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1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson Juicing for body, mind & spirit Herbalist & Founder, Tao Holistics Give your body a break with this simple-to-do 1-Day Juice Cleanse. Help your body eliminate environmental, meta- bolic and mental toxins as your body’s cells use energy for detoxification instead of digestion. Think you need to start more slowly? Replace one meal or snack a day with a fresh-pressed juice before going for a full day. See inside for details. One Day of


Boost your body, mind and spirit with our 1-Day Juice Cleanse E-guide. Juicing can be intimidating for most, but we've taken the guesswork out and put the nutrients in! Want more juicy stuff from me? Join the other VIPs at

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Page 1: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

Juicing for body, mind & spirit

Herbalist & Founder, Tao Holistics

Give your body a break with this simple-to-do

1-Day Juice Cleanse.

Help your body eliminate environmental, meta-

bolic and mental toxins as your body’s cells use

energy for detoxification instead of digestion.

Think you need to start

more slowly? Replace

one meal or snack a

day with a fresh-pressed

juice before going for a full day.

See inside for details.

One Day of

Page 2: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

Notice & Disclaimer

Notice: When undertaking any detoxification regimen, you may notice a range of side ef-

fects, from mild to moderate. These could include headaches, itchy skin and cold-like symp-

toms. Although these symptoms differ from person to person, it is important to remember

that signs of discomfort while detoxing, aka healing crisis, shows that your body is working

just as it was designed. Remember that the toxins are better out than in! It is crucial that

you push through any healing symptoms that occur so that you do not interrupt nature’s

healing process. Continue with your regimen, even if you need to slow it down a bit. Heal-

ing symptoms usually only last for a few to several days. The more toxic you are, the longer

your body will need to recover. Listen to your body and rest as much as needed. Some peo-

ple may choose to start a detox regimen on a Friday, or another day that ends your work

week, to allot for any such healing discomforts. It is also a good idea to keep a good quality

Vitamin C supplement on hand, as it will help neutralize any toxins being released, for fast-

er recovery.

Disclaimer: Please note that much of this publication is based on personal experience and

studies. You should use this information as you see fit, and at your own risk.

Nothing in this document is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical, or other pro-

fessional advice, and is meant solely to inform the reader. The information provided in this

guide in no way substitutes for a physician’s advice. Any of our recommendations are not

intended to treat, cure, or prevent a disease. Please consult with a doctor before conduct-

ing any health regimen.

Copyright © 2015 by Cicely Everson. All rights reserved. No part of this publication or specifically related

information published by Cicely Everson or Tao Holistics may be reproduced or transmitted in any form

whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage

or retrieval system without express written, dated and signed permission from the author, unless in the

event of brief cited quotations.

Page 3: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

D id you have your juice to-

day? I’m not talking about

the stuff from the shelves

of your grocery store! Even

if it is 100% juice, it has still likely been

pasteurized and processed. I’m talking

fresh-pressed, on-the-spot, pure fruit or

vegetable juice rocking with raw enzymes

and nutrients to feed every inch of your

body. It may sound complex, but you can

totally find the time to juice. When you

juice, you are doing your body good, espe-

cially if you have ever suffered from aller-

gies, skin problems or a chronic illness.

Worried about your blood sugar spiking?

Read on and you’ll see how you can still

incorporate fresh juices into your diet.

Juicing is probably the easiest way to

squeeze more nutrition into your daily di-

et. It beats taking multivitamin pills that

are often made with fillers and preserva-

tives. And because it’s from raw, whole

foods, fresh-pressed juice is pure, and your

body can process it completely.

Follow our tips inside for this 1-Day Juice

Cleanse and you’ll be on the fast track to

wellness. Of course, there is more than one

way to get well, but taking a load off of

your stomach, liver and other organs for a

day is a sure-fire way to be ahead of the

curve, and may be the least intimidating.

Who knows - you might just declare a spe-

cial juicing day of the week every week!

T ips for Sneaking More

Fresh Juice into Your


Replace a meal or snack with a fresh-pressed juice.

