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It\'s time to transform your marketing

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2. transformation -noun"" A change or alteration, " especially a radical one."2SOURCE: WORLD ENGLISH DICTIONARY 3. the Internet has turned what used to be a controlled, one-way message into " a real-time dialogue with millions.DANIELLE SACKS THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING FAST COMPANY, NOVEMBER 17, 20103 4. 79% " of adult Americans use the Internet.44 SOURCE: PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, MAY 2010 5. 78% " of Internet users conduct product research online.5SOURCE: PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT, MAY 2010 6. 10.3 Billion searches are conducted " every month on Google.6 SOURCE: COMSCORE, AUGUST 2010 7. The average US Internet user"2,750 views"web pages per month.7 SOURCE: THE NIELSEN COMPANY, JANUARY 2011 8. 1/3 of US consumers spend " three or more hoursonline every day.8 SOURCE: THE MEDIA AUDIT, OCTOBER 2010 9. 24% " of adults have posted comments " or reviews online about the things they buy.9 SOURCE: ONLINE PRODUCT RESEARCH, SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 10. Your customers are relying more & more onsocial. 9 out of 109 out of 10 Internet users visited "a social networking site each month in 2010.10SOURCE: COMSCORE, FEBRUARY 2011 11. 1 out of every 8 " minutes online " is spent on Facebook.11 SOURCE: COMSCORE, FEBRUARY 2011 12. Twitters active user base generates 90 Milliontweets per day.12 SOURCE: RJMETRICS, JANUARY 2010 13. More than half "of all Internet users "read blogs at least monthly.13 SOURCE: EMARKETER, AUGUST 2010 14. US Internet users spend "3x moreminutes on blogs " & social networks " than on email.= 1 MINUTESOCIAL NETWORKS/BLOGS ONLINE EMAIL PORTALS VIDEOS/MOVIESGAMES14SOURCE: THE NIELSEN COMPANY, NOVEMBER 2010 15. 40% "of Facebooks "user base is "age 35+.15 SOURCE: ISTRATEGY LABS, JANUARY 2010 16. 64% "of Facebook "users have "become fans "of at least "one company.16 SOURCE: EXACTTARGET, 2011 17. Web-based email usage "is onthe decline.28%22% AGE 12-17 AGE 18-24 AGE 25-34 AGE 35-44AGE 45-54 -1%AGE 55-64AGE 65+ -8%-12% -18%(% CHANGE, DECEMBER 2009 DECEMBER 2010) -59%17 SOURCE: COMSCORE, DECEMBER 2010 18. Search engines, blogging & otherInternet trends havefundamentally transformed "the way people & businessespurchase products, "but most small businesses still use outdated "& inefcient marketing methodslike printadvertising, telemarketing & trade shows"that people increasingly nd intrusive "& screen out."BRIAN HALLIGANCO-FOUNDER & CEOHUBSPOT18 19. 7o0% "arch users " t paid.f the links serganicnocl ick on are o19 SOURCE: MARKETING SHERPA, FEBRUARY 6, 2007 20. 78% of business people "use their mobile device "to check email.2020SOURCE: AT&T, MARCH 2011 21. 40% of US smartphone owners compare prices " on their mobile device while in-store, " shopping for an item.21 SOURCE: COMSCORE, JANUARY 2011 22. 1 in 5US adult mobile phone owners "have used their deviceto make a purchase "in the past month.22SOURCE: MOBILE MARKETING ASSOCIATION & LUTH RESEARCH, MAY 2010 23. 40% of US households have a DVR.23 SOURCE: LEICHTMAN RESEARCH GROUP, INC., SEPTEMBER, 2010 24. 200 MillionAmericans have registered on the Federal Trade Commissions "Do Not Call list.24SOURCE: FTC, JULY 2010 25. 46%.The decline in spending "on tech trade shows in 2009.25SOURCE: TRADESHOW EXHIBITORS ASSOCIATION, MARCH 2009 26. 91%of email users have "unsubscribed "from a company email "they previously opted-in to.26 SOURCE: EXACTTARGET, , 2011 27. 84% of 25-34 year-olds have left " a favorite website because of " intrusive or irrelevant advertising.27 SOURCE: HOWTO.TV, APRIL 2008 28. Audiences everywhere are tough.They dont have time to be boredor brow beaten by orthodox, "old-fashioned advertising.We need to stop interruptingwhat people are interested in &"be what people "are interested in. CRAIG DAVISCHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER, WORLDWIDEJ. WALTER THOMPSON (WORLDS 4TH LARGEST AD AGENCY)28 29. newadjective""Markedly different from whatwas before; changed,especially for the better."29 SOURCE: WORLD ENGLISH DICTIONARY 30. This is your new business card.30 31. This " OUTBOUNDis "your "new "marketing "mix.INBOUND31 32. Be helpful. Helpful is the new viral. ask yourself how you can be of service toHelpful your current and potential customers. What problems can you solve? What questionsRelevantcan you answer? What knowledge can you share?Remarkable Read more: Viral.aspx#ixzz1GsSghdGN32 33. Generousis thenew cautious & controlled.33 34. Remarkable is the newbusiness as usual.34 35. Link love is the new ad buy.35 36. Targeted landing pages & clear calls to action "are the new visit my homepage.36 37. Keywords are the new neon signs.37 38. 