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  • 7/27/2019 PFC and PQ


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  • 7/27/2019 PFC and PQ



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  • 7/27/2019 PFC and PQ


    Power Factor Correction CapacitorsType LKT

    Features that matter:

    Overcurrent up to 2.2 times rated current

    Inrush current up to 300 times rated current

    Self-healing type, segmented film technology plus overpressure disconnector

    Environment-friendly, dry type

    CO2emission reduction

    Safes energy costs


  • 7/27/2019 PFC and PQ


    General Remarks

    FRAKOPower Factor Correction Capacitors are pro-duced in unique advanced technology and incorporatea triple safety feature. FRAKO manufacturer who succeeded to combine self-healing

    disconnection. This manufacturing technique guarantees -tors on power factor correction. We reserve the right tomake alterations which are based on newly acquiredknowledge or which contribute to an improvement inour products.

    Technical Remarks

    For the operation of Power Factor Correction Capacitorsthree aspects are of utmost importance:

    High overload capacity

    Long life expectancy

    Safe reaction at overload

    Overload Capacity

    In networks where the pollution with harmonics is per-

    manently increasing, surplus loads in capacitors have tobe reckoned with. Apart from the higher voltage load itis especially the higher effective current during networkresonances, that can considerably further stress thecapacitors:

    If, for example, the 11th harmonic is present with 8 % ofthe rated network voltage, the r.m.s. value of the ratedvoltage is only increased by some 0.3%, but the currentin the capacitors will exceed its rated value by 33%. Itbecomes clear that the ability of a capacitor to withstand

    to withstand excessive voltage.

    Therefore FRAKOdesigns its capacitors as follows:

    Max. overcurrent up to 2.2 times rated current

    Max. inrush current up to 300 times rated


    Power Factor Correction CapacitorsType LKT

    Life Expectancy

    The use of thoroughly tested material as well as carefulprocessing ensures quality and a long life expectancyof the products. FRAKOproduces its capacitors accor-

    requirements of EN 60831-1/2. Quality tests followingeach single manufacturing step, verify an outstandingmanufacturing quality. Combined with a unique capacitormanufacturing technology, FRAKO achieves a world-wide leading durability.

    For example, the consistently low power loss over many

    stabilizer which can avoid permanent partial dischargeswithin the dielectric. Vacuum drying and temperaturestorage over several days avoid oxygen inclusion, whichwould accelerate the aging process of a capacitor. Thismeans an extra effort in our production which, however,pays-off with a longer life expectancy.

    Safty Features

    FRAKO Power Factor Correction Capacitors operatewith triple safety:

    Self-healing at over-voltage

    An overpressure disconnector disconnects thecapacitors from the mains at the end of theirlifetime or at dangerous overload

    To verify the correct functioning of the integrated safetysystems, FRAKO regularly draws sample capacitorsfrom the production line. A constantly outstanding qualitycan be achieved and maintained only this way.

    Capacitor current

    Patent No. 102005045978

    The principle of the overpressure disconnector


  • 7/27/2019 PFC and PQ


    Power Factor Correction CapacitorsType LKT

    Voltage Load Capacity

    FRAKOPower Factor Correction Capacitors have a loadcapacity in accordance with EN 60831-1 and -2 as wellas IEC 831-1 and -2.

    Rated voltage 300 400 440 480 525 615

    (in VAC)

    8 hours daily 330 440 484 528 578 677

    30 min. daily 345 460 506 552 604 707

    5 min. 360 480 528 576 630 738

    1 min. 390 520 572 624 683 800


    FRAKO manufactures three series of Power FactorCorrection Capacitors: Basic, Standard and Premium.We recommend Basic Capacitors for networks with lowharmonic content and normal ambient temperature.Standard Capacitors are recommended for networks withhigher harmonic levels and/or high ambient temperature.Premium Capacitors should be used for demandingnetworks (i.e. networks with very high harmonic levelsand/or very high ambient temperature). All three seriesof capacitors are of excellent FRAKOquality. FRAKO

    ISO 9001andthe Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

    Mechanical Construction

    Cylindrical aluminium case with mounting stud M1212,low loss self-healing dielectric made from segmented

    and integrated mechanical overpressure disconnector.Permanently connected external discharge resistors atthe terminals. The connecting terminal, which is available

    as an accessory, protects against direct contact of thefast-on terminals and meets the protection class IP 20.


    FRAKO Power Factor Correction Capacitors areavailable as three-phase capacitors in 3 versions: Basic,Standard and Premium. The single-phase capacitors areavailable as Standard version.


