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Transcript of NMDL Final Prezi (ESPN)

#FanFace Campaign

#FanFace Campaign

Sponsored by: ESPN & Twitter

What is the Purpose?2016 Summer Olympics Fans from all over the worldTweeting using the hash tag #FanFaceThis drives user engagements, promoted tweets, and trending hash tags!

Whats in it for the Fans?Its a Competition!Two lucky Fans from each country will be chosen with the best FanFace!All inclusive trip to the 2016 Summer Olympics!

Sowhere do we begin?The campaign will be introduced on a variety of different segments. WOM is generated.Photos of fans and #FanFace will create brand awareness for us.

#FanFace Target AudienceTwitter usersSummer OlympicsESPN users

Why Twitter will make #FanFace a Success332,000,000

How ESPNs Website can HelpUsabilitySEOBannersKeywordsClicks

Online AdvertisingContinue to build our Audience80% of a persons search begins with a search engineWe have to choose the correct Adgroups On our Landing Pages we need Display Ads

Mobile StrategyThe average American spends 2 hours on his or her mobile device #FanFace AppPush notifications UpdatesConvenience Brand LoyaltyGet Involved Responsive Web Design On-the-go

BudgetOverall Budget: $30,000,000Digital Marketing Campaigns:SEO 30%SEM 15%Online Advertising 15%Display Ads 10%Web Analytics/Campaign Tracking 5%Social Media Investment 15%Mobile Marketing 10%