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This presentation is intended for faculty and administrators at Mercer County Community College in New Jersey who are interested in learning more about how to interact successfully with student journalists.

Transcript of Quote Me On That - IPIC

  • 1. Quote me on that!Handling student media and the law: a primer for community college administrators and faculty. Mercer County Community College- Presentation Prof. Holly Johnson 2012
  • 2. Should I talk to student reporters?
  • 3. Should I talk to student reporters?
  • 4. What prevents people from talking to reporters?
  • 5. What about the law?Could I be breaking the law?
  • 6. What is OPRA?
  • 7. What about FERPA? The Federal Education Records Privacy Act* protects individual student records.*Information on this slide comes from text by Frank LoMonte, Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center as presented in Sept/Oct 2009 article FERPAFoibles by Michelle Rydell in Quill the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists.
  • 8. What can I do to support students but protect myself?
  • 9. When do I complain to the college media adviser about an error in the student newspaper?You may call the media adviser any time you wish to discuss theoperating procedures of the college newspaper. You may alsoreview The College VOICE policy manual for answers to specificquestions. However:The media adviser does not control the content of thenewspaper. She is not an editor. Unlike the role a privatecollege adviser or a high school adviser might have, apublic college adviser has no authority to govern whatstudents publish.If an error has been made or you wish to comment on or submita letter regarding an article that has run, the person to contact isthe student Editor in Chief, who has final say over all contentdecisions.
  • 10. Other questions:
  • 11. Should I talk to student reporters?
  • 12. How do I learn more aboutMCCC College VOICE policies?Who do I talk to for more help?
  • 13. Additional Resources Student Press Law Center VOICE online Voice Policy Manual Online OPRA and the Government Records Council FERPA information
  • 14. ENDProf. Holly Johnson