National Award Winners (3rd) : Sony World Photography Awards 2016

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National Award Winners (3rd) : Sony World Photography Awards 20161

Yamila Barcia, 3rd Place, Argentina, National Award2

Deb Cochrane, 3rd place, Australia, National Award3

Josef Hinterleitner, 3rd place, Austria, National Award4

Mushfiq Hossain, 3rd place, Bangladesh, National Award5

Petra Van Borm, 3rd place, Belgium, National Awards6

Boris Preslavski, 3rd place, Bulgaria, National Award7

Luis Portelles, 3rd place, Canada, National Awards8

Tomas Fernandez, 3rd Place, Chile, National Award9

Wang LiJun, 3rd place, China, National Award10

Nenad Marti, 3rd place, Croatia, National Award11

Andres Montoya, 3rd Place, Colombia, National Award12

Simona Smrckova, 3rd place, Czech Republic, National Award13

Poul Riishede, 3rd place, Denmark, National Award14

Nader Elassy, 3rd place, Egypt, National Award15

Kristjan Jarv, 3rd place, Estonia, National Award16

Mikko Juntunen, 3rd place, Finland, National Award17

Julien Taub, 3rd place, France, National Award18

Stefan Thiel, 3rd place, Germany, National Award19

George Digalakis, 3rd place, Greece20

Tugo Cheng, 3rd place, Hong Kong, National Award21

Attila Balogh, 3rd place, Hungary, National Award22

Jaydip Bhattacharya, 3rd Place, India, National Award23

Dikky Oesin, 3rd place, Indonesia, National Award24

Norma Gleeson, 3rd place, Ireland, National Award25

Stefano Guerrini, 3rd, Italy, National Award26

Takao Sakagami, 3rd place, Japan, National Award27

Noguchi Shin, 4th place, Japan, National Award28

Abdallah Hassan, 3rd place,Kenya, National Award29

Seok-Jin Kim, 3rd Place, Korea, National Award30

Maria Rukina, 3rd place, Latvia, National Award31

Karolis Janulis, 3rd place, Lithuania, National Award32

Swee Choo Oh, 3rd Place, Malaysia, National Award33

Sai Aung Main, 3rd place, Myanmar, National Award34

Max Van Son, 3rd place, The Netherlands, National Award35

Peter Kurdulija, 3rd place, New Zealand, National Award36

Leif Braatvei, 3rd place, Norway, National Award37

Carloman Macidiano Cspedes Riojas, 3rd Place, Peru, National Award38

Emerson Catindoy, 3rd place, Philippines, National Award39

Patryk Kuleta, 3rd place, Poland, National Award40

Diogo Oliveira, 3rd place, Portugal, National Award41

Iulian Margelatu, 3rd Place, Romania, National Award42

Dmitry Ivanov, 3rd Place, Russia, National Award43

Dejan Kovaevi, 3rd Place, Serbia, National Award44

William Chua, 3rd Place, Singapore, National Award45

Matej Michalik, 3rd Place, Slovakia, National Award46

Carlos F Turienzo, 3rd Place, Spain, National Award47

Peter Nillson, 3rd Place, Sweden, National Award48

Christian Spreng, 3rd Place, Switzerland, National Award49

Jiang Yongquan, 3rd Place, Taiwan, National Award50

Tinnakorn Nukul, 3rd Place, Thailand, National Award51

Valery Molotok, 3rd Place, Ukraine, National Award52

Stuart Cripps, 3rd place, UK, National Award53

L Trung Hng, 3rd Place, Vietnam, National Award54

Brandon Yoshizawa, 3rd Place, USA, National AwardMarch 17, 2016 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from WPO.Music : Lisa Ono - InsensatezTHE END55