Profile Perfect - Your Image, Your Brand

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Profile Perfect Putting Your Best Face[book] Forward Photo by: Tina Issa (Flickr)

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How online profiles define us to others and ourselves.

Transcript of Profile Perfect - Your Image, Your Brand

  • Profile Perfect Putting Your Best Face[book] Forward Photo by: Tina Issa (Flickr)
  • Social media platforms play a significant role in how individuals are defined by others and themselves. Photo by: Julie (BrandTwist)
  • I share, therefore I am. Sherry Turkle The new philosophy has become: But the real question is, which profile picture will get me more likes? Photo from: Paul Floyd (Flickr)
  • When creating our digital personas, we choose to share the best parts of ourselves and our lives. Photo by: Digital McGyver Photo by: Paige Baumgartner Photo by: Paige Baumgartner Photo by:
  • Weve always cherry picked what we share online, but more than ever, what you see isnt what you get. Bianca Bosker Photo by: Shianux (Flickr)
  • Photo by: Christopher Aigner Technology allows us to alter our image. Thus, pictures online may represent an individual inaccurately!
  • Many people think of their online identity as a distinct entity. Photo by: Sabrina Espinol
  • Globe and Mail columnist tweeted: Photo Retrieved from Twitter
  • However, everything you post online is a piece of the puzzle that creates your image. Your online business persona isnt limited to LinkedIn. Photo by: Yoel Ben-Avraham (Flickr)
  • The bottom line is that today we can judge people without even meeting them. You may not have the opportunity to impress me in person because I have already formed my opinion of you based on what I find online. C.E.O Krista Nehe Photo by: Suspenseful (Tumblr)
  • What you post online cannot be erased, even if you click delete. Photo by: Amar Toor Photo by:Wesleyan University
  • Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They're building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. Mark Zuckerberg Photo by: BrandYourself Photo by: Dale Spencer (flickr)
  • Photo by: The Zeus of Marketing Social media platforms also affect us psychologically. They fulfill various social needs. Photo by: Erika Glasier (Flickr)
  • Like every debate, there are two sides. Facebook can make us feel good about ourselves in a healthy way Psychology Today Facebooking has become me- booking leading to narcissism. - Christopher Carpenter Photo by:Tim Biesbrouck
  • Unlike a mirror, which reminds us of who we really are and may have a negative effect on self-esteem if that image doesn't match with our idea, Facebook can show a positive version of ourselves. Jeffery Hancock Photo by: SuretoShine (Flickr)
  • Despite the name 'social networks,' much user activity on networking sites is self- focused. Brittany Gentile UGA doctoral candidate Photo by: Edwin Vlems
  • No matter which side of the debate youre on, there is no denying social media impacts our self-image. Photo by: Yummistyle
  • Some argue social media promotes narcissism Photo by: Reisha Baker
  • Others worry it damages self-esteemPhoto by: Leslie Goldman
  • We can focus on all the potential issues social media may cause or find ways to better leverage the benefits it offers.Photo by: Liran
  • Namely, we can leverage the branding tools literally at our fingertips! Photo by: Jeff Schmitt
  • Social media allows you to create a digital self portrait. How will you draw yourself? Photo by: Stephen WiltshirePhoto by:
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