Add a fresh juice to your daily diet without changing

your normal eating routine.

Boost (or begin) your weight-loss plan when you have a

fresh-pressed juice on an empty stomach (lower caloric


Replace a meal or snack with raw fruits and vegetables

for real enzyme action, which means better digestion

and blood health. Raw foods contain all the nutrients

of a fresh-pressed juice, but will still contain fiber that

needs to be digested, so keep in mind they will not go to

work as quickly or effectively as fresh juice.

Page 4: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

So you’re ready to get going. You’ve already read the tips for easy incorporation of juicing into

your daily lifestyle, but you still have a few questions. Let’s get to them!

Is there a particular group of people who should juice with caution? The answer is yes. If

you have been instructed by your healthcare provider to wait for some reason - perhaps to

get lab testing or to first stabilize your blood sugar, then you will want to heed these in-

structions. Normally, I would include the elderly and the very young in the group that may

want to use caution moving forward, but the truth is that drinking fresh-pressed juices not

only helps to detoxify the body, mind and spirit, but also transports vital nutrients directly

to the cells, where they are needed most. When the cells receive proper nutrition, they are

able to communicate more effectively with the rest of the body, and repair the body wher-

ever repair is needed, like a “cell” phone. When your call isn’t clear, your phone must be in

an environment that receives the right frequency in order to work. Our bodies are similar.

When the cells are bombarded with toxins and waste material, they have trouble sending

the right messages to the rest of your body. Because we are under constant environmental

stress, we have to be proactive in taking our health into our own hands. Don’t wait until

you are diagnosed with a condition to start. Don’t wait until your child falls ill to start re-

searching the benefits of a targeted therapy like juicing. Start early and equip yourself

with knowledge so that you are always ready to go!

Let’s not make juicing more complicated than it needs to be. It is OK to use common sense when

it comes to your body and what you put in it. Fresh-pressed juice comes from whole foods, so if

you are capable of choosing what foods you already eat, then you can do this! As always, if you

have any questions or concerns before starting, contact your healthcare provider or myself to get

all the A’s to your Q’s!

Let’s Get the FAQ’s Out of the Way!

Page 5: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

Top Tips for Diabetics

First, know and monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. As you begin juicing, you will

want to continue monitoring your insulin levels just as you normally would. This will allow

you to notice any spikes, if any, and then you can adjust your juice serving size, or schedule

them according to your own needs.

Second, understand the underlying factors related with Diabetes Type I or II. The pancre-

as is the organ that produces specific enzymes for digestion and assimilation of food. It also

produces insulin. When the pancreas is not functioning properly, due to genetic problems or

lifestyle-induced factors like poor diet, it can interrupt insulin production. This creates a

vicious cycle, because when you eat certain foods, your insulin levels spike. This is because

the insulin your body produces has trouble getting into the cells, also known as insulin re-

sistance, which means it is left to flow throughout the blood, hence the high levels of insu-

lin found in the blood after eating.

Third, take action! I believe your diabetes is not only manageable, but reversible! That

may sound strange to you, especially if your doctor has told you that you will live with this

for life. The fact is, with proper, lasting nutritional changes, slow and specific detoxification

measures and a changed mindset, you can see lower insulin levels and elimination of associ-

ated side effects within weeks!

1. The easiest place to start is to take a digestive aid or enzyme with each meal. This ensures that each

morsel of food is broken down properly, so that undigested proteins and toxins are not left to cause permea-

tions, or holes, in the intestinal lining, entering the blood stream and burdening the digestive organs. You

can find an effective digestive supplement on our site,

2. The next thing you may want to do is to begin taking a source of berberine. Berberine is a natural, active

constituent found in some herbs, like Goldenseal and Barberry. You can take the whole herb in capsule or

liquid extract form, or you can take it as a supplement. When taking herbs, always check for any contrain-

dications! In supplement form, Berberine has been standardized, or isolated from specific herbs so that is

available in more potent amounts. I almost always prefer whole herbs; however, there are times in which

a standardized herb, like Berberine is a great choice. If you are unsure where you should start, you can pri-

vately ask me a question on my Virtual Practice site. The introductory cost to privately connect with me

this way is only $10, which will get you a personalized answer from me in real time. You can even upload

a lab test or other document at no extra cost, if you feel it will help me in thoroughly answering your ques-

tion. I have over a decade of research in holistic medicine and natural therapies, so you can rest assured

that you will receive a thoughtful answer with practical tips you can use immediately. The alternative to

this would be to schedule a 30-minute or 1-hour consultation with me via telephone or Skype. Please con-

tact us for current rates. If you are a new client, you may receive a one-time 50% discount!

