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2. IT MARKET TRENDSWORLD RUSSIA IT SERVICES: the scope of IT SERVICES: IT services is aservices in the IT sector far small fraction of total ITexceeds the amount of softwarespending, compared withdevelopment (software), but theWestern countriesgrowth of the sector has stabilized SOFTWARE: new markets gain SOFTWARE: stable rapidimportance in view of reducing thegrowth associated with theuse of unlicensed softwareautomation of industries and EQUIPMENT: in developed state projectscountries IT equipment spending EQUIPMENT: the IT spendingis a small proportion of capitalin Russian firms is mostly thespent in emerging markets its a cost of IT equipmentsignificant amount 3. IT CLUSTER TOP PRIORITIESThemesRationale Example areas Support areas of traditional strengths for IT cluster with advanced, IT securityworld-competitive know-how, market recognition, highly Complex engineering solutionscompetent resources that could serve as platform for expansion into Analytical SW STRENGTHENING EXISTINGadjacent spaces Virtualization platforms AREAS OF COMPETITIVE Existing competitive expertise can serve to attract key partners and Advanced search ADVANTAGEinvestors in the IT industry in general Image, video and speech International recognition in few areas raises the prestige of the IT recognition and processingindustry as a whole Advanced electronics Foster development of areas that increase IT maturity of the countryIT in healthcare and medicineoverall, especially in social IT towards information society, thatIT in education CLOSING THE GAP WITH IT- address government agenda Web X.0 MATURE COUNTRIES Support areas that impact productivity increase in industries,Financial and banking softwareespecially IT-enabled, e.g., banking, telecom, where automation is systemsone of the key factors of industry competitivenessMobile applications Main global IT trends (e.g., cloud computing) change the IT industry Cloud computingdelivery model globally and their adoption is prerequisite to compete in Wireless sensor networks ENABLE PARTICIPATION INthe global economy Embedded systems TOP GLOBAL IT TRENDS AND Some IT trends are enabling development of other industries (e.g., Green IT, incl. smart grid INNOVATION embedded systems) and their adoption determines competitiveness ofrespective industries The world R&D focus is usually on the areas with high disruptivepotential. Russia must be part of that step change to remain competitive03.08.20113 4. IT CLUSTER FORESIGHT: PRIORITY DIRECTIONSIMAGE, VIDEONEW GENERATION AND VOICE INTEGRATED/EMB OF INTELLIGENTANALYTIC MOBILERECOGNITIONEDDED CONTROLMULTIMEDIASOFTWARE APPLICATIONSANDSYSTEMSSEARCH ENGINESPROCESSING NEW TECHNOLOGIES OFCOMPLEX INFORMATIONCLOUD IT SECURITYENGINEERINGTRANSMISSION GREEN IT AND STORAGE; COMPUTING SOLUTIONS OPTOINFORMA-TICS, PHOTONICSIT IN MEDICINEFINANCIAL ANDAND HEALTHIT INWIRELESSWEB X.0 BANKING CARE EDUCATIONSENSORSOFTWARENETWORKSCLOSING THE GAP WITH IT-MATURE COUNTRIESSTRENGTHENING EXISTING AREAS OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEENABLE PARTICIPATION IN TOP GLOBAL IT TRENDS AND INNOVATION 5. IT CLUSTER FORESIGHT WITH PRIORITIES AREAS ATTRACTIVENESS SOFTWARE HARDWARE IT ServicesCross functional 4.0 FOCUS AREA IIIAdvancedI Security and Storage4electronics 3.5 Content and Collaboration1LONG TERMHIGHERWireless sensor networksPOTENTIALPRIORITY 3.0System SoftwareHighly attractive but Cloud Computing AREAS:requires more Expected to havecapability andEmbedded systems 2.5Data Analysis3highest proportioninfrastructure MobileERM2 of high potentialbuilding Devicesproject proposalsGreen IT 2.0 Data Management Peripherals OutsourcingCustom App DevSystems Integration 1.5 IT ConsultingLOWER PCsCRMNO REGRET IT SupportPRIORITYServersIT TrainingAREAS: 1.0TC equipmentRelatively higherAREASConsumer Applicationsprobability ofSelect opportunities Storage (HW) Network Management SW success, can bepossible but expect0.5leveraged toless overall deal flow Middleware support otherin these areasIV II areas0 0 0.5 1.01.5 FEASIBILITY 1, 2, 3, 4 Specific priority area candidates inside the directions are listed on the next pageSOURCE: IDC data, expert interviews 5 6. IT CLUSTER KEY PARTNERS .. 