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  • 1. Judith Prays Bank of America Checking a Balance"Customer Journey Documentation"Summer Semester 2011 Adjunct Professor Alisan Atvur"

2. How much money do I have? 3. Part 1: Going to the Bank 4. *guy in line behind me excited to finally get his turn* 5. Part 2: Online Banking 6. oh, wireless comcast internet. sigh. 7. take 2 8. Differences in Navigation ExperienceTo find this information at an ATM, I had to find a location,drive, park, insert my card and be conscious of the peoplebehind me. It was a very physical experience. There was alsosomething more satisfying about it - I saw some cute boys andfelt like I accomplished a task. The internet experiencehappened at my convenience in my home in between makinglunch and felt less like doing something - less laborious but lesssatisfying. I didnt have to be conscious of the person behindme but I did have to make sure my internet worked. The maindifference is I cant get cash from the internet, but I cant easilyview all the information from my multiple accounts from theATM. 9. In-Store Navigation DifficultiesThe most difficult part of going to the ATM was making time forit in my day. Also there is a low level of anxiety that is attachedto going to the bank. I dont want someone to see my type inmy pin number. I dont want someone to see my balance orhow much cash I take out. And I dont like performing taskswhile someone is waiting behind me - especially when Imtaking pictures of every single step for no apparent reason. Inshort the difficulty is Im handling what feels like a private taskin a public place. Strictly navigation speaking its pretty muchperfect - the ATM was in clear site and the steps are intuitive.This is tangential but my main issue is I have left my card inATMs multiple times because you take your card out after youdo your transaction and its easy to forget. 10. Online Navigation Difficulties.There are 3 steps to checking your balance, given that theinternet works. Its hard to find flaws in that. I chose this taskbecause its the main one that people use online banking for, sothey have probably made sure its a clear experience. 11. The Winner? Online BankingChecking a balance on the internet both gives you moreinformation about your accounts and requires less time. Id onlygo to the ATM if I wanted cash, to deposit a check or if Ineeded an excuse for walk.