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BOFA International's Fume Extraction Systems for the Laser Industry, product brochure.

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  • Filter TechnologyiQ Operating System AD AccessAD 250AD 350AD Nano AD Nano+ AD Oracle SA iQAD Oracle iQAD PVC iQAD 500 iQAD 1000 iQAD 1500 iQAD 2000 iQAD 4000AD Base 1 OracleAD Base 2 OracleAD Base 3 ILF 300/600/1000 Inline Filters AD Cyclone Inline Filter AD PulseJET Inline FilterAD FireBOX 100 Inline FilterAD GRS iQ

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  • 3LASER

    BOFA International LtdThe World Leader in Fume Extraction Technology

    BOFA International is a multi award-winning world leader in fume extraction and filtration, acknowledged as number one and with specialist knowledge of laser processes.

    Ours is an unrivalled heritage of nearly 30 years in providing fume extraction solutions which are reliable, high quality and with a low lifetime cost of ownership. This expertise is also applied to a programme of ongoing investment in research and development for continuous product improvement and in pioneering new technologies. The most recent is the Patent-protected, revolutionary iQ operating system thats transforming fume extraction solutions and manufacturing production performance.

    BOFA has particular experience in fume extraction requirements for all types of laser coding, marking, cutting and engraving applications. It means that our solutions are keeping the world working across a wide range of sectors worldwide including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, promotions, education and aerospace.

    AD Oracle iQ

  • 4Filter TechnologyMany years of designing and manufacturing fume extraction and filtration systems for a variety of industries have given BOFA the experience and expertise to ensure that our product solutions are the best available on the market. Our understanding of industrial processes and applications is reflected in the design and manufacturing procedures applied to our range of Patented filters.

    DeepPleat and DeepPleat DUO filter technology a look at our dynamic animation, which explains exactly why the BOFA DeepPleat DUO is the longest lasting pre filter available on the market, extending the life of your main filter and reducing overall cost of ownership.

    The unique product features of the DeepPleat and DeepPleat DUO ensure that particulate capture is optimised and that the life of the main filter is extended so the overall cost of ownership is reduced.The DeepPleat concept is designed around reverse flow operation. As the contaminated air enters the filter chamber, the velocity is dramatically reduced. It means that the larger particulates fall to the bottom, clear of the filter media and into the drop-out chamber within the filter enclosure. The smaller, lighter particulate is then retained within the filter pleats. This delivers superior efficiency and a much longer life for the full filter area.The DeepPleat DUO pre-filter incorporates a massive drop-out chamber within the filter, having a volume area of 15ltrs. Above the drop-out chamber, but still within the housing, there is a sealed 200mm deep pleat layer of F8 media giving a surface area in excess of 12 sq metres for the AD Oracle iQ. And for the larger and more powerful AD500 iQ, AD 1000 iQ and AD 2000 iQ models the surface area is a very large capacity 30sq metres.A specially moulded, grommet-style gasket situated within the drop-out chamber makes it easy and safe for operators to undertake the initial installation and replacement of used filters. This safety aspect of the design is an important feature due to the different, (and in many cases harmful) contaminants found within a used filter.

    Designed for efficiency and long life.

    DeepPleat layer with surface area of over 12sq metres.

    Larger particulates are extracted before reaching the HEPA filter for added protection.

    Large capacity (15litre) drop out chamber.

    Air velocity reduces on entering the chamber. Larger particulates fall to the bottom before reaching the main filter for longer filter life.

