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Photography Planning

Photography Planning

Cover PageMy main image will consist of a male character, wearing plain clothing (white t-shirt) with washed jeans and a watch, with a pair of headphones around his neck and facial hair to show that he has very little spare time also this overall image points towards his occupation and the overall image of a DJ. Additional props will include decks which one hand will be placed on and one hand in the air, with his eyes shut and his face still, this image will compose strong images about the life of a DJ and also what his surroundings are. The shot will be taken in either a black or white background (studio shot) which I can edit to have a black and white theme with strands of other colours running throughout it. Because direct address isn't used it doesnt connect with the audience at a personal level however it makes the readers think and imagine which I believe will engage an audience more because their brain is engaged. The shot will be a long/medium shot to give away more of the atmosphere, as well as still being able to see his face. I hope this photo will intrigue my audience by mentally making them attracted to the cover page because of their hobbies or personal preferences. As well as my main image I will also have a top strip with a quote split up into 3 words with a bullet point in-between to give the page a quirky edge and make it seem as if it has history and importance. On the left third of the page I will include two splash features (One about up coming events and the second about the newest interview). My masthead will cover the top of my main image where you can still see the face. In the right third I will include a puff (Prize) as well as three to four cover lines hinting to what is in the contents of the magazine. I hope to not overfill the cover page so that the splash image stands out and solely attracts the audience. However the puff and cover lines intend to create an appealing distraction from the image with diverse subjects.

Contents PageFor my contents page I will be using a selection of three people two females and one male, whom will be in a variety of going out clothing as they will be placed in a party scene, at a house party or club following the dance music scene which many other magazine in this genre implement such as Mixmag as I believe this introduces the audience to what this magazine looks towards and the lifestyle which they could lead if they was to follow this context in the magazine which is very desired in modern society proved through my data which I collected. This will be a medium to long shot, no direct address as they are seen to be lost in the environment they are in which is a common image in this genre. There will be added effects such as lighting which will improve the image of a party or night out. The title will not be in the way of the image however the image isn't there to take up the whole page and will only feature as a singular image with a smaller feature image linked to the prize or puff shown on the cover page, this entices and also takes away from the high load of information in the contents strip which can sometimes be overwhelming however I plan to avoid this by having bold sup titles so it is easier to excavate the magazine contents as well as making the magazine much more clear and slightly professional. I will also include a date in small print to show which issue it is. I intend on having a faded black colour as the block colour but have the image stand out to the background colour as the idea off the magazine is to do stand out activities to do with music, therefore I will have a little section about standing out at this time of the year linking to clothes and apps etc.

Double Page SpreadFor my double page spread I will only use one main splash image which runs through both pages however there will be a minimum of two other feature images much smaller than the main image. This main image will consist of two males in a booth with a white background which I can edit the two onto to create an image where the two are playing a DJ set at a festival, because January to April is the time of the year to build up the festivals where many people are excited therefore this magazine will entice many readers because it is something which they are going to or looking at going to and will excite them. The males will have their backs facing the camera, one sporting a long sleeve t-shirt, rolled up and jeans with a pair of headphones and a selection of jewellery, the other will be wearing a shirt with no jewellery but I have a pair of earphones in. Because the men are facing away it again gives the sense of looking forward to something as well as a slight bit of mystery and surprise. The article will match the main image and therefore the context with partner the writing making it easier for the readers to understand, as well as the fact that the key focus is the whole page, there is no diversions, even the featured topics will be based around festival season including upcoming events and the classified best places to go as well as top tips and so forth. This shot will be an over the shoulder long shot at a high angle which adds to the mystery and also enables me to add an audience to the background. The image will not be covered by much text but have a separate box section on the right third as well as the left hand however the right hand section will be smaller and be split into two to three sections where as the left third will be about the main article.