National Award Winners(2-3) - Sony World Photography Awards 2015

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National Award Winners(2-3) - Sony World Photography Awards 20151

Mihai Florea, 2nd placeAustralia National Award = winners2

Ben McRae, 3rd place3

Christian Stangl, 2nd placeAustria National Award -winners 4

Christian Schipflinger, 3rd place5

Arafat Siraji, 2nd placeBangladesh National Award - winners6

Mohammad Amir Hamja, 3rd place7

Bernard Caelen, 2nd PlaceBelgium National Award - winners8

Nathan Verstraete, 3rd place9

Krasimir Matarov, 2nd placeBulgaria National Award - winners10

Boycho Kostadinov, 3rd place11

Canada National Award - winnersSandra Fiedler, 2nd place12

13Lise Simoneau, 3rd place

China National Award - winnersZeng Jin Wen, 2nd place14

Minwei Yan, 3rd place15

Estonia National Award - winnersPeep Loorits, 2nd place16

Argo Argel, 3rd place17

18Finland National Award - winnersOsmo Kyttala, 2nd place

Sauli Nurila, 3rd place19

France National Award - winnersNicolas de Vaulx, 2nd place20

Gilles Vanderstraeten, 3rd place21

Germany National Award - winnersManh Ngoc Nguyen, 2nd place22

Uwe Hennig, 3rd place23

Greece National Award - winnersIlias Tabakis, 2nd place24

Vasilis Liappis, 3rd place25

Kane Hung, 2nd placeHong Kong National Award - winners26

Wilson Lee, 3rd place27

Hungary National Award - winnersNoell S. Oszvald, 2nd place28

Zoltan Toth, 3rd place29

India National Award - winnersElangovan Subrmanian, 2nd place30

Ramees Raja, 3rd place31

Dikky Oesin, 2nd placeIndonesia National Award - winners32

Bambang Birawan, 3rd place33

Ireland National Award - winnersChristopher Roche, 2nd place34

Lisa Griffin, 3rd place35

Japan National Award - winnersAkira Takaue, 2nd place36

Minami Koike, 3rd place37

Korea National Award - winnersDong Wook Lee / , 2nd Place38

Jin Ki, Min_3rd place39

Sergejs Podolaks, 2nd placeLatvia National Award - winners40

Lithuania National Award - winnersCeslovas Cesnakevicius, 2nd place41

Malaysia National Award - winnersYap Kok Hing, 2nd place42

Nick Ng Yeow Kee, 3rd place43

Tun Tun Win, 2nd placeMyanmar National Award - winners44

Zaw Zaw Tun, 3rd place45

Netherlands National Award - winnersTheo de Witte, 2nd place46

New Zealand National Award - winnersCarl Street, 2nd place47

Mike MacKinven, 3rd place48

Norway National Award - winnersFredrik Solbrekken, 2nd place49

Tommy Eliassen, 3rd place50

Philippines National Award - winnersGerbie Santos Pabilonia, 2nd place51

Mario Cardenas, 3rd place52

Alexandre Manuel, 2nd placePortugal National Award - winners53

Carlos Monteiro, 3rd place54

Romania National Award - winnersIonut Hrenciuc, 2nd place55

Luiza Elena Boldeanu (and Tina Genovia Obreja), 3rd place56

57Singapore National Award - winnersDavid Wirawan, 2nd place

Heng Wang Tan, 3rd place58

Slovakia National Award - winnersDenis Vesel, 2nd place59

Matej Michalik, 3rd place60

Slovenia National Award - winnersIgor Debevec, 2nd place 61

Nejc Zidari, 3rd place62

Spain National Award - winnersRaquel Lopez-Chicheri, 2nd place63

Cesar March, 3rd place64Peter Nilsson, 2nd placeSweden National Award - winners65

Ludwig Riml, 3rd placeSweden National Award - winners66

Switzerland National Award - winnersPatrick Ems, 2nd place67

Ralph Edward Fierz, 3rd place68

Taiwan National Award - winnersFu-Pin Ko, 2nd place69

Ya-Kuei Hsieh, 3rd place70

Panom Archarit, 2nd placeThailand National Award - winners71

Turkey National Award - winnersFatma Demir, 2nd place72

Serkan Colak, 3rd place73

United Kingdom National Award - winnersSimon Morris, 2nd place74

Antony Crossfield, 3rd place75

USA National Award - winnersJassen Todorov, 2nd place76

Douglas Croft, 3rd place77

Vietnam National Award - winnersThao Vu Xuan, 2nd place78

Huu Tam Nguyen Xuan, 3rd place03/19/2015 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from Internet.THE END79