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  • 1. Production Quote Cameras, microphone, Lights, Monitor, Cables, camera rigs, Props NEX FS100 NXCAM super 35mm exmor camera Comes with sony ECM-XM1 shotgun mic, 2x 16gb SD cards, battery, mains adapter, remote, Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 zoom lens or add a set of 4 Nikon primes for an extra 30 per day (usual price 45 pd)available in Nikon F lens mount, Canon EF Smart mount or Sony E Us Price: 100.00Per day 400.00Per week NEW Sony PMW 100, 50 mbs, MPEG 2 codec, 4.2.2, 1/2.9" CMOS Available NOW! contact Us Price: 75.00Per day 300.00Per week The kit contains the following equipment Canon EOS 650D Canon 580EX II FlashgunSigma 24-70mm f2.8 EX DG Macro Canon Mount Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 EX DG OS HSM Canon MountDaily Hire Hire 134.17 (161.00)Weekly Hire 282.50 (339.00) Weekly Hire 617.50 (741.00) Deposit 749.0089.17 (107.00) Weekend 2 Weekly Hire 460.83 (553.00)3

2. Sony ECM77B Lavalier (10/Day) The Sony ECM77B Lavalier is probably the most often seen lapel microphone on TV and it is used widely in both studio production and on location. Its popularity is based on a combination of excellent sound quality, robust construction and an attractive cosmetic design. This microphone is the ECM-77B XLR3 version with power barrel for use as a wired microphone. Supercardioid pattern below 26 Hz, Lobe pattern above 2 Khz. Available in Phantom or T Power. Daily Rate15Supplied withRycote Hairy cover Supercardioid pattern below 26 Hz, Lobe pattern above 2Khz. Available in Phantom or T Power. Daily Rate15Supplied withRycote Hairy cover 3. Lights ArriLoCaster LED Arri LED Lowcaster Dimmable, tunable colour temperature, high output LED lighting system Price: 50.00Per day 200.00Per week Dedo 4 head kit Dedo x3 hard head x1 soft head kit Price: 60.00Per day 240.00Per week Bi colour 1x1 High Output LED panels Available NOW! Price: 35.00Per day 140.00Per week 4. Monitor Blackmagic HDMI HD/SDI signal converter Voltage regulated so you don't have the problem of the batteries outputting at more than 12v or less when discharged. Works 100% of the time. Includes 15mm rail adapter and IDX Vlock battery which you can choose to power your camera from if you wish. Total hassle-free monitoring from any monitor.For DLSR or any camera with HDMI out. Price: 20.00Per day 80.00Per weekMarshall V-LCD50-HDMI Monitor 5 Portable Field Monitor with HDMI This new portable unit is the perfect solution for DSLR and video professionals seeking to capture their best shots. Don't be fooled by higher screen resolution or sizes. Our picture performance, feature set, customer service, and experience is why the industry's leading photographers, videographers, and camera operators prefer Marshall over the competition. Daily Hire 25.83 (31.00)Marshall LCD70XP-HDMI Monitor 7 The V-LCD70XP-HDMI is the latest update to Marshall's successful and popular line of portable field / camera-top monitors. These monitors have been upgraded with even more features and versatility, but without additional cost. New features include cast metal front panel, adjustable backlight and markers, HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio detect, manual gamma adjustment, Image Flip, 1/4"-20 mounting on all sides, and a more robust power switch. Daily Hire 37.50 (45.00) 5. Tripods Vinten Pro5 tripod hire Rent Vintens Pro5 fluid head tripod for professional handling 1 day hire- 25 Vinten D7000 video tripod hire Rent a Vinten D700 tripod ideal for the smaller camera 1 day hire- 15Vinten Vision 6 Vinten have created a complete Lightweight system that is simple to operate straight from the case, providing a more convenient way of renting a camera control solution. Daily Hire 17.50 (21.00) 6. Camera holdersZacuto Filmmaker Rig The FS100 Filmmaker Kit is specifically designed for the Sony FS100, however it can be used with other video cameras similar to the FS100. The base of this kit is Zacuto's trusty Universal Baseplate and Z-spacer. The Z-spacer raises the camera to get the lens at the correct height for use with a matte box. The Z-spacer is not necessary with other cameras like the Sony F3 and AF100, and isnt needed if you are not using a matte box with your FS100. Daily Hire 47.50 (57.00)Zacuto C300 Recoil Kit The Recoil is the ultimate balanced rig for the C300, C100, Scarlet and Epic Cameras. With the Recoil concept, the camera sits directly on your shoulder like a typical ENG Camera. The Recoil is super light and stripped down. The Recoil starts with Zacuto's light Gorilla Baseplate. Daily Hire 34.17 (41.00) 7. Cables4-4 Pin FirewireCable Daily Hire 3.33 (4.00)4-6 Pin Firewire Cable Daily Hire 3.33 (4.00)6-6 Pin Firewire Cable Daily Hire 3.33 (4.00) 8. Camera RiggsGenus Full Shoulder Rig The GCSMK Genus Shoulder Mount system gives you balance and stability where you need it most. Easy to assemble, the GCSMK is a modular system which can be built to inidividual requirements. Featuring comfortable non-slip handles and parts that can be flipped to suit different cameras and camcorders, the GCSMK sits snugly on your shoulder to give you more control on your shoot.Daily Hire 21.67 (26.00Zacuto Striker The Striker is light and easy to handle. It has three points of contact by having one hand on the handgrip, the gunstock in your chest and your focusing hand on the lens. The entire kit is infinitely adjustable and now made with all black rods! You can add a fourth point of contact by adding one of our Z-Finders to the kit. Daily Hire 21.67 (26.00)Fig Rig Very simple but utterly effective, the FigRig is a great piece of kit and has been recognised throughout the industry. It works by encouraging your body to suspend the camera more effectively. We can also offer attachments that allow you to mount not only the camera, but also lights or microphones. Daily Hire 12.50 (15.00)