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  • 1. No we do not make keys,We Transform the world

2. Smile train is an organization that helps to provide a child with cleft pallet an opportunityto receive surgery and have a reason to smile brightly each and everyday.Our Mission: To provide a child born with a cleft the same opportunities in life as a childborn without.The Plan: Help by collecting donations in your own containerfor more information, visit or ask one of our officers for moredetails 3. We helped save a life last year with the money thatwe raised.This year, our goal is to continue saving as many lives as we can! 4. Monthly Retirement Home Visit 5. BLANKET/CLOTHING DRIVE WHO: Items to be sent to Houstons Star of Hope to contribute to their mission of aiding the homeless. WHAT: Bring new/gently used blankets and womens professional clothes. (no stains, no tears) WHY: Everyone deserves to be warm during the holiday season. Womens professional clothes are supporting homeless women who are taking a step to change their lives. These clothes will be worn to JOB INTERVIEWS. WHEN: Ongoing from Nov 14th 16th HOW: Bring items to MS. NGUYENS ROOM. (2 blankets = 1 nonphysical hour; 2 items of clothing = 1 nonphysical hour)*Tis the season togive.* 6. Social/Benefit: Supporting our Troops!+Great way to have some fun and gain some nonphysical hours!WHAT: We will be hosting a social where Key Club will craft hand-made ornamentsto send to our troops.WHEN: Saturday, Dec. 10th (3-7pm)WHERE: To be announcedWHO: Any Key Clubber can attendWHY: to Spread some joy to our troops over the holiday seasonHOW:(1) Bring crafty items (glitter/paint/etc) fornonphysical minutes to hours.(2) Bring money donations so we can invest ina small Christmas tree***$4 = 1 nonphysical hour; Every 3ornaments = 1 nonphysical hour. 7. Orchestra Concert Help-Out *Great for physical & nonphysical hours! WHAT: Help needed to (1) Make orchestra decorations for orchestra/wrap boxes (2) Volunteer during the orchestra concert WHEN: (1) Make Decorations- Thurs, Dec 8th 2:45pm (2) Orchestra Concert- Mon, Dec 12th 6:30-9:30pm) WHERE: (1) Mrs. Errachdis room (rm 1369) (2) Auditorium WHO: (1) Unlimited volunteers (2) 7-10 volunteers HOW: Get physical hours by wrapping boxes/physical volunteering at the event. Get nonphysical hoursby donating items.***See the Facebook event page for full details on what items to bring/etc 8. Retirement Home Christmas Party! 9. IF YOU NEED YOUR HOURS, PLEASE CONTACT ALTHAIA IGNACIO THROUGH HER FACEBOOK OR GIVE HER A CALL AT 832-314-4058