Python Day @ MSFT A one day crash course on Python.

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Transcript of Python Day @ MSFT A one day crash course on Python.

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  • Python Day @ MSFT A one day crash course on Python
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  • Agenda Morning Python, Python in VS (lightning talks) Afternoon IPython, numpy/scipy/pandas, debugging, machine learning
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  • History 9095000510 now Python is born Python 1.0 Python 2.0 Python 3.0 Python 3.3 Django Zope numpy SciPy IronPython 1.0 PTVS 1.0 Python in NT PTVS 2.1 Python 2.7 IPython on Azure Python 3.4
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  • Usage scenarios Misc: Mobile, Games, etc.
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  • Who uses Python?
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  • Stats 35,000,000 (, 2013) CPython DLs for Windows PTVS: million downloads for v2.0 PTVS #1 teaching language @ top US Unis Academia #4 most popular (C# @ #5) Popularity Python is the official language of Science Data / Scientific
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  • But why? The Language The Libraries Being OSS & Free Academia The License Built-in The CommunityCross Platform print(hi!) Icons made by Freepik, Icomoon from
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  • Libraries (beyond numpy/scipy/IPython/ pandas/scikit-learn, )
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  • Distro, pkgs, pkg managers Major Distros AnacondaCanopyWinPythonActivePythonPython(x,y) Installers pipeasy_installcondapy2exe Pkg Repos PyPI binstar / Anaconda Canopy / Enthought Gohlke (windows)
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  • Interpreters CPython Reference, max library compat Best for C interop IronPython Runs on.Net Best for C# interop Jython Runs on JVM Best for Java interop Pypy Tracing JIT Good for numerics Misc Numba Pyston Stackless
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  • IDEs and REPLs Python Tools for Visual Studio * PyCharmPyDev (Eclipse)WingKomodoIPython notebook (Browser based) * Windows only
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  • Summary Pythons a great addition to your toolbox It has a Microsoft friendly license Its available in VS and on Azure Azure Website support Azure ML support (coming soon)
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  • TOMORROW One day crash course on ML ML tutorial on scikit-learn by Olivier Grisel 10am-4pm Link/info will be on Python Day website soon
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  • Call To Action Tools & learning 1.Install Anaconda distro (includes IPython) 2.Install Python Tools for Visual Studio & Python Azure SDK 3.Learn/brush up on Python Product 1.Please provide Python interfaces for your product/service 2.Build xplat commands/tools/etc. in Python 3.Please provide Python runtime support in your products
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  • Resources A Crash Course in Python for Scientists Exploratory computing with Python Lectures on scientific computing with Python Machine learning/sklearn intro