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  • 1. PERSPECTIVEPerspective is how we view something fromwhere we are standing. There are linear andatmospheric perspective techniques thatartist use to create a 3-dimensionalappearance on a 2-dimensional surface.

2. Perspective can create strange illusions on a 2 dimensional surface, andthey can create a very realistic illusion of a 3 dimensional world. 3. LETS GO THROUGH THE VARIOUS TECHNIQUES ANDGUIDELINES USED BY ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHERS. 4. SIZEObjects appear smaller as they get farther away. 5. POSITIONObjects appear higher on the page as they getfarther away. 6. OVERLAPOverlapping objects show which is farther. 7. DETAILObjects have less detail as they get farther away. 8. SATURATION OF COLORClose objects are brightest and sharpest. Objects in thedistance appear pale and washed out. 9. ATMOSPHERIC PERSPECTIVEObjects in the distance may appear bluish. 10. WARM COLORS ADVANCECOOL COLORS RECEDEWarm colors may appear closer. Cool colors may appear fartheraway. 11. LIGHT AND SHADOWCREATE 3-D FORMSShading and light source can make objects appearround. 12. Study the art examples provided toyour group. Discuss the ways in which the artistsuggests depth. Be ready to explain the techniquesused in each of your examples.SizePositionOverlapDetailSaturation of colorAtmospheric perspectiveWarm colors advance/cool colors recedeLight and shadow create 3-D forms