National Award Winners (2nd) : Sony World Photography Awards 2016

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National Award Winners (2nd) : Sony World Photography Awards 20161

Leonardo Horacio Fainbich, 2nd Place, Argentina, National Award2

Dasha Riley, 2nd place, Australia, National Award3

Nikolaus Haselwanter, 2nd place, Austria, National Award4

Mohammad Ponir Hossain, 2nd place, Bangladesh, National Award5

Dennis Vandermeersch, 2nd place, Belgium, National Awards6

Ivan Kavaldzhiev, 2nd place, Bulgaria, National Award,7

Allan Oman, 2nd place, Canada, National Awards8

Miguel Angel Merino Tapia, 2nd Place, Chile, National Award9

Hu Weiguo, 2nd place, China, National Award10

Oleg Mastruko, 2nd place, Croatia, National Award11

Daniel Torres, 2nd Place, Colombia, National Award12

Michaela mdov, 2nd place, Czech Republic, National Award13

Kaare Bak, 2nd place, Denmark, National Award14

Nader Saadallah, 2nd place, Egypt, National Award15

Kalli Lumberg, 2nd place, Estonia, National Award16

Ville Junttila, 2nd place, Finland, National Award17

Mickael Szymanski, 2nd place, France, National Award18

Martin Seraphin, 2nd place, Germany, National Award19

Nick Kontostavlakis, 2nd place, Greece, National Award20

Suk Wai Kwok, 2nd place, Hong Kong, National Award


Tibor Galamb, 2nd Place, Hungary, National Award22

Nikunj Rathod, 2nd Place, India, National Award23

Hendra Permana, 2nd place, Indonesia, National Award24

Jason McGroarty, 2nd place, Ireland, National Award25

Simona Tedesco, 2nd place, Italy, National Award26

Yuki Ura, 2nd place, Japan, National Award27

Taehoon Kim, 2nd place, Korea, National Award28

Karlis Volkovskis, 2nd place, Latvia, National Award29

Kestutis Balciunas, 2nd place, Lithuania, National Award30

Cheung Yin Fang, 2nd Place, Malaysia, National Award31

Razi Machay, 2nd Place, Mexico, National Award32

He Len Myanmar, 2nd place, Myanmar, National Award33

Carina Dumais, 2nd place, The Netherlands, National Award34

Levana Sietses, 2nd place, New Zealand, National Award35

Tina Signesdottir Hult, 2nd place, Norway, National Award36

Pedro Jarque Krebs, 2nd place, Peru, National Award37

Michael Dave Bognadon, 2nd place, Philippines, National Award38

Filip Wolak, 2nd place, Poland, National Award39

Joao Figueiredo, 2nd place, Portugal, National Award40

Laurian Ghinitoiu, 2nd Place, Romania, National Award41

Egor Nikiforov, 2nd Place, Russia, National Award42

Milan Ljubisavljevi, 2nd Place, Serbia, National Award43

Alex Chang Chee Choy, 2nd place, Singapore, National Award44

Ivana Kovov, 2nd Place, Slovakia, National Award45

Daniel Arranz Molinero, 2nd Place, Spain, National Award46

Bjorn Persson, 2nd Place, Sweden, National Award47

Nathalie Capitan, 2nd Place, Switzerland, National Award48

Chien-Hung Lu, 2nd Place, Taiwan, National Award49

Buncha Parnboonlue, 2nd Place, Thailand, National Award50

Gultekin Alkurt, 2nd Place, Turkey, National Award51

Oleksii Leonov, 2nd Place, Ukraine, National Award52

Mike O'Dwyer, 2nd place, UK, National Award53

Vincent Frascello, 2nd Place, USA, National Award,54

NG THANH BNH, 2nd Place, Vietnam, National AwardMarch 16, 2016 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from WPO.Music : Boyzone - WordsTHE END55