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  • 1. OverviewIntroduction Sesame seed harvesting process Quality Factors for Sesame Major promotion board in India Types of sesame seeds Specifications Packaging Harvesting season in India Process Major sesame seeds producing countries in World Major sesame seeds producing states in India Total Export Data from Country Minimum support price for product Target Industry Challenges in Industry Scope for Growth in Industry

2. Product Introduction Sesame is a flowering plant One of the oldest oilseed crops - over 3000 years ago Drought-tolerant and is able to grow where other crops fail- survivor crop Highest oil contents of any seed Indian produce approximately 6lakh MT annually. 3. Sesame Harvesting process 4. Planting/Sowing Thinning & Soil fertility management cropping 5. 90-120 days to harvest after planting 6. Grows to a height of 200cm 7. Quality Factors for sesame Odor and flavor Oil content Moisture content, Uniformity of seeds Purity and quantity of damaged seeds 8. Types of Sesame Seeds which are exported Natural White Sesame seed Natural Black Sesame Seed Hulled Sesame Seed Crushing quality sesame seed Roasted Sesame Seed 9. Specifications 10. Specifications 11. Specifications 12. Packaging Container Capacity: 20FCL (20 FT) Bags: 25/50 KGS in PP bags Marking: As per Buyers Requirements 13. Harvesting season of crop in India 14. Process for Roasted Natural / Roasted De-hulled Sesame seeds Pre Cleaning Hulling Cleaning Cooling Sorting Roasting Packaging 15. Major Sesame Seed producing countries As per the data available of 2012 [Source:] 16. Major Sesame seeds producing States in India[source: Indian Oilseeds & Produce Export Promotion Council] 17. Sesame Seeds Export Data from India[Ref:] 18. Minimum Support price of product Year Price (Rs/Quintal) 2007-08 1580 2008-09 2750 2009-10 2850 2010-11 2900 2011-12 3400 2012-13 4200 2013-14 4500 2014-15 4600 19. Target Industry for Sesame seeds Edible oil Biscuit and bakery industry Tahini industry Halva industry Pharmaceutical ingredients 20. Challenges in the Industry High postharvest loss Price fluctuation /Price volatility Risk of default (both sides-exporter and buyer) Low Negotiation capacity of exporters High transaction cost 21. Scope for Growth in Industry To target more and new countries To target new industries Adopting new technologies which can minimize the cost and improve efficiency Regular monitoring and checking on quality supply to be Competitive in international market. 22. Thank You