PEER Hospital Preparedness in Emergencies (HOPE)

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Transcript of PEER Hospital Preparedness in Emergencies (HOPE)

Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER) Enhancing emergency response capacity in Asia since 1998

Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER)Enhancing emergency response capacity in Asia since 1998


What is HOPE? Hospital Preparedness for Emergencies

HOPE is a Training Course, capacity building and technical assistance program for medical facility staff and healthcare personnel, both medical and non medical, to prepare healthcare facilities to respond effectively to community emergencies involving large numbers of casualties.

The course enables staff to develop disaster preparedness plans to respond, based on best-practice guidelines. Instructors and practitioners are trained with HOPE and expert assistance is provided on enhancing medical facility preparedness.

HOPE is a component of Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER) - a regional program initiated by USAID/OFDA in 1998. The goal is to enhance local and regional disaster preparedness and response capacities of vulnerable countries in Asia. Another component is Community Action for Disaster Response (CADRE). Both are managed by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, (ADPC) Bangkok, Thailand.


HOPE Training Curriculum

Disaster types and risk management

Disaster epidemiology and patterns of injury

Hospital structural components and seismic hazards

Principles of disaster medicine, triage and emergency care

Creating a Hospital Disaster Plan

Emergency department operations

Preparing for functional collapse and operational tools

Mental health and psychosocial care

Hospital disaster management of agencies and media


Partial Funding Assistance Program

Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh

Partnership with Health Ministries and WHO

Institutionalization with Medical Training Institutes and Universities

Expansion Countries

Cambodia, Lao PDR & Vietnam

National Pilot & Adaptation

Instructor Development

Development of Model Hospitals

Development of Model Hospitals

AccomplishmentsPEER 3 -April 2009 to present

Hospital Staff Trained with HOPE Course

PhilippinesIndonesiaNepalIndiaPakistanBangladeshCambodiaLao PDRVietnam3911048000484824New Instructors trained with HOPE-TFI

PhilippinesIndonesiaNepalIndiaPakistanBangladeshCambodiaLao PDRVietnam2000000898

Impact of HOPE

Institutionalized in DOH Philippines with regular government funding

Modules used to cascade training in hospitals

Recognized by WHO and other medical associations as one of the capacity building activities in making hospitals safe from disasters

Increasing interest from non-PEER countries - Thailand, Oman, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar

45 new HOPE instructors

319 hospital staff trained

Khmer, Vietnamese & Lao HOPE materials


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