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Presentation for Aol's Experience Design Studio (XDS)

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2. HELLOIm the creative director and a principal of Gesture TheoryPast experiences include working at agencies, startupsand interactive boutique studiosPublish the blog DesignNotes.info andstarted #walkingtoworktodayI have one weimaraner 3. GESTURE THEORYWe design smart, elegant and lightweight user interfaces forweb applications and mobile devicesWe create systems that can evolve & scale in an organic wayAnd hopefully inspire people to enjoy & share their experienceClients include: 4. BLOG: DESIGNNOTES.INFO 5. I DO IT TO REMEMBERI DO IT FOR MYSELFI DO IT TO KEEP MY MIND ACTIVEI DO IT TO MEET LIKEMINDED PEOPLEI DO IT BECAUSE I CAN 6. DESIGN NOTES CONTENT TYPES Interviews Diagrams Book Reviews Experiences Link Drop Design Work 7. AN INTERVIEW WITH JOHN GARGIULO,OWNER OF SWICH IN NYCI always said on my 30th birthday if I hadnt yet taken a big riskin life and started a company or something big, I had to quitmy job on that day and figure something out fast. I guess I gotanxious because on my 26th birthday I walked into Cliffs officeand retired from advertising. I developed a business plan, foundan investor, and a year and a half later in December of last year,we opened our doors. 8. THE PERSON BEHIND NOOKA: AN INTERVIEWWITH MATTHEW WALDMANIf something must be taught, then it is not intuitive which broughtall the background processes above together and I questioned whythere were only 2 ways to represent time. I sketched some ideas ona napkin, went back to New York and showed them to my IP Lawyerwho thought they could get design patent protection. There weresome other steps, and then a watch! 9. QUADCAMERA AND TOYCAMERA INTERVIEWWITH TAKAYUKI FUKATSU, CREATOROF IPHONE APPSSo as a first step I want to suggest that cheap and uncontrollable isfun. Thats why ToyCamera only has random effect. I wanted to pick upthe essence of uncontrollable fun of actual ToyCameras. Also I want tomake my ToyCamera as Camera not application. Thats why there is noUndo, Redo, and import taken photo from album. 10. LEAN POCKET FAIL 11. DIAGRAMS 12. BOOK REVIEWS 13. COMPARING INSTAGRAM TOTHE LUMIX GF1 & FLICKR PART 1 14. DESIGNING FOR THE BROWSER OF TODAY 15. iPAD: GESTURETHEORY.COM 16. DESKTOP: GESTURETHEORY.COM 17. MOBILE: GESTURETHEORY.COM 18. LINK DROP FLOW 19. LINK DROP PROCESS 20. LINK DROP POST 21. LINK DROP MIND MAP 22. #walkingtoworktoday 23. #walkingtoworktoday 24. Silence of the Celebs 25. QUOTE FROM URBANDADDYEverybody has one.That person who, for reasons youd rather not disclose, you justdont want to see, ever again. Not even on the Internet.Well, todays the day. The day to delete that person forever.With a little help from, yes, the Internet itself...Introducing Silence of the Celebs, a browser app for Chromethat literally erases your least-favorite names from the Internet,available now. 26. THE PROCESS: MICHAEL SURTEESRECONSIDERS THE WEATHER (APP)http://www.switched.com/2010/12/14/the-process-michael-surtees-reconsiders-the-weather/ 27. BUILDING PRODUCTS = BEING AGILE +WILLING TO ITERATEThere are known knowns; there are things we know we know.We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know thereare some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns the ones we dont know we dont know.Donald Rumsfeld 28. AGILE Process: Weather AppRequirements and solutions evolve through collaborationFrequent inspection and adaptionTasks are broken into small parts with minimal planningEmphasize face to face communication over written documentshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development 29. ITERATIONProcess: Weather AppDesign and build just enough, test it anyway possibleObserve what works and what doesnt, keep Building after thatWork in advance, loop back for other thingsKeep it open and allow for a lot of feedback 30. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 31. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 32. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 33. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 34. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 35. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 36. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 37. LIVE TV HOME SCREEN ITERATIONS 38. IDEAS TO BUILD ON: MOBILE SCREEN ADDITION 39. IDEAS TO BUILD ON: MOBILE SCREEN ADDITION 40. IDEAS TO BUILD ON: MOBILE SCREEN ADDITION 41. IDEAS TO BUILD ON: MOBILE SCREEN ADDITION 42. IDEAS TO BUILD ON: DROPBOX ADDONS 43. IDEAS TO BUILD ON: CHROME EXTENSIONS 44. THANKS!Please say hiMichael SurteesEmail: michael@gesturetheory.comTwitter: @michaelsurteesBlog One: designnotes.infoBlog Two: gesturetheory.com/blog