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BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY FOR THE GLOBAL GENERATION INDUSTRYAugust 2009 Vol. 153 No. 8Vol. 153 No. 8 August 2009 www.powermag.com2009 Plant of the Year The Hague Repowering Project Wins Marmaduke AwardGT Flex Fuel Design for LNGIGCC: Are We There Yet?FGD Dewatering Cuts CostCity of Springfield's Dallman 4 Balances Energy and the EnvironmentCIRCLE 1 ON READER SERVICE CARDAugust 2009 | POWER www.powermag.com 1 Established 1882 Vol. 153 No. 8 August 2009 www.powermag.com TK TK TKOn the coverBy building a new Illinois coalfired unit on the shore of Lake Springfield, City Water, Light & Power of the City of Springfield, Ill., has ensured that it will no longer have to buy power on the wholesale market. KBV Springfield Power Partners was the Dallman 4 engineer-ing, procurement, and construction contractor. Photo courtesy Terry Farmer Photography, terryfarmer.com COVER STORY: 2009 PLANT OF THE YEAR28 City of Springfields CWLP Dallman 4 Earns POWERs Highest HonorThe $515 million Dallman 4 is the most expensive project ever built by the City of Springfield, Ill., but it was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Thanks to using local coal, it will pay dividends to the municipal utilitys customers for years to come in the form of low rates supported by income from the sale of surplus power to the wholesale market. As one of the cleanest coal-fired plants in the U.S., the plant makes environmental sense, too. SPECIAL REPORTS 2009 MARMADUKE AWARD38 The Hague Repowering Project Upgrades CHP System, Preserves Historic BuildingThis years winner of the Marmaduke Award for excellence in O&M goes to a project that pulled off something much harder than a facelift. The challenge was to preserve the century-old historic exterior of The Hague Power Station while replacing its ag-ing heart with high-efficiency turbines to ensure that the plant will provide heat and power to the Dutch city for many years to come. SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT46 Improved FGD Dewatering Process Cuts Solid WasteHow would you like to save over half a million dollars in costs related to flue gas de-sulfurization solids? The plant in this case study shows you how it did just that. (Can you really afford not to read this?) GENERATION TECHNOLOGY52 IGCC Update: Are We There Yet?Integrated gasification combined cycle has for many years been a promising tech-nology. Three experts weigh in on the current balance of pros and cons, and on when IGCC is likely to deliver on its promises. FEATURES CARBON MANAGEMENT58 Commercially Available CO2 Capture TechnologyFluor Corp.s Econamine FG Plus (EFG+) technology has been widely used in the gas-treating industry for two decades. Here the company makes the case for using EFG+ in coal-fired power plants by explaining how the process works and sharing its oper-ating experience with the process at a gas-fired power plant. 28CIRCLE 4 ON READER SERVICE CARD TK www.powermag.com POWER |August 2009 2 STEAM TURBINES62 Preventing Turbine Water Damage: TDP-1 UpdatedThe latest revision of ASMEs Recommended Practices for the Prevention of Water Damage to Steam Turbines Used for Electric Power Generation: Fossil-Fuel Plants in-cludes recommendations that apply to the newest power plant technologies, includ-ing combined cycles and digital controls. Consider its design and operating advice an ounce of prevention. COMBUSTION SYSTEM DESIGN66 Flexible Fuel Combustor Design Accommodates LNG Variations in the constituent elements of liquefied natural gas (LNG) can adversely affect the operation of power generation turbines using the fuel. Siemens explains how it is developing an LNG-capable turbine, and modifications for currently avail-able turbines, to handle the fuel variations that are likely to affect increasing num-bers of plants. CLASSIC MARMADUKE71 Marmys Deep-Freeze BlackoutEach year, as a companion to our report on the Marmaduke Award winner, we