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It includes basic of PACS architecture it includes PACS basic block diagram Comparison of various models of PACS Storage in PACS etc

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  • 1. PACS ARCHITECTUREPresented By-KarishmaShaikhMerin A. ThomasPrasad Vagal

2. Architecture It is logical and functional description of thehardware configuration of the system. While planning PACS architecture both currentand foreseeable issues must be taken intoconsideration. This is difficult because both organization andthe technology are never in static state. 3. Elements of architectureOperational fitVersatilityScalabilityRobustness/Fault Tolerance 4. Comparison of PACSArchitecturePACSArchitectureDistributedModelCentralizedModel 5. Historic Distributed Model Approach Network speed Storage Slower Expensive Solution: Transient Storage at workstation. 6. Historic Distributed Model 7. Current Centralized Model Two Layers Core.Workstation. Thin Client Leveraging standards. Operating system and Web Browser Technologies. Network speed and Bandwidth. Integration into other hospital applications. Auto-routing and pre-fetching of images not required. Scalability. 8. Current Centralized Model 9. Transitional Technology Incorporate both the models Pre-fetching, routing and fast retrieval ofimages. Multiple versions of workstation. Complex Architecture. 10. MEDICAL LEGALARCHIVEPUBLISHEDON FEBRUARY 3, 2005 11. SAN (storage area network). NAS (network attached storage). CAS (Content addressable storage). Removable Media. 12. References PACS: A guide to digital revolution By Kenneth HeckmanThomas J. Schultz 13. THANK YOU