Page 6: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

Y ou’ll want to first buy and use our Juicing guide, available in the health &

wellness section of our online store here for just $8.99, shipped totally FREE.

It gives you the specific instructions (and recipes) you’ll need for your cleanse.

While you are waiting for it arrive in the mail, there are a few things you

can do to adequately prepare for your exciting day of adventure.

1. Decide which juicing strategy will work best for you. Will you work your way up to a full day of

cleansing by replacing one meal a day with a fresh juice, for a few days until you are ready for more? Or are

ready to “go for the gusto” and choose which day will be your full day of juice cleansing?

2. Make a list of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Price them at one or more of your local grocery

stores or farmers markets for pricing comparisons. Try to buy organic, especially when buying a food that

falls on the “dirty dozen” list, available here.This list is always being modified, as food giants add others to

the list of most commonly pesticized foods. Remember to challenge yourself with foods that are not necessarily

your favorite. Often times, how a food is prepared determines how it will taste. Trust me, you can cover up

the taste of even the greenest vegetables when properly combined with the right foods.

3. Get a friend to join you! There is nothing more fun when trying a new challenge, than trying it with

someone else! Encourage your friend to get his or her own Juicing guide, which has timeless information

that will still be accurate for many years to come.

Once you receive your Juicing guide, you’ll have EVERY single detail about juicing you

could imagine right there in your hands! I don’t know about you, but I’m old school, and

even though the internet is great, I still enjoy being able to hold something as I read it!

Printed in full color and laminated for years of reference, your Juicing guide also comes

with a bonus - free juicing recipes to get your creative juices flowing (he he) right away!

In the Juicing guide you will find:

Equipment for juicing

How to do your 1-Day Juice Cleanse

How to make eating raw foods easier

How to boost an already raw, vegan diet

How to specifically improve a health condition with juicing

How to Prepare for Your 1-Day Juice Cleanse

Page 7: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

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know a little more about us. You can also find free resources on our website. Also, be sure to

give your feedback in these places once you’ve started juicing! Honestly, let me know what

you think about the process. Don’t be afraid to experiment with ingredients, switching

things up a bit to make your own combinations.

Stay in touch for our new books!

I have already co-authored the book, Hold Still, that talks about meditation and de-

stressing your life. It is available here on Amazon as an e-book or paperback. What you

may not know is that I am literally putting the finishing touches on two new books! One is

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Can you feel my excitement??? These highly anticipated e-books will be instantly down-

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helped thousands of people get to know who I am and what we do at Tao Holistics!


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What’s Next?

Page 8: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

Our Juicing guide will help you create a path to holistic wellness (through a

straw!). Whether you’re a beginning juicer or a pro, this will be your all-in-one resource

for becoming a healthier, more energetic, more knowledgeable juice machine.

Remember, in the Juicing guide you’ll find:

Fabulous-tasting recipes you can enjoy every day.

What to juice for an ailment.

How to boost weight loss safely with juicing.

The drinkable route to radiant skin and a sharp mind. Toxins accumulate in the brain,


Tips from someone who’s juiced a fruit or two (or a hundred) in her time!

Regardless of your reason for wanting to start juicing, starting a new, healthy habit like

this will nourish your daily life, making for a happier and healthier YOU at the same


You in? Then let’s get juicing!

Juicing 1 DAY OF

for body, mind & spirit

Page 9: One Day of Juicing!

1-Day Juice Cleanse © 2015 Cicely Everson

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