reprint a story about the fictional plant troubleshooter Marmaduke Surfaceblow. This year we dusted off a tale based on a true scenario set in Greenland. DEPARTMENTS6 SPEAKING OF POWER Politics Trump Scientific Integrity GLOBAL MONITOR8 Help Build the Global Energy Observatory10 Revived FutureGen Faces Renewed Funding Obstacles11 How Much Coal and Gas Does the U.S. Really Have?11 Of Fracking, Earthquakes, and Carbon Sequestration13 Floating and Flying Wind Turbines14 Major Scottish Coal Plant Starts CCS Pilot Program15 European Interest in Saharan Solar Project Heats Up16 Turning Sewage Sludge into Renewable Energy16 POWER Digest FOCUS ON O&M18 Managing Minimum Load22 Polymeric Solution for Pump Cavitation25 The 7,000-Foot Challenge26 LEGAL & REGULATORY Old Challenges Persist in Impeding Renewable Energy Goals74 NEW PRODUCTS80 COMMENTARY Carbon Offsets: Scam, Not Salvation By H. Sterling Burnett, PhD, National Center for Policy Analysis. 66The easiest way to comment on any story in POWER is to use the Comment tab at the bottom of the individual online story pages at www.powermag.com. (This is also true for POWERnews, COAL POWER, and MANAGING POWER content.) Our editorial staff reviews and approves comments daily. This feature allows readers to share comments and ideas with us and each other more quick-ly than when we ran selected letters to the editor in the print magazine.If you have a story proposal, please continue to e-mail ideas to editor@powermag.com after reviewing our con-tributor guidelines (downloadable from the About Us link at the bottom of the powermag.com home page).Want to Comment on a Story?POWER magazine has served the generation industry for more than 125 years. Now POWER is making it easier than ever for industry professionals to fnd career opportunities and for hiring authorities to fnd the best candidates for open positions. The Careers-in-POWER job board on powermag.com allows visitors to post resumes anonymously, view the latest job positions, post job listings, and set up personal job alerts. JOB SEEKERS:Access the most recent positions available to engineers, operations and maintenance managers, corporate and general managers at coal, nuclear, combined-cycle, and alternative power facilities.EMPLOYERS/RECRUITERS:Attract highly qualifed candidates by posting open positions on the Careers-in-POWER job center. Visit Careers-in-POWER on powermag.com to become part of the fastest growing site dedicated to connecting power generation employers and employees. Contact Diane Hammes at dianeh@powermag.com; 713.343.1885.Ramp Up Your Career!CIRCLE 5 ON READER SERVICE CARD www.powermag.com POWER |August 2009 4 Now incorporating and EDITORIAL & PRODUCTION Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Robert Peltier, PE 480-820-7855, editor@powermag.com Managing Editor: Gail Reitenbach, PhD Senior Editor: Angela Neville, JD Contributing Editors: Mark Axford; David Daniels; Bill Ellison, PE; Steven F. Greenwald; Tim Hurst; Jim Hylko; Kennedy Maize; Douglas Smith; Dick Storm; Dr. Justin Zachary Senior Writer: Sonal Patel Senior Designer: Leslie Claire Senior Production Manager: Tracey Lilly, tlilly@accessintel.com Marketing Manager: Jamie Reesby ADVERTISING SALES North American Offices Southern & Eastern U.S./Eastern Canada/ Latin America: Matthew Grant, 713-343-1882, mattg@powermag.com Central & Western U.S./Western Canada: Dan Gentile, 512-918-8075, dang@powermag.comInternational Offices UK/France/Benelux/Scandinavia: Peter Gilmore, +44 (0) 20 7834 5559, pgilmores@aol.com Germany/Switzerland/Austria/Eastern Europe: Gerd Strasmann, +49 (0) 2191 931 497, info@strasmann-media.de Italy: Ferruccio Silvera, +39 (0) 2 284 6716, ferruccio@silvera.it Spain/Portugal: Vibeke Gilland, +34 91 553 42 06, vibeke.gilland@publistar-es.com Japan: Katsuhiro Ishii, +81 3 5691 3335, amskatsu@dream.com Thailand: Nartnittha Jirarayapong, +66 (0) 2 237-9471, +66 (0) 2 237 9478 India: Faredoon B. 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