Pinterest for Brands: How to Use Pinterest for Marketing and Lead Generation

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Find out the demographics of users for Pinterest, as well as how to grow targeted followers. The PowerPoint presentation will also teach you how to optimize your pins visually as well as for search.

Transcript of Pinterest for Brands: How to Use Pinterest for Marketing and Lead Generation

  • 1. How to UsePinterest forMarketing andLead GenerationPresented by Vincent Ng ofMCNG Marketing

2. What is Pinterest?o A social networking site thatfocuses on visual sharing(repinning) from websitesand from other users.o Pinterest calls these picturespins.o There are three types ofengagement: Like, Pin It, orComment. 3. Whos Using Pinterest? 48 million registered users on the socialnetwork as of March 2013. The 3rd busiest social network in the U.S. withabout 10 million unique visitors in March 2012. About 80% of the users are female, and 20%are male 17% are 18-24 30% are 25-34 25% are 35-44 4. Whats Being Pinned? According to RJ metrics, in March of 2012,the following was the breakdown pins bycategories: Home 17.2% Arts and Crafts 12.5% Style/ Fashion 11.7% Food 10.5% Inspiration/ Educational 9% 50% of all repins are of food. 5. The Commerce of Pinterest: Average Twitter transaction: $60-70 Average Facebook Transation: $70-85 Average Pinterest Transaction: $170-185 According to, in June 2012:33% of Facebook users that follow a brand were likelyto purchase a product they saw on the page. ForPinterest it was 59%. Pins that promote products, get reshared again andagain, unlike Facebook. (These pins becomeevergreen.) Pinterest allows you to link products from your e-commerce site. Etsy gets a lot of traffic from Pinterest. 6. How to Grow Your TargetedFollowers: Focus on boards that you want to nichefor or are related to your industry. Dontgo for whats hot just to gain followers. 7. Collectibles(Star Wars board has 1.6 millionfollowers.) 8. Random House Books 1.5 millionfollowers. 1.4 million followers ontheir culinary classics board. 9. Spend time repinning content from othermembers of your community. Join a community board, or start one ofyour own and invite others.(MCNG created a Creative AdvertisingGroup Board) Hold a Pin it to Win it contest.(Mashable held one with LG) Post on your other social networks. Be active on the website, on a daily basis. 10. How to use Pinterest to Drivemore Web Traffic Verify your Pinterest account to get access toanalytics of whos pinning from your website. Ensure that you have a pin bookmarklet on your tabsto make it easy to pin content from your website. Share pictures of products or lifestyle from yourbusiness, and create a fantasy around them. Create pinnable content, such as informational pinsfor your target audience. Create pins that tease the reader to click on thepicture. Ensure that your pins are coming directly from yoursite. Pinterest will give credit to the original domainsource. 11. Lure them in with valuablecontent or curiosity: 12. How to use it for LeadGeneration: Create pins that will lead to a landing pagefor an offer. Hubspot does this to lead to theire-books. Create a board thats exclusively for yourblog posts. Unfortunately UTM dont work. (Tracking andmost affiliate codes are now stripped.) Pin your Youtube content, and Slideshare (UseReachli for Slideshare, and Facebook viaFirefox) 13. How to Optimize your Pins andBoards: Generally the users with the most followershave at least 20 boards. Ensure that your board descriptions containkeywords you want to be searched for onGoogle and Pinterest. Ensure that your descriptions are filled withmain keywords and longtail keywords. Ensure the domain that pins come from alsocontain the keyword you want them to besearched for on Pinterest. 14. I ranked for the keywordPinterest Tips in the searchengine. 15. Optimizing for Search andImpressions: The number of repins helps in the searchresults. Ensure that you pin on community boards,as well as your own at different times. Use Hashtags (#) to help stand out, butdont over do it. Ensure that if you areselling a product, to mention the price inthe description. 16. Visually Optimizing Dimensions should be between 300-554 toget maximum visual width appeal. You can make it as long as you want. Use PicMonkey (Free) to make quickchanges and add texts to photos on yourblog or Pinterest. Post infographics about your business.These spread like wild cakes. 17. Tools to use for Analytics Pinterests Verified accounts have one. Pinleague (14 Day Free Trial) Reachli (Allows you to make money fromadvertising.) Pingraphy, allows scheduling.(paid) Piqora allows for contests.(enterprise) Curalate allows for contests.(enterprise) 18. Contact Us at MCNG Website: E-mail: Follow us on Pinterest/mcngmarketing