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IN THIS PACKAGE YOU WILL FIND: A Biography of the Author What they said about The Oracle Opportunity The Blueprint to Succeeding as an Oracle consultant The Introduction & a Preview Chapter from the Book A synopsis of the books content Information on where to buy the book

BiographyAidan Duffy is a career-consultant, and has been working with Oracle technologies since 1993. He has worked in technical, functional & team leading roles during his career. He has worked for major multinational clients such as Pfizer, General Electric & Canon, across the U.K. & Europe. He has been re-hired by Clients several times, having worked for one client four times, and has an excellent reputation in the European Oracle Consulting industry. Aidan holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Computing Science, and is a white paper and book author, and blogger. In his spare time he likes to keep up with developments in IT, and is a keen golfer. Aidan enjoys networking; his LinkedIn Profile can be found at You can also check out the blog for more information on Oracle Consulting topics.


What they said about The Oracle Opportunity The Blueprint to Succeeding as an Oracle ConsultantAidan your Book has helped me prepare for my interview, researching the key areas that a functional consultant is accountable for. Your Book also mentions making the most of the opportunities within your current organization to extend your business or functional knowledge; I will be taking full advantage of this in the future. In addition to this there are some best practice methods that I will be keen to adopt when starting my new employment to ensure I make the correct impression. Thank you for all your help Balwinder Kler Oracle Financials Functional Analyst

This is an excellent read for anyone thinking of becoming an Oracle consultant. An excellent step-by-step guide to the ins and outs of Oracle consulting. I wish I had this knowledge before I became a consultant, it would have saved me from making many mistakes. Ken Coyne (Oracle Consultant with over 10 years of experience)


The Oracle Opportunity

Reading this is like having the chance to spend a day with a senior consultant and being able to ask them truthfully How do I get to where you are? Nic Connor Oracle Ebusiness consultant and Recruiter

This book provides a roadmap for those wishing to become successful Oracle eBusiness consultants. If you follow these steps, you will become a respected consultant James Parker Oracle Specialist Recruiter for Ntrinsic Solutions (

The Oracle Opportunity is a great introduction to the world of freelance consulting; written with first hand-experience and real insight, it brings together a set of strategies to address the main challenges encountered by first time freelancers from preparing for an interview through to managing your time-sheets, invoicing and getting paid. Its not just for first timers either as old timers will find it useful to refresh some of their knowledge, for example on personal marketing and how that can now be applied to social media. A really useful set of tips and trade secrets. John Needham Oracle EBusiness Project


Synopsis:Ive seen those guys and girls around the office, right? You know the consultants? The ones in the smart suits, arriving in from a flight, working the week and flying back out again early on Friday afternoon? Seems like a nice life right? Working for Big Clients; Exciting Projects; Exotic Locations; Nice Hotels; expenses. Those are the lucky ones, right? And the way they act in the office, so confident, knowing most of everything it seems, directing the project, they are the ones in control, right? So tell me, what is the difference between you and them? What EXACTLY is the difference? Its hard to say exactly what the difference is, isnt it? Is it the way they act? The way they talk? The knowledge they have built up? The contacts they have made? I am here to tell you that the difference between you and them is smaller than you imagine. So small, in fact, that in reality it only exists in your mind. The opportunity to become a consultant is closer than you think. Anyone with Oracle skills can be an Oracle consultant, and this book is the Blueprint for showing you how. This Oracle Opportunity is yours for the taking!


Book ContentThe Oracle Opportunity The Blueprint to Succeeding as an Oracle Consultant contains the following chapters:

IntroductionChapter 1. Know What You Know What skills do you need to work an Oracle consultant? Chapter 2 Know What You Dont Know How to increase your knowledge up to consultant level using free resources Chapter 3. Build Your Skills and Professional Profile Build your skills and profile within your project, your company and the wider Oracle market Chapter 4. Identify Opportunities How to find Consulting opportunities & get to know the consulting market Chapter 5. Know the Project Life Cycle Understand a typical Oracle project lifecycle, and where you might fit in the project team Chapter 6. Prepare and Conduct a Winning Interview How to prepare for, and succeed at interviews Chapter 7. Consider and Accept an Offer Deciding if a consultancy offer is the right one for you?


The Oracle Opportunity

Chapter 8. Prepare for Transition into Your New Role How to leave your current boss wishing you had never left, and hit the ground running in your new role Chapter 9. Begin Your New Job: What to expect in your new job, and how to get off to a flying start. Learn who is who in the new project team Chapter 10. Prove Your Worth and Build Relationships Prove yourself early, get to know the right people, and how to interact with other team members Chapter 11. The Art of Communication Offering Your Opinion as a consultant. Knowing When to Assert Yourself and When to Back Down Chapter 12. Manage the Details Document the Work your complete and Get Paid on time Chapter 13. Build on Your Success How to make your boss beg you to stay Conclusion: Build and maintain your reputation The key to increasing your reputation as a consultant


IntroductionThe hours tick down towards Go-Live. Tomorrow morning the new system will be switched on. Billions of dollars of transactions will start to flow through the framework I have created. This is where it all begins. My program is the gateway to Oracle. The rest of the processes and the success of the project depend on me. This Client has implemented Oracle in multiple European markets, but nothing as difficult as this before. They chose to work on this market last. It was expected to be the most challenging; they were right about that. I have been stretched way beyond what I expected. I have managed a team of inexperienced people. I completed tasks I didnt think I could do. I have made many personal sacrifices. Ive put way too much of myself into this, for it to go wrong. I have learned a lot about myself. I can execute tasks and perform well under pressure, even in the white heat of a large Oracle project. At the end of tomorrow, I will present the metrics at the Go-Live meeting. I need to be able to say We had a good first day. Nothing less will be accepted. Dare I hope to say, everything got through successfully, 100% ? Despite all this though, I feel calm. I have double and triple checked everything, and tested from every possible angle. Ive used the experience gained over ten years as a consultant. I have


The Oracle Opportunity

the relationships Ive built up over the lifespan of the project. I am happy this will be enough. My reputation with this Client is at stake. If tomorrow goes well I will have successfully switched roles within the same Client. I have operated at a new level, way out of my comfort zone. I have proved that I can deliver any task assigned to me. I cant wait for tomorrow. I have been an Oracle consultant since 1999. Many Clients have paid me thousands of dollars to help them with Oracle. I have worked with the largest multinational Clients including Accenture, General Electric & Pfizer. I have worked in the hottest locations in the world, such as London, Prague, New York and Amsterdam. This book will tell you how to position yourself intelligently, package your experience, promote yourself to the Oracle market, & partner with the right people. Position Yourself: When I say position yourself, I mean, exactly what do you know about Oracle? Can other people understand exactly what you do? Can you explain it in a single sentence? If you are short on skills, what are you missing? How can you get those missing skills? Package your experience: You have some experience in Oracle, but can you communicate that in your resume or profile? Have you really thought hard about what you can do, and where you might fit in a project team?


The Oracle Opportunity

Promote yourself: A lot of consultants think promoting yourself stops when you start a new role and starts again when you finish up. They couldnt be more wrong. Promoting yourself is an everyday activity both with your current & potential new employers. Partner with the right people: As a consultant you need to partner with your client, with other consultancies and with end client staff, in order to succeed. This book will tell you how to interact with these people. It will also tell you what is expected of a consultant, and how to be retained by a client. One of my managers said the most memorable thing about me was that it was obvious that I really cared about what I was doing. I think w