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  • 1.1 The Active and Assisted Living (AAL-2) Joint Programme (JP) - TFEU Art. 185 Initiative Dr. Rafael De ANDRES MEDINADr. Rafael De ANDRES MEDINA President of the Ambient Assisted Living AssociationPresident of the Ambient Assisted Living Association

2. 2 Opportunities for AAL to deliver: Benefit for the person and their families. Benefit for support and care systems across Europe. Benefit for European economies. Develop products and services for aging well at home, in the community and at work. Create critical mass of R&D & Innovation at European level. Fostering to create markets through common and compatible European solutions. A growing market segment of discerning consumers. An overall objective of the AAL JP is to enhance the quality of life of older people and strengthen the industrial base in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools systems and services. 3. 3 Stakeholders with whom AAL JP can cooperate inStakeholders with whom AAL JP can cooperate in order to undertake the challenges of innovation.order to undertake the challenges of innovation. 4. 4 What AAL have delivered already. 5. 5 Call 5: Home Care Call 3: Self-Serve Society Innovation For Our FutureInnovation For Our Future Call 2: Social Interaction Call 4: Mobility Call 1: Chronic Conditions Call 6: Occupation in Life AAL calls 1 5: ~ 150 projects funded 6. 6 AAL JP Call 1 2008 AAL JP Call 2 2009 AAL JP Call 3 2010 AAL JP Call 4 2011 AAL JP Call 5 2012 AAL JP Call 6 2013 FP 7 ICT programm e, ICT & Ageing, First Call Large enterprises 9% 7% 10% 10% 7% 9% 10% SMEs 38% 46% 49% 52% 44% 47% 19% User and other organisatio ns 18% 14% 11% 11% 21% 16% 6% Research performing organisatio ns 19% 21% 19% 14% 12% 15% 35% Universities 16% 12% 9% 13% 16% 13% 30% Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% [1] The data shown for AAL JP are those ones for submitted proposals, and are very similar to the data for ranked proposals i.e. those eligible for funding so the latter data are excluded. [2] Average SME participation in the whole FP7 ICT programme is 14.4% (FP7 report, Spring 2010, EC DG-Research & Innovation). 30% of entities with an end-user role AAL Calls 1-6:AAL Calls 1-6: Type of OrganisationsType of Organisations involvedinvolved inin thethe Submitted projectSubmitted project proposalsproposals 7. 7 Call 6 (2013) proposals invited for negotiation / reconfigurationIn total, 3,930 users over calls 1 - 5 AAL calls 1-6:AAL calls 1-6: NumberNumber ofof submitted proposals and funded projectssubmitted proposals and funded projects Total funding ~ 600 M , ~ 50 % public funding (~ half by Partner States and ~ half by EU), ~ 50 % private funding. Project Business Plan: Expected time to market after project completion < 3 years. 8. 8 AAL calls 1 - 5AAL calls 1 - 5 FUNCTIONALITIES AAL SOLUTIONS Project partners Signal/alarm to professional or informal care 15 Support ADL / independent living / self care 10 Orientation & navigation 9 Cognitive support 7 Monitoring Patient Status 7 Support informal care (info/advice/e-learning/experiences) 8 Social interaction 4 Surveillance (inside the home) 5 Physical activity / rehabilitation / mobility 4 Contacting people 4 Coordination professional care 4 Surveillance / localisation (outside) 3 Entertainment 2 Geja Langerveld, AAL NCP, 3030 Projects funded on NDProjects funded on ND 9. 9 N of participanting project partners = 70 N of SMEs involved = 27 (38,6%) N of End-user organizations involved = 17 (24.3%) Projects, total budget = 24.2 M Total Funding (EC + Partner States) = 13.2 M 99 projects funded on Health and Nutritionprojects funded on Health and Nutrition AAL calls 1 - 5AAL calls 1 - 5 10. 10 Action 1: AAL2Business. o To support AAL JP projects to bring their developed solutions to the market within 2 to 3 years after the end of the funding period. Action 2: Collaboration with Regions. o Action aiming at facilitating the deployment of AAL solutions, via workshops with local and regional representatives to raise awareness of AAL JP projects, to foster exchange of experience between European regions. Action 3: User involvement in AAL JP projects. o To support AAL JP projects in involving users in the most appropriate and effective way during research, development and role-out via current state and analysis of user involvement and workshops, among other activities. Action 4: Standards & Interoperability in AAL. o To raise awareness about interoperability issues of AAL solutions to facilitate market uptake. AAL JP Support ActionsAAL JP Support Actions 11. 11 AAL JP ForaAAL JP Fora Vienna, Austria (2009) Participants 722 Exhibitors 23 Posters 75 Sessions 35 Participants 500 Exhibitors 25 Sessions 18 Odense, Denmark (2010) Lecce, Italy (2011) Participants 600 Exhibitors 47 Sessions 25 Posters 75 Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2013) Participants 1,229 Exhibitors 73 Sponsors 6 Media partners 2 Sessions 44 12. 12 13. 13 The near future. 14. 14 AAL-2 JP PositioningAAL-2 JP Positioning Proven Ideas Excellent Science Societal Challenges 1 Horizon 2020 New Knowledge Joint Programme Initiatives Public Health Programme European Structural Funds European Investment Bank Deployment support Active and Healthy Ageing Partnership Evidence and innovation guidelines Research Innovation Deployment New solutions MoreYearsBetter Lives Neurodegenerative Disease Industrial Leadership (includingICT) HealthDietforHealthy Life 700 M 150 Partner states 175 EU 350 private 15. 15 Aims at funding the development of ICT-based solutions which enable and support sustainable care systems for older adults, i.e. o systems that are socially and economically viable for the future and which do not result in disproportionate or unfair impacts on any significant contributory element of the healthcare system. targets new concepts necessary to ensure patient centred care with focus on older adults considering the growing importance of informal caregivers to deliver future care services and maximising the opportunity for technologies to support care and new providers to enter the market. o New solutions to also support prevention, early discharges, reduce readmissions and sustain health outcomes to regain independent lifestyles. It is anticipated that the call will be launched at the end of March 2014, with a proposal submission deadline end of June 2014. o The launch of the call is subject (i.e. regarding EU co-funding) to a final adoption of the legal base for the AAL-2 Programme by the European Parliament and the Council (envisaged for early April 2014), followed by the conclusion of the necessary agreements between the AAL Association, the Partner States of the AAL Association and the European Commission. The AAL call 2014:The AAL call 2014: Care For The FutureCare For The Future 16. 16 AAL JP Project Consortium must must include at least three independent eligible organisations from at least three different AAL Partner States participating in this AAL call for Proposals. include at least one business partner. must include at least one SME partner which can be the business partner. must include at least one end-user organization. Compliance of consortium partners to the specific National eligibility rules too. The AAL call 2014:The AAL call 2014: The proposal must include a business plan. Expected time to market < 2-3 years after project end Up to 3 M public funding / 7 M maximum project budget. Care For The FutureCare For The Future 17. 18 Many thanks for your attention president@aal-europe.eu http://www.aal-europe.eu