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Transcript of Our Mission Our Vision - Sioux Falls .Sioux Falls Police Department 2014 Annual Report 4 The mission

Our MissionThe mission of the Sioux Falls Police Department is partnering with the community to serve, protect, and promote quality of life.

Our VisionThe vision of the Sioux Falls Police Department is to be leaders in assuring quality of life, safety, and protection for every member of the Sioux Falls community. This vision embraces the philosophy of community-oriented policing in all aspects of planning and operations.

We Value . . . Honesty, integrity, and commitment to quality service

throughout the department workforce. Respect, fairness, and compassion toward each and

every member of our community. Actions in partnership with the community that

promote a sense of belonging, openness, continuity, and connection.

The courage of every offi cer and staff member to act in the best interests of our community as a whole and to each of its members as individuals.

The commitment of each offi cer and staff member to be actively engaged as contributing citizens in the community.

Actions of the community at large to partner in promoting public safety, welfare, and growth of a diverse and vibrant community.

4Sioux Falls Police Department 2014 Annual Report

The mission of the Sioux Falls Police Department is partnering with the community to serve, protect, and promote quality of life. Our mission statement says a lot about who we are and what we do. Even though we have 235 sworn police offi cers, we realize that our partnership with the community is vital to maintaining a safe city. We are continually looking for new ways to foster that partnership, be it through new programs or existing ones. Without the continued support of our community our task would be a very diffi cult one.

2014 was a diffi cult year for me as I formally bid farewell to 22 police offi cers and our administrative assistant. There was an incredible amount of talent that went out the door with these retirements and I couldnt be more proud of their many accomplishments. We wish them all the best with the next chapter of their lives. In anticipation of these many vacancies, we were in a hiring and training frenzy all year. We have been fortunate to fi nd some incredibly talented people to join our ranks and the department will be in good hands as we go forward.

I am very thankful for Mayor Huether and the members of the City Council. Their continued support of law enforcement in this community is to be commended.

Office of the Chief

Maintaining a safe community in a continually growing city is one of the many challenges we face in law enforcement. The continued dedication and professionalism of the men and women of this department allow us to overcome these challenges and continue to make this one of the safest cities in America. The members of this department and the community make this status a reality.


Doug BarthelChief of Police

Police Chief Doug Barthel

5Sioux Falls Police Department 2014 Annual Report

SFPD Wins 2014

Collaboration With State Agencies Creates Deer Management Program

The Sioux Falls Police Department worked with South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks to develop a deer management plan that included a review of the issues and methods to monitor the deer population. The process included receiving ongoing public input with two public meetings and an online survey with 956 respondents. The result is an integrated approach of nonlethal and lethal methods, considering humane, economic, ecological, and socially acceptable alternatives.

Two Fleet Maintenance Employees Transfer to Public Works The Sioux Falls Police Department

worked with Public Works to transition two Police employees who were assigned to fleet maintenance to the Public Works Fleet Maintenance Division. This transition provided efficiencies in all aspects of this operation, from training and support of personnel to a more centralized process of maintaining our extensive Police Department vehicle fleet.

26 New Police Officers in 2014!The Sioux Falls Police Department hired an unprecedented 26 people to fill vacancies in the department

as a result of retirements and the addition of four new officer positions provided in the 2014 budget.

New LED Lighting in Law Enforcement Buildings Creates Savings

In 2014, the Sioux Falls Police Department installed new LED light fixtures in the garage of the Law Enforcement Center as well as in the Evidence Storage Area of the Graybar Building. The savings projected with these new green light fixtures are estimated to be $5,500 per year for the Evidence Storage Area alone.

Crime Concerns Addressed With Patrons of Van Eps Park

During the summer, amid growing community concern about the safety of citizens in the Van Eps Park area, the Sioux Falls Police Department stepped up visibility and enforcement efforts. This effort, along with the ordinance change to ban alcohol in the park, resolved a problem as well as made the park safe for all citizens.



Funding for Five New Officers From the U.S. Department of JusticeThe Sioux Falls Police Department

applied for and received funding for hiring five new officers through a grant from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services of the U.S. Department of Justice. This grant will cover on average 50 percent of their wages and benefits over a period of three years. This is a competitive grant writing process, and we are pleased to continue our partnership with the community in placing more officers on the streets to expand our outreach efforts to Sioux Falls diverse community.

10#Transition to 9mm Glock Handguns Improves Officers Qualification Scores

In 2014, the department transitioned from .40 caliber Glock handguns to 9mm Glock handguns. Overall, the departments average qualification scores were improved by 6 percent. The number of officers shooting a perfect score jumped from 15 in 2013 to 43 in 2014. These increases were in large part due to the reduction in felt recoil and ease of operation.



Walking and Biking Downtown Improves Safety and Builds Relationships

Sioux Falls Police patrol officers increased their visibility and efforts in the downtown area and the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, including the Pettigrew Heights and Whittier neighborhoods. Officers also assisted in improving safety with projects such as Walk a Block With a Cop.






A 100-Percent Homicide Clearance Rate for 2014The Sioux Falls Police Department

consistently has a case clearance rate (solvability or arrest) far higher than the national average. Our clearance rate for violent crimes is 72 percent, while the national average is 48 percent. Our clearance rate for serious property crime is 37 percent, while the national average is 19.7 percent. In 2014, all homicides investigated were solved.

Addressing Homelessness by Supporting the Bishop Dudley Hospitality HouseThe Sioux Falls Police Department

worked closely with the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls to develop a security plan for the center and address the concerns of the surrounding neighborhood. The diocese hired the officer who was on the Steering Committee to be the Executive Director for this new shelter.

6Sioux Falls Police Department 2014 Annual Report

Police Department Administration



CAPTAINGreg VandeKamp

LIEUTENANTTroy Lubbers(transferred to Support Services)

Loren McManus(transferred from NW Quadrant)


TRAINING SERGEANTSteve VantHul(transferred to Patrol)

Josh Disburg(transferred from Patrol)





Betsy Odden

Assistant Chief Patti Lyon Captain Greg Vandekamp(transferred from Investigative Services)




RECORDS CLERKSLaura BjergaardTracy HalversonShirrel MooreMary Lee PetersApril ProhlKaren RoemenShauna West

WORD PROCESSORSJoanne GallagherJane ReuwsaatJoan WyntheinRenee MunceCarol Serie


7Sioux Falls Police Department 2014 Annual Report

Police Department Administration

Citizens Police Academy class picture.

Training |

During 2014, the department conducted 15 in-service training sessions for department personnel. This training consisted of defensive tactics, legal updates, rapid deployment/medical training, peer support training, and employee wellness.

In addition to in-service training, the department sent staff members to 159 diff erent training programs that were conducted both in-house and outside the department. A total of 36,124 hours of training were completed by department personnel.

Some major accomplishments for the training team in 2014 were:

Training of 26 new recruits. Building on basic standards/certifi cation the training team facilitated the in-house training program for 26 new recruits. This training included classroom training, experiential, and reality-based training. The training was designed to augment the PTO program implemented last year.

The transition to Glock 17 9mm took just over one month to complete. Our qualifi cation score averages went from an 89 percent in 2013 using the Glock .40 caliber, to 95 percent after the 9mm switch! There were 43 perfect scores with the 9mm compared to 15 perfect score