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  1. 1. Australias LED Light Source globes XP, STPHOTON LED GLOBESAre the perfect solution for businesses looking to replacetheir incandescent or CFL globes with efficient, green andsafe LED technology. Our Photon range: Uses90%lesselectricitythanincandescentglobes and50%lessthanCFLs Lastsonaverage17timeslongerthanotherlightsources Generatesverylittleheatwhichreducesloadson air-conditioning,lessensfireriskandimprovessafety Containsnoharmfulortoxicsubstancesandarefullyrecyclable DoesnotemitUVradiationImages top to bottom:Photon XP 7W CTA, Photon ST 7W. Telephone+61753093267 TollFree(withinAust)1300200321
  2. 2. globes XP, STTechnical Specifications APPLICATIONSQUALITY OurPhotonrangeofglobescontainsavarietyofproductsAllluminariesfromLEDLightWorksarestringentlytested perfectforanyapplication.Availableinavarietyof tomeetseveraldifferentcertifications,whichincludeCE fittingstheyaredesignedtoseamlesslyretrofitwherever (ConformitiveEuropenne),RoHS(ReductionofHazardous incandescentorCFLglobesarecurrentlyused.Idealfor Substances),andallourproductscarrytheC-TICK,which generallightinginbusinessandresidentialapplications, denotescompliancetotheAustralianCommunicationsand wehaveaPhotonglobetosuityourrequirements. MediaAuthoritystandardsonelectromagneticcompatibility. InadditionourXPrangeisalsocompliantwithKEMAregulations.Output Beam DimensionsPHoToN XP ChipConnectionDimmable CCT (Kelvin)* CRI* VoltageLifespan* (flux) Angle (mm) warm - 2500KXP 7W CTA- Cree E26/E27/GU10 yes 250 lumens 75110V AC-240V AC 35000 hrs 190 116x56 diam. (dims to 2300K)XP 7W CreeE26/E27/GU10 yes warm - 2700K280 lumens 80110V AC-240V AC 35000 hrs 190 116x56 diam. Output Beam DimensionsPHoToN sT ChipConnectionDimmable CCT (Kelvin)* CRI* VoltageLifespan* (flux) Angle (mm) warm - 3250K310 lumens >75ST 5W Epistar B22/E26/E27 yes 90V AC-260V AC30000 hrs 180 116x60 diam. cool - 6500K320 lumens >75 warm - 3250K470 lumens >75ST 7W Epistar B22/E26/E27 yes 90V AC-260V AC30000 hrs 180 133x68 diam. cool - 6500K480 lumens >75 warm - 3250K630 lumens >75ST 9W Epistar B22/E26/E27 no90V AC-260V AC30000 hrs 180 160x80 diam. cool - 6500K640 lumens >75 warm - 3250K710 lumens >75ST 11WEpistar B22/E26/E27 no90V AC-260V AC50000 hrs 180 160x80 diam. cool - 6500K770 lumens >75* Typical valuesPhotometric reports are available for all products on request. CTA system allows colour to warm as light is dimmed. XP range also employs TCS - and inbuilt temperature control system for maximum lifespan.Ph oton NET EFFECT ST9W Using LED technology can make a big difference to your bottom line and our environment. Ifweconsiderabusinessorresidencewhichhas10060W halogenlights,andrunsthem12hoursaday5daysaweek. ThisconsumerwouldSAVEthefollowingbyswitchingto 100PhotonST7Wglobes: Electricity per annum:$2480.40(at $0.15 per kWh) Carbon Emissions per annum:10.42tonnes (QLD Emission factor 0.63 kgCO2/kWh) To see how LED Light Works can give you the green light to save money and help the environment call us on 1300 200 321.