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  • 1. Planning photography Stephanie Yarrow

2. Mood boards 3. Idea one: This idea is a mixture is first time experience and yourself but it was the emotions. This would be a good combination as your first experience could be full of different emotions could be a great experience or it could bad experience, and that also depends on what had happened on that certain experience. These experiences could a mixture of going somewhere for the first time e.g. Paris or it could trying something for the first time e.g. rock climbing. Many people when they try something new they are nervous and scared and they dont know what to expect, but once they have done it they either loved it and they want to do it again or they hated it so much that they dont want to do it again. With this idea I would probably use double exposure as then you can see the persons emotions and the activity that they have tried to do. This idea I think will be the best one that I have come up with as he others are just random ideas that probably wont work with the double effect. 4. Idea 2: This idea was that there was kind of 2 different types of discovery but it depended in which way you looked at it. In the way I was looking at it is this the discovery you will make new friends and discovery whether you like this new hobby or interests. In this discovery you can discovery a new hobbies or interests, and with that you can discover that you can create new friends and maybe they will become friends for life and you maybe you will become more than friends and feel like sisters/brothers and you have known all of your life. This hobby could be anything from rockclimbing to just collecting stamps but with this you can discover, more about yourself and discover that you have learnt new skills and see that you can learn them skills which they might come in handy one day that you may need them in a job or in a situation. 5. Idea 3: This idea was inspired by a friend of mine. This idea was how archeologists dig up the ground to find hidden artifacts. I was thinking for this idea that I would get a plain stretch of ground either mud or grass it didnt matter and then get pieces of artifacts to hide in the ground but make it look like someone had a piece of equipment which could make you see through things to see if there was anything underneath it or it was just plain dirt under earths top layer. This would have been a good idea but the thing is that it will probably be really hard to do, as you will kind of need a picture of the ground with has different pieces of pottery and pieces of undiscovered material. I think this one will be the hardest to do but I will give it a go and see how it goes but there is no guarantee that it will work but you wont know until you have tried it out.