Sony World Photography Awards 2017: Open and National Winners

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Winner- National Awards United Arab Emirates:Transportation by Mustafa Jindi, United Arab Emirates

2017 Sony World Photography Awards: Open and National Winners

Winner- National Awards Slovenia:Red line by Ale Komovec, Slovenia

Portraits winner: Mathilda by Alexander Vinogradov, Russian Federation

Motion winner: Submerged field by Camilo Diaz, Colombia

Nature winner: Borderline by Hiroshi Tanita, Japan

Architecture winner: Concrete Circle by Tim Cornbill, UKTim Cornbill/Sony World Photography Awards 2017

Travel winner: Gassing Up At Roy's by Ralph Grf, Germany

Culture winner: Tai Chi by Jianguo Gong, ChinaJianguo Gong.

Still Life winner: Sunrise at Sea by Sergey Dibtsev, Russian Federation

Winner -National Awards Spain: Suffering by Santos Moreno Villar, Spain

Wildlife winner: Flamingo Soul by Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzerland

Buffaloes and stars by Andreas Hemb, Sweden

Enhanced winner: #3 Hearth by Lise Johansson

La Boca Town by Jose Maria Perez Nuez, Argentina

Singapore at dawn by Lester Koh Meng Hue, Singapore

Homemade lemon beverage by Antti Hallakorpi, Finland

Fisherman / by Khalid Alsabat, Saudi Arabia

Street Photography winner: Halloween Protagonists by Constantinos Sofikitis, Greece

Vice by Evan George, Australia

Howrah Bridge by Mohammad Amir Hamja, Bangladesh

No friends on powder days by Julian Walkner, Austria

Thijs Aerts by Katrijn Van Giel, Belgium

Old River by Ivan Miladinov, Bulgaria

Winner- National Awards Pakistan:Happiness by Shabir Mian, Pakistan

The 3 Hope by Ly Min, Cambodia

Swirl, Kovitlanje by Petar Sabol, Croatia

Waves of Beauty by Polpich Komson, Thailand

Silhouette by Cesar Augusto Gaitan Cortez, Ecuador

Holy Friday of ENNA by Salvatore Mazzeo, Italy

Maja and Thomas by Simona Nalepkova, Czech Republic

Ladybug by Annela Samuel, Estonia

Old lady and the letter by Francisco Ubilla, Chile

Far From Gravity by Alex Andriesi, Romania

Tabular iceberg by Josselin Cornou, France

W for Walk by Harley Yang, Canada

Oliver by Edina Csoboth, Hungary

Reckless Kids by Nikunj Rathod, India

Morning by Katerina Annenkova, Latvia

Contained by Tania Franco Klein, Mexico

Triple Exposed by Miriam Stron, New Zealand

Trajectory of Konotori by Homare Hamada, Japan

Suit And Tie by Austin Odunga, Kenya

The Opposite by Chun Kin Tong, TOMY, Hong Kong

Los Angeles 2016 by Seung Jong Lee, Korea

Ugne, Dovydas ir Egidijus by Tadas Kazakevicius, Lithuania

Cautelosa/Cautious by Jonatan Banista, Panama

Mother's love by Ngoc Mai Nguyen, Vietnam

The Ballerina by Shashanka Chitrakar, Nepal

The Billiard Gangster by Fajar Kristianto, Indonesia

Bonfire night 15th August 2016 in Derry by Bernard Ward, Ireland

Something Casual by Carloman Macidiano Cspedes Riojas, Peru

Light from above by Peter Svoboda, Slovakia

Sleeping beauty by Deveni Nishantha Manjula, Sri Lanka

Mourning Ceremony by Emrah Karako, Turkey

Gjettum 2016 by Henning S. Pettersen, Norway

Window by Lus Godinho, Portugal

Can't Smile by Mohamed Roushdy El dor, Egypt

Pray by Kyaw Win Hlaing, Myanmar

Squid by Jim Chen, Taiwan, Province of China

A Certain Order by Zani Arkadina, Ukraine

Rounded life by Firos Syed, Qatar

Petare Crucifixion by Kala Madriz, Venezuela

Read All About It by Argus Paul Estabrook, United States of America

116 by Arek Rataj, Poland

A Bedouin Boy in Oman by Mark L. Vicente, Philippines

Mama by Ewa Cwikla, Netherlands

Going Home by Jian Seng Soh, Malaysia