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Some of the Slideshare Presentation were created by others. All are great and well worth looking at. I am Stephen Darori on Linkedin. My profile is a Power Profile that went to all Start Status in less than 120 days and the techniques I have used are well worth studying.. If you think we have some Synergy Now of maybe in the Future, then do send me an invitation to connect. I will never refure a Linkedin Invitation

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  • PITCH COACHING Rheinland-Pitch @STARTPLATZ http:/ /startplatz.de vidarandersen.com

B O NU S M A T E R IA L ALL YOU NEED ABOUT FOUNDING A STARTUP (read it all!): http:/ /VENTUREHACKS.COM/ARCHIVES Get Pitching Hacks from Venture Hacks: http:/ /venturehacks.com/pitching Awesome Example Pitch Dissected by TechStars David Cohen: http:/ /youtu.be/RAKJcWYAvW4 Pitch Anything interview with Oren Klaff: http:/ /youtu.be/fXavS_IY42A Bill Clinton, owning room, presence (watch twice, with and without sound): http:/ /youtu.be/7ffbFvKlWqE Apple is AWESOME (on adjectives and superlatives): http:/ /youtu.be/Nx7v815bYUwvidarandersen.com TO DAY S P R O G R AM 1.Introduction to pitching 2.Rapid-fire Elevator Pitches, all 3.Selection of the best Elevator Pitches 4.Individual pitch coaching for the selected best elevator pitches 5.Final qualification pitching round & selectionvidarandersen.com IM VIDAR ANDERSEN Norwegian living in Cologne, Germany 16+ years professional experience creating enterprise software for F500 and GOs Startup Founder (hits & misses) Corporate Entrepreneurship Consultant to F100 Corps Educator (NEXT Instructor, University Lecturer on Startup Entrepreneurship, Lean Launchpad Instructor, EXIST Coach)vidarandersen.com SOME IVE WORKED WITHvidarandersen.com I FOUND STUFF TOOvidarandersen.de Gauss The People MagnetP IT C HCA DE M YOneSecAD & A - Andersen Dierick & Associates vidarandersen.com Startup Weekend CGNhttp://cologne.startupweekend.org vidarandersen.com http://swnext.covidarandersen.com Ping me about the next NEXT Cologne if you want to apply IVE BEEN AROUNDvidarandersen.com Lean Launchpad Educators June 2013 at Stanfordvidarandersen.com LETS CONNECT twitter: @blacktar email: blacktar@gmail.com http:/ /facebook.com/blacktar http:/ /is.gd/blacktarlinkedin vidarandersen.com LETS GET ROLLINGvidarandersen.com 3 T Y P E S O F P IT CHE S The High-Concept Pitch The Elevator Pitch The Pitch Deck vidarandersen.com HIGH CO NCE P T P IT CH SUMMARY: - Distills a startups vision into a single sentence - Perfect tool for fans and investors to spread the word about your company The We are the X for Y pitch The 140 characters or less pitch, the twitter pitchvidarandersen.com HIGH-CO NCE P T Hollywood has perfected the art of the high concept pitch: Its Jaws in space! (Alien) For startups: Friendster for dogs (Dogster) Flickr for video (YouTube) We network networks (Cisco)vidarandersen.com HIGH-CO NCE P T Should be brief: One short sentence is perfect People should already understand the building blocks of the pitch: Use familiar terms Its NOT your companys tagline. (YouTubes tagline is Broadcast Yourself, but their pitch is Flickr for video)vidarandersen.com SUMMARY If you were to take-away one thing here todayvidarandersen.com T HE O NE T HING Answer these two main questions:Whatproblem are you solving & what solution do you offer? You must always be able to tell this in one or two short sentences - AT ALL TIMESvidarandersen.com AUDIENCE CHECK So what problem are you solving & what solution do you offer? vidarandersen.com REALITY CHECK People do not buy your product - They buy what it solves: the end-state, the outcome Either how it makes them feel or which job they will get done with it Now sell that end-state to them, not featuresvidarandersen.com E LE VA T O R P IT C H The major components of the elevator pitch areTraction - Product - Team & Social Proof. An introduction captures an investors attention, a great elevator pitch gets a meeting.vidarandersen.com E LE VA T O R P IT C H A 30 second talk you can present a captive audience (e.g. when riding in the elevator with an investor or at a cocktail party)OR a short e-mail that a middleman can forward to someone with a recommendationvidarandersen.com E LE VA T O R P IT C H It sells investors on reading your deck The deck sells investors on taking a meeting Many investors will ignore your deck and ONLY take a meeting if the introduction and elevator pitch are good Without an introduction, an elevator pitch is critical to a successful cold e-mail or getting that meetingvidarandersen.com E LE VA T O R P IT C H Traction Product Team Social Proof vidarandersen.com THE PITCH DECK The magic 13 slides to fundingvidarandersen.com T HE P IT CH DE CK An introduction and elevator pitch are critical to getting a meeting. The pitch deck is what you send investors and what you present in that meeting. NO! Its not your Business Plan. Dont ever think of sending an investor your business plan - EVER!vidarandersen.com THE CLA S S IC DE CK Max ca. 13 slidesCover, Mission, Summary, Team, Problem, Solution, Technology, Marketing, Sales, Competition, Milestones, Conclusion, Financing (give + ask) vidarandersen.com Best template available: HTTP:/ /VENTUREHACKS.COM/ARTICLES/DECK PITCHING TRICKSvidarandersen.com REACH LIZ ARD BRAIN FAST NOVEL CONCRETE VISUAL HIGH CONTRAST vidarandersen.com ReadPITCH ANYTHING by Oren Klaff http:/ /is.gd/pitchanything vidarandersen.com B O DY LA NG U A G E Be the Tree, feet solidly planted on the ground Hands to the side, never crossed - EVER! Dont swerve, stay put Dont be defensive, be assertive Step forwards, not backwards Look people in the eyes, stay focused, select a few people left, right and center to focus on, distribute eye-timevidarandersen.com S TY LE Dont be apologetic - EVER! YOU ARE THE AWESOMEST! Be positive and enthusiastic - you ROCK!, you NEVER suck! Be concrete, crystal clear, short and to the point Over-State, never ever understate Careful with self-deprecation, irony, humor - leave it out Use adjectives and superlatives, over and over (Think Apple Keynotes)vidarandersen.com T IM ING Practice your pitch until you nail the timing Finish slightly before the time limit to leave more room for the questions NEVER EVER go over the time limit, PRACTICE! Do NOT rush through it and make sure you dwell on the important points (think dramatic pauses)vidarandersen.com T HE Q& A S E S S IO N Be in charge: Answer with whatever answer you like Paraphrase the question as a question back to the judges to buy time to think and to reflect that you have understood it Lean forward into it, no defensive gestures, keep eye contact, keep your presence KEEP IT SHORT AND TO THE POINT: Answer like a 6 year old will understand, and in ONE SENTENCE at best PRACTICE ALL NASTY QUESTIONS UP FRONT - They will ask!vidarandersen.com CHEAP TRICKS Acknowledging the audience, owning the presence At the end, keep in control and actively give the word to the jury for questions PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE up to the point where you can really do it in your sleep Dont practice reading a script, have keywords, have cheat cards in your hand if you need tovidarandersen.com QUESTIONS? vidarandersen.com LETS CONNECT twitter: @blacktar email: blacktar@gmail.com http:/ /facebook.com/blacktar http:/ /is.gd/blacktarlinkedin vidarandersen.com