat praammy aham

    I offer my obeisances unto the brightly shining Sudarana Cakra, which never fails to offer all protection to the Vaiavas. I humbly bow before Lord Vius weapon of irresistible strength.

  • 6The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    Snna Prim - Lord Jagannthas Birthday

    Skanda Pura is the biggest Pura of the eighteen Puras. There is one khaa, volume named Utkal-khaa. In Utkal-khaa we find everything regarding Puruottama-ketra, Jaganntha-ketra and Jaganntha. Vysadeva has written it. According to the Skanda Pura, Jagannthda-deva tells Mahrja Indradyumna, O King, I appeared on the full moon day of the month of Jyeha. That is the day on which we observe Snna Prim, Jagannthas snna, public bath. That was in the Svyambhuva-manvantara, in the first part of Satya-yuga, Jaganntha-deva said, I appeared, being pleased with the performance of yaja and bhakti. This is the birthday of Jaganntha-deva. Therefore every year on this day the public bathing ceremony should be performed, which was the order of Jaganntha to Indradyumna Mahrja. Therefore, from that day it has been performed.

    Mahrja Indradyumna is a great devotee. He performed one thousand horse sacrifices, avamedha-yaja. Being pleased with his devotion and yaja performance, Lord Jaganntha appeared in the second part of the Svyambhuva-manvantara and Brahm installed the wooden (dru) deities in the temple.

    The History According to the Skanda Pura

    If you calculate this period you will find the dates on which the building of the Jaganntha temple started, when the temple was inaugurated and when the Deities were installed on their sihsana. This period is fifteen crores and thirty-four lakhs (153,400,000) years ago. This is the history. This is according to the authority of Skanda Pura. Thus it is clear that Ratha-ytr began in Svrocia Manus time. There are fourteen

  • 7The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    Manus in one day of Brahm. Their period of reign is called a manvantara. Vaivasvata-manvantara is going on now, the 7th manvantara. Svyambhuva is the first Manu, then Svrocia, followed by Uttama, Tmasa, Raivata and Ckua. Presently Vaivasvata Manu is going on. Next will come Svari, Daka-svari, Brahma-svari, Dharma-svari, Rudra-svari, Deva-svari, Indra-svari. Fourteen Manus in all. Svrocia Manu is the second Manu and according to Skanda Pura the Ratha-ytr began during his reign. That was Satya-yuga, and Ratha-ytr has been continuing up until now. It began from there. In Puruottama Ketra it is going on. From Nlcala-dhma the Ratha goes to Sundarcala, which is also mentioned. This will continue until the end of the second half, second parrdha, period of Brahm. Brahms lifetime is one hundred years, therefore Ratha-ytr will continue for half of his lifetime. You cannot calculate the lifetime of Brahm, because it is so long.

    The Body is a Ratha - Chariot

    Now I will tell you some of the history that has been gathered. This word ratha is found in Veda. These mantras are found in the Kahopaniad.

    tmna rathina viddhiarra ratham eva ca

    buddhim tu srathi viddhimana pragraham eva ca

    (Kaha Upaniad 1.3.3)

    The jva or spirit soul is like someone seated upon a ratha or a chariot, the body is the chariot itself, the intelligence is the driver and the mind is the reins.

  • 8The Confidential Meaning of Ratha-Ytr

    indriyi hayn hurviays teu gocarn

    tmendriya-mano-yuktabhoktety hur mania

    (Kaha Upaniad 1.3.4)

    A wise man knows the senses to be the horses of this ratha and the sense objects are the road on which they run. The spirit soul, bound to the senses by the mind, experiences both happiness and sorrow.

    yas tv avijnavn bhavatyayuktena manas sadtasyendriyy avayniduv iva srathe (Kaha Upaniad 1.3.5)

    One who is without discrimination is like a person w