Online Advertising Theatre: Men tweet from Mars, Women blog from Venus

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Transcript of Online Advertising Theatre: Men tweet from Mars, Women blog from Venus

  • 1. Men tweet from Mars, Women blog from VenusHow online advertisers can communicate more effectively with women

2. 85% of all purchase decisions aremade by women 91% New homes 66% PCs 92% Holidays 80% Healthcare 65% New cars 89% Bank accounts 93% Food 93 % OTC pharmaceuticals 3. Women represent the majority of the online market 22% shop online at leastonce a day 92% pass along informationabout deals or finds to others 76% want to be part of aspecial or select panel 58% would ditch the TV ifthey had to get rid of one digitaldevice (only 11% would bintheir laptops) 4. Social life on Venus Biggest users of social networkingspend 30% more time on them than men More women use Facebook - drive 62%messages, updates and comments and71% of fan activity More Facebook friends than menand spend more time on the site Catch on quicker early adopters ofposting to walls, adding photos and joininggroups - much more so than menComscore survey 5. How does this affect us?Women search for what they want and need and look forreasons to buy or not to buy within their networks.So we need to engage withThem here get to knowthem and let them get toknow us. 6. BUT 91% of women thinkadvertisers dont understandthem (Neilson survey, 2011) 7. What not to do Do not fail to market directly to women Do not think women think the same as men Do not attempt to pigeon-hole women by age Do not underestimate the power of the mature woman Do not forget the FUN 8. Market directly to women Take the time to understand them Avoid stereotypical messages that could domore harm than good 9. Dont make it pink 10. Women think differently to menUnderstanding the differencesin men and women, opens upbetter communication andmessaging and ultimately sales.Refusing to see the differencesleads messages that dont resonate. 11. Dont pigeonhole women by age Not age but life-stage Women are different from each other They change according to where theyare in life A 40-year might have a toddler at home,a child in college or may have nevermarried or had children at all What connects with the situation of onewont speak to the others 12. Dont underestimate the mature womanThey have more moneythan anyone, they controlthe spending and theyhave a LOT of living leftto doTheyre not just in themarket for incontinencepads 13. Shes worth it, but dont tell herWhen women find a product or servicemeets their needs, they will shoutabout itDont tell her she deserves it. orshes worth itTry:Youre smart.You can handle this.You can make the right decisions. 14. What women want Entertaining, funny, charming, clever Useful, relevant, understandable The truth, honesty, authentic, no spin Real people, not fakes or paid celebs Brands that listen, engage, respondMumsnet survey 15. What they dont want Lies, spin, exaggeration 90% of women loved it Patronising women in kitchens talking about food, yogurt, nappies, periods Paid actors pretending they love and use the product when you know they dont Ads that patronise men, portraying men as oafs Sexy ads that are either smutty (male toilet humour) or detached Irritating ads We Buy Any Car, Go Compare, Halifax 16. Old Spice 17. Dove 18. Repositioning KoSs female brand 19. pink 20. Helps women knowits for them pinkPrettyflowersPink(Pink washWomen liketurns 91% ofwords like thiswomen off!) 21. From functional 22. To fun 23. Need to understand women online too. 24. Women spread theword more. 10x more than men. 25. Social organisingsharingpromotions 26. And finally