6 7. PROJECTS WITH SCIENTIFIC PARTNERSSCIENTIFIC PARTNERPROJECTEXPECTED RESULTSIndependent University of Russian-French School Formation of a new generation of highly skilled specialistsMoscow together withof Mathematics knowledgeable of modern methods of modeling and creatingNational Center of Scientificsocial and economic processes and systemsResearch (France) Development of Center of Excellence together with leading experts in the field of: Fundamental Math (Institute for Advanced Study (USA),Institut des hautes tudes scientifiques (France), IsaacNewton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (UK)) Applied Math (Institute for Mathematics and its Applications(USA), Oxford Centre for Industrial and AppliedMathematics (UK), Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany))Higher School of EconomicsData Analyses Center Creation of new and improved technologies of analysis and optimization of network structures Creation of promising directions and professions of specific training, advanced training and research activities in IT Formation of a new generation of highly skilled specialists knowledgeable of modern methods of modeling and creating social and economic processes and systemsSCIENTIFIC AND ACADEMIC COOPERATION Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Moscow Nuclear Physics University Novosibirsk State UniversityMoscow State University VINITI All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information Kharkevitchs Institute for Information Transmission ProblemsStanford UniversitySPBs Institute of Informatics and Automatics P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science SPB State University of Optics and Mechanics (ITMO) IT Cluster03.08.2011Skolkovo Foundation7 8. IT CLUSTER PUBLIC AFFAIRS PUBLIC AFFAIRS (25.02.2011 08.07.2011): A television startup competition Seed Money together with the TV channel "Rain" is conducted (more than three hundred projects from more than ten cities filed for participation, eight projects selected) Together with energy efficiency cluster, the first scientific conference of the IT cluster of Skolkovo Foundation in St. Petersburg is conducted (Registered and attended by over 300 people, including participants from major research centers: Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Imperial College (UK); the companies: IBM, BP, ABBYY, Dow Chemicals, BellLabs, McKinsey, RIM, CISCO , Microsoft, Intel, KPMG, and representatives of development and venture funds; A memorandum of cooperation and an establishment of the Centre for Information Technologies with University of Informational Technologies. Mechanics and Optics of St. Petersburg (ITMO) signed) "Friends of Skolkovo discussion club is created: a lecture at the Polytechnic Museum held, a contest "Battle of the startups conducted in cooperation with "Glavstart company Together with Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical area, a super- final of an UMNIK contest is held, winners selected for further participation in educational programs and for cooperation with the resident companies of IT Cluster In cooperation with Intel, Kaspersky Lab , ABBYY, RAC SKIF Supercomputer consortium of universities in Russia and the Moscow State University, a contest of applied research and development in computer technology, "Computer-continuum: from idea to realization is conducted In cooperation with Microsoft Seed Foundation, a program, providing financial support to Russian startups in software development and internet services is established (Held the first startups competition, planned to finance about one hundred projects over the next ten years) In cooperation with Cisco a national contest (I-PRIZE) is co-organized: (received 2318 projects, selected 6 finalists) 03.08.2011 ""8 9. APPENDIX FORESIGHT DESCRIPTION IT Cluster03.08.2011Skolkovo Foundation 9 10. NEW GENERATION OF INTELLIGENT MULTIMEDIA SEARCH ENGINES Research, development and implementation of new software solutions based on semantic data structureanalysis for finding information on the Internet; Multimedia information search on the Internet by means of web-technologies on all platforms includingplatforms for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) in perspective wireless networks (e.g. LTE).New generation ofintelligent multimediasearch engines IT Cluster03.08.2011Skolkovo Foundation 10 11. IMAGE, VIDEO AND VOICE RECOGNITION AND PROCESSING Development and research of new methods and mathematic models for image and computer graphics(2D/3D) processing for new user interfaces, augmented reality, performance improvement and renderingenhancement, 2D/3D-data representation based on standard cross-platform solutions; Logical design and development of hardware-software solutions for recognition and extraction of semanticinformation from natural speech and their utilization in a wide scope of new software applications, includingmobile devices in perspective wireless networks. Development of applications for Internet search andsemantic identification of audio information.IMAGE, VIDEO ANDVOICE RECOGNITION AND PROCESSING IT Cluster03.08.2011Skolkovo Foundation11 12. ANALYTIC SOFTWARE Development of effective algorithms and methods for bulk data analysis for scientific and industrialapplications. Development of software applications for business/industrial intelligence segment, providedaccording to traditional and alternative models (SaaS); Development of user-friendly innovative tools for complex analytic information representation for variouskinds of mobile devices, including tablet computers; Development of applications for behavior analysis and monitoring in networks of fixed-linetelecommunications and mobile service provid