  • 5Advanced Carbon Filter technology

    Pre filter media viewed with an electron microscope at 500 times magnification

    HEPA filter media Activated carbon

    Critical to filter performance and working life is the need to ensure that the contaminated air remains in contact with the carbon bed (specific carbon types are chosen for different applications) for a period of time thats sufficient to remove contaminants and odours. This time period is typically referred to as the dwell time. Our product designs consider the balance between air flow rates and the type, depth and surface area of the carbon used to ensure suitability for the contaminants associated with the application, so that appropriate dwell times are achieved.There is also the risk that filter performance may be compromised due to conditions known as bypass and or tunnelling. End users will typically associate such problems with premature carbon saturation. In fact both problems more typically relate to poor design or manufacturing techniques, resulting in insufficient capture of contaminants and the discharge of odours into the workplace. The manufacturing and test procedures developed by BOFA ensure that the risk of such problems has been eliminated, giving end users the confidence that our filters will give trouble-free operation throughout their lifetime.

    The Reverse Flow Air technology feature causes a fall in velocity and air direction change. Larger particulate falls out of the airstream into the filters drop out chamber. With less particulate entering the filter media the filter life is significantly increased. Contaminated air entering the drop out chamber is pulled vertically through the filters.

    Reverse Flow Air technology

    Enhanced filter capture performance ensures longer filter life

    At BOFA, we invest in innovation and our products have a heritage of being tried, tested and trusted for nearly 30 years. As the market leader, we are proud of our product designs and technology and take great care in protecting this intellectual property and our integrity.Our product range includes aspects which are protected under patent copyright, design copyright, registered design and trade mark laws. BOFA will take the necessary legal action against any party manufacturing, distributing, selling or dealing with any article which infringes our right towards our products.Our products are protected by the following patent numbers.Filter Assembly (DeepPleat DUO pre filter) GB2 499 495iQ Operating System GB2 499 812

    Patented technology

    BOFA has patented its iQ Intelligent Operating System and DeepPleat DUO technology

  • 6The revolutionary iQ Operating Systemis pioneering the future of fume extraction. It brings multiple performance enhancements for higher efficiency of extraction, individual filter status monitoring and integral design features that combine to deliver a lower cost of ownership. Most importantly, it addresses the issue dreaded by most production teams - downtime - by minimising the potential for interrupting production for unplanned filter changes.Sophisticated and advanced technology is inbuilt to provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience with the data being easy to access and analyse locally or remotely (from data downloaded via USB). It means that filter changes can be planned at a time to minimise or eliminate interruptions to production so business can continue as usual, as well as helping to avoid any costly or time-consuming service call-outs.The iQ operating system incorporates a method for monitoring the status of both the pre filter and combined (main) filter. Pre blockage warnings provide operators with ample time to prepare for a change by identifying which filter needs replacing and when.Clever filter design is another aspect integral to BOFAs products and delivers an extended filter life for the (more expensive HEPA) main filter that helps minimise the overall cost of ownership. BOFAs innovative and Patented DeepPleat filter technology is based on reverse airflow operation so more particulates are extracted early in the process, before reaching the main filter. The DeepPleat DUO filter process has a large size 15 litre volume capacity drop out chamber that further boosts the removal of particulates.A user- friendly design is consistent across all iQ products for a more uniform look in environments where multiple units are in use. The control panel is on the top of each unit on a sloping fascia front so the data is easy to view.

    Operating SystemPatented technology

    FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: Black on White LCD display Clear and simple real time features Independent filter condition monitoring Real time airflow reading and set point Run hours displayed / Real time log Temperature monitoring Extraction running indicator

    Actual airflow in CFM or M3/hr

    Target airflow set point

    Run time

    Internal unit temperature

    Real time pre filter condition

    Real time main filter condition

    Independent filter monitoring

    Take a look at the iQ animation, which explains exactly why the patented BOFA iQ Operating System provides unrivalled control and data management for your fume extraction unit.Patented Technology - Patent No: GB2 499 812

    Hose blocked warnings System interfacing Cool-Clean air option Remote diagnostics via USB connection Black Box event log Remote configuration Performance evaluation and presentation graphs

  • 7DISPLAY SCREEN - The Black on White high contrast LCD screen displays a series of visual real-time performance and operational values in a clear and simple format.

    SYSTEM INTERFACING (OPTIONAL) - The unit can be configured to interface with the host machine or master control system enablin