38 39. If you dont like change, "youre going to like "irrelevancy even less.GENERAL ERIC SHINSEKII, 200339 40. inbound marketing"-noun"Any marketing tactic that relies "on earning peoples interest "instead of buying it; "a.k.a. the key to marketing "transformation."40SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA 41. Inbound marketing "in a nutshell.1: GET FOUND ONLINE 3: ANALYZE & IMPROVE2: CONVERT VISITORS & LEADS41 42. More than 1/3 of US companies "use blogs for marketing purposes.42SOURCE: UM, OCTOBER 2010 43. Companies that blog get "55% morewebsite visitors.43 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2010 44. Inbound marketing costs 62% less "per lead than traditional, outbound marketing.AVG COST/LEAD: $373 AVG COST/LEAD: $143OUTBOUND INBOUND44SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 45. 67% o f B2C and 4 have1% o compacqu f B2B caniesired ompa "throu a custo niesgh Fa mercebo" ok.45 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 46. 57% of businesses have "acquired a customer "through their "company blog.46 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 47. 47 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 48. 2/3 "of marketers saytheir company blog "is critical orimportant "to their business.48SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 49. The number " of marketers "who sayFacebook "is critical "or important" to their business "has increased 83% in just two years.49 SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 50. 51% "of Facebook fans "are more likely to buy"the brands they fan.50 SOURCE: CHADWICK MARTIN BAILEY & IMODERATE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, FEBRUARY 2010 51. 79% " of Twitter followers"are more likely "to recommend " the brands they follow.51 SOURCE: CHADWICK MARTIN BAILEY & IMODERATE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, FEBRUARY 2010 52. The average budget spent on company blogs "& social media has nearly doubled in two years. 2009$ $$$$$$ $ $ 2011$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $ $$= 1% OF ANNUAL MARKETING BUDGET52SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 53. What we really need is "a mindset shift that will make usrelevant to todays consumers, "a mindset shift from "telling & selling "to building relationships.JIM STENGELFORMER GLOBAL MARKETING OFFICER "FOR PROCTER & GAMBLE53 54. howtonoun""A set of step-by-step instructionsfor accomplishing a certain taskor reaching a certain objective."54SOURCE: RANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY 55. 1 Make "stuff "people "want. EDUCATIONAL EBOOKS HOW-TO VIDEOS ONLINE CALCULATORS PLANNING TOOLS ANSWERS TO COMMON QUESTIONS55 56. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE " YOU GET2 Be generous. BUILD TRUST, CREDIBILITY, " & GOOD WILL INCREASE # " OF PAGES"& INBOUND LINKS56 57. 3 Rock " HTTP://WWW.HUBSPOT.COM/INTERNET- MARKETING-TIPS/DETAILED-KEYWORD-your " TIPS/keywords. HTTP://WEBSITEGRADER.COM/57 58. 4 Give "great "directions. RELEVANT LANDING PAGES CLEAR CALLS TO ACTION COMPELLING OFFERS58 59. 5 Invest "wisely. IF IT DONT MAKE DOLLARS, IT DONT MAKE SENSE.59 60. It no longer makeseconomic sense to sendan advertising messageto the many, in hopes "of persuading the few.M. LAWRENCE LIGHT"FORMER CHIEF MARKETING OFFICERMCDONALDS60 61. Amen.61 62. MARKETING "TRANSFORMATION "WEEK April 4-8, 2011 5 days. 50 prizes. 500 tips."Learn, win, transform! 63. IMAGE CREDITS."HubSpot gratefully acknowledges the following photographers for sharing their original works via ickr & the Creative Commons license. SLIDEFLICKR USERNAMESLIDEFLICKR USERNAME4 PIMBOULA 32-34SHEREEN M5 MEZ LOVE 35 MAIT JRIADO6, 58STFAN 36 AJITH& 597 DARRREN HESTER 37 TELSTAR LOGISTICS8 NICHOLASJON38 DR CRAIG9 GUSTAVO PIMENTA41 EKURVINE12ETGEEK (ERIC)42 AGAHRAN13 & DELPHWYND43 B.ROMAIN1516IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION46 JULIANA COUTINHO22MASOCHISMTANGO 47 RJMETRICS23ABBYLADYBUG48 EFLON24TYLERDURDEN1 49 ESCAPEDTOWISCONSIN25CELINE NADEAU50 XURDE26INKMAN_55 JOSH LIBA27ASHLEY ROSE56 BRANDON CHRISTOPHER WARREN 32-34SHEREEN M57 FEITICEIRA_ORG63 *ALL IMAGES WERE PURCHASED ON ISTOCKPHOTO.COM UNLESS NOTED ABOVE. 64. ABOUT HUBSPOT. HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing softwareplatform for small and medium-sized businesses.4,000+ companies use HubSpot to generate "over 500,000 leads per month.LETS BE FRIENDS ONLINE! NO SPROCKETS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PRESENTATION.