OBJECTIVES OF THE TRAINING - sesame oil in a brand name “Idhayam Sesame Oil”. Now the company...

download OBJECTIVES OF THE TRAINING -   sesame oil in a brand name “Idhayam Sesame Oil”. Now the company has ... and to the department ... for production of oil .The collected raw ...

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Transcript of OBJECTIVES OF THE TRAINING - sesame oil in a brand name “Idhayam Sesame Oil”. Now the company...


    To acquire knowledge about the business organization.

    To obtain practical knowledge on functioning of this concern.

    To observe the performance of workers and executives.

    To know the organizational environment.

    To find out the problems faced by the company.

    To improve the interaction skill.

    To motivate the student to start business concern.



    Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the first condiments as well as one of the first

    plants to be used for edible oil.

    Sesame seed history

    The English term sesame traces back to the Arabic simsim, Coptic

    Semsem, and early Egyptian semsent (the latter being listed in the Ebers Papyrus, a 65-

    feet-long scroll listing ancient herbs and spices discovered.By the famous German

    Egyptologist, Ebers).

    The earliest recorded use of a spice-sesame seed-comes from an

    Assyrian myth which claims that the gods drank sesame wine the night.Before they

    created the earth.

    Sesamum indicum, (indicum meaning from india) is native to the

    east indies.Usage dates back to 3000 B.C .over 5000 year ago, the Chinese burned

    sesame oil not only as a light source but also to make soot for their ink-blocks.

    African slaves brought sesame seeds,which they called benne

    seeds,to America, where they became a popular ingredient in Southern dishes. Through

    the ages,the seeds have been a source of food and oil.sesame seed oil is still the main

    source of fat used in cooking in the near and far East.



  • Initiator

    V.V.Vanniaperumal had a world track record in the business world of Tamil

    Nadu, South India since 1943. He had three illustrious sons who build up the business

    empire in edible sesame as traditional family business. This business base was

    constructed in the business town Virudhunagar 30 Kms from Madurai Airport.

    Mr.V.V.V.Rajendran sons of Mr. Vanniaperumal were the founder of the

    Idhayam group in the year 1986. Hands with an experience of more than 43 years

    launched sesame oil in a brand name Idhayam Sesame Oil. Now the company has won

    several awards for being manufacturing and marketing of sesame oil and sesame oil


    Promoter After the demise of the founder of Idhayam Mr.V.V.V.Rajendran in 1994 the

    business fell on V.R.Muthu and his able and efficient brothers Sathyam and Thendral.

    They collectively took change of the group following the same principle of


    Director There are three directors in the company and their names are as follows




    Now all managed operations were shared by three directors and now their

    sons were also entering into the management and they also shared their operations.

    Products of the company

  • Idhayam not only manufactured the normal sesame oil but also they

    introduced superior sesame oil Idhayam Delit which manufactured on export quality

    sesame seeds. Having infiltrated almost every kitchen in Tamil Nadu use only Idhayan

    oil and it gain great for this product of Idhayam and Delit of sesame oil. So the group

    expended their business operation by entering into the textile industry. They brand their

    textile product as Rasathe Darling. The name Rasathe is formed from the structure.





    A SISTER COMPANY, Rasathe Hosieries was thus born in 1996,to

    produce the popular Rasathe Darling nighties. The other products that manufactured by

    Idhayam Group is called DOTS means

    D Delight

    O On

    T The

    S Spot

    Organization Structure



    IDHAYAM, the name gets its origin from HRIDAY a Sanskrit

    word which means HEART, Idhayam sesame oil is a natural cooking medium . It does

    not affect the heart and the expansion for the product Idhayam is

    IDHAYAM I - Inspirative

    D -Divine

    H - Harmonies Development

    A - Admirable

    Y - Yahoo

    A - Almighty

    M - Masterstroke

    PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Idhayam sesame oil

    Vanga sesame oil

    Mantra peanut oil

    Idhayam hardil

    Idhayam sambani


  • Idhayam tahini

    Idhayam wealth

    Idhayam dots

    Idhayam sesame oil

    The pioneer brand from the house of indias largest manufacturer of sesame oil. The speciality about the product is that it is filtered sesame oil but not

    refined (repaired) ,keeping in mind the health of the customer.it is light on your heart

    too. Idahyam sesame oil is the preferred one not just for cooking but also for massaging.

    Vanga sesame oil


    Quality sesame seeds are not available throughout the year. So good

    quality sesame seeds are carefully sourced from different states during seasons in India.

    The quality sesame seeds are acquired from various states such as Gujarat, Andhra

    Pradesh, Tamil nadu, Madhya Pradesh etc. Mainly in Gujarat, the high quality sesame

    seeds are cropped .The normal rate of sesame seeds is Rs.400 Rs.600 per bags.

    The sesame is different colours such as blacks, white, green, red and rarely

    yellow. Each sesame has the different taste so that right quantity and quality of seeds are

    acquired to maintain the quality of oil taste. They collect only high quality of sesame

    from the different areas so that they can maintain the good quality of sesame oil.

    Tender A tender or a written offer to do a work or to provide a material at a

    given price with in a prescribed period and under certain specific conditions.

  • Single Tender When the quality is of extreme importance only a reliable firm will be

    asked to supply and rate are decided by mutual acceptance.

    Limited Tender When material is required firms which are registered will be invited to

    tender their rate and the most economic offer will be considered for placing the order.

    In this system the tenders are invited only from some limited firms.

    Hence this system is called Limited Tender System.

    Purchase procedure This concern follows single as well as limited tender. In limited tender,

    the material specification is provided to the suppliers. The tender box is placed inside the

    concern. Receipts of tenders are put in a box.

    Then the statement is compared, it is negotiated with concern supplier.

    After negotiated the company places the purchase order from to the concern.

    Purchase order From Purchase order is a letter sent to the supplier asking him to supply the

    said material. At least 6 copies of purchase order are prepared by the purchase section

    and each copy is separately signed by the purchase officer.

    Out of these copies, one copy each is sent to the store keeper, to the

    supplier, to the inspection, to the account section and to the department placing the

    requisition and one copy is retained by the purchase department for record.


    The raw materials are collected from different states. The high quality

    seeds are mainly collected for production of oil .The collected raw materials are stored in

  • a large godown under one roof. The goods are unloading from the lorry and kept it in the

    godown for the safety measures. The godown was constructed with various


    Safety measures such as theft, rain water etc.

    The different types of sesame seeds are arranged according to

    their colours. The variety colour and quality of the seeds are noted in a separate register

    for each and every lot of goods that they received from their supplier.

    Method of Issue This company follows the FIFO method to issue the material,

    material are controlled