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Jun Chen Session 9

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Chen Part 2

Transcript of Presentation Ntp 09 Chen Pt 2

  • 1. Jun Chen Session 9

2. Review of Last Session

  • In the previous session, we met and served Jun Chen.
  • What were some of the things we did for her?

3. Settlement Options

  • What are Juns options?
  • How do you explain the details?

WB 101 4. Refund Anticipation Check (RAC) & State RAC

  • What advice will you give Jun regarding her RAC?
  • What are Juns disbursement options?

WB 102 5. H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard

  • How do you explain the H&R Block Emerald Card selection and consolidation?

WB 103 6. Signatures

  • You will retain the signatures captured on the white page.
  • The client leaves with the signature captured on the gold page.

WB 104 7. Emerald Advance Year-Round Line of Credit

  • How do you have this conversation?

WB 105 8. Recommendations 86.9%of respondents said they would trust a friends recommendation over a review by a critic. (Marketing Sherpa, July 2007)WB 106 9. Peace of Mind

  • New Peace of Mind screen in TPS.

WB 107 10. H&R Block Advantage Report WB 108-110 11. Prior Year Comparison WB 111 12. Wrap Up the Interview

  • How do you wrap up the appointment with Jun?
  • How do you ask for the appointment for next year?

WB 112 13. Session Review

  • How did you attract Jun to H&R Block?
  • How did you provide a strong Client Experience to make sure Jun left feeling Connected, Confident, and Championed?
  • What did you do to retain Jun and build your business?
  • What information from this session do you need to help you to meet your goals?

WB 113 14. Online Evaluationsand Knowledge Checks

  • MBTO
  • Computer-based Trainingon Quicklinks
  • Launchto Skills Learning Center
  • Registerfor Courses
  • Enroll
  • myCourses
  • GoandLaunch