    1.1-30kvar; 300-615V; 50/60Hz (higher voltages onrequest!)

    Capacitance and Rating Tolerance

    +/- 5%

    Power Loss

    Approx. 0.5 Watt / kvar measured at the connectingterminal including discharge resistors.

    Approx. 0.2Watt /kvar measured at the capacitor coils.

    Temperature Class

    up to - 40C; + 65C


    According to EN 60831, every power capacitor musthave a discharge device which guarantees a dischargeto 75V within three minutes. FRAKOcapacitors haveintegrated discharge resistors which guarantee adischarge to 50V within one minute.

    Accessories for

    Power Factor Correction Capacitors

    Article-No. Description Type

    31-08000 Plug-in type connecting terminal for

    capacitors with 60 mm and 70 mm,

    3-phase AKD 25/3

    31-08002 Plug-in type connecting terminal for

    capacitors with 60 mm and 70 mm,

    single-phase AKD 25/2

    31-08003 Plug-in type connecting terminal for

    capacitors with 85 mm, 3-phase AKD 30/3

    69-00352 Plastic caps for LKT with 60 mm LKK 60

    69-00350 Plastic caps for LKT with 70 mm LKK 70

    69-00353 Rubber sleeve LKK


  • 7/27/2019 PFC and PQ


    Power Factor Correction CapacitorsType LKT
















    67 / 77


    capacitors with

    d = 60/70mm

    for connection with


    capacitors with

    d = 60/ 70mm

    spring tension

    terminal 2 6 mm2

    Art.-No. 31-08000

    capacitors with

    d = 85mm

    for connection with


    capacitors with

    d = 85mm

    spring tension

    terminal 16mm2

    Art.-No. 31-08003

    plastic cap for capacitors

    with d = 60mmArt.No. 69-00352

    d = 70mm

    Art.No. 69-00350

    rubber sleeve

    Art.-No. 69-00353

    (not available for capacitorswith d = 85mm)


    Technical DataTechnical Data Basic Capacitor Standard Capacitor P r e m i u m C a p a c i t o r

    operated with operated with

    DL-specification DP-specification

    Type LKT...-DB LKT...-DP LKT...-DL LKT...-DL

    Rated reactive power 1.7 - 30 kvar 1.1 - 30 kvar 1.4 - 20 kvar 1.4 - 24.2 kvar

    Rated voltage 230 - 525 V 230 - 525 V 400 - 525 V 400 - 615 V

    Rated frequency 50 - 60 Hz 50 - 60 Hz 50 - 60 Hz 50 - 60 Hz

    Max. overcurrent 1.5 IN

    1.8 IN

    2.2 IN

    2.0 IN

    (at rated voltage, 50 Hz) (at rated voltage, 50 Hz) (at rated voltage, 50 Hz) (at rated voltage, 50 Hz)

    Max. inrush current 200 IN

    250 IN

    300 IN 300 I


    (at rated voltage, 50 Hz) (at rated voltage, 50 Hz) (at rated voltage, 50 Hz) (at rated voltage, 50 Hz)

    Temperature class -25/D -40/+60C continuous -40/+65C continuous -40/+60C continuousMax. /min. temperature +55C/ -25C +60C / -40C +65C/ -40C +60C/ -40C

    Max. case temperature +70C +75C +78C +75C

    Test voltage terminal / terminal 2.15 UNfor 2 sec. 2.15 U

    Nfor 2 sec. 2.15 U

    Nfor 2 sec. 2.15 U

    Nfor 2 sec.

    1.85 UNfor 18 sec. 1.85 U

    Nfor 18 sec. 1.85 U

    Nfor 18 sec. 1.85 U

    Nfor 18 sec.

    Test voltage terminal /case 3,900V, 2 sec. 3,900V, 2 sec. 3,900V, 2 sec. 3,900V, 2 sec.

    Isolation level 3/8 kV 3/8 kV 3/8 kV 3/8 kV

    Mean Life expectancy 100,000 h 130,000 h 170,000 h 130,000 h

    Max. humidity 95% 95% 95% 95%

    Max. altitude 4,000m 4,000m 4,000m 4,000m

    Number of annual 20,000 40,000 60,000 60,000

    switching operations

    Discharging level in 60 sec. 50V 50V 50V 50V

    Recommended for Networks with low Networks with higher Demanding networks Networks with higher

    harmonic content and harmonic levels (i.e. very high harmonic harmonic levelsnormal ambient and/or high ambient levels and/or very high and/or high ambient

    temperature temperature ambient temperature) temperature