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  • The Skolkovo Foundation has an ambitious goal toturn cutting-edge research into world-classproducts, by creating a multibillion dollar uniqueglobal hub and innovation centre, an ecosystem ofentrepreneurs and talents.

    Our journey began in 2010, as Russia recognisedthe need to modernise its economy and decreaseits dependence on oil and gas. The SkolkovoInnovation Centre is designed to meet that challengeand realise the potential of Russias extraordinarywealth of human capital, retaining and attractingRussian and international talent and building aknowledge economy that offers a long-lastinglegacy to Russian citizens and the world.

    Skolkovo Innovation CentreThe Skolkovo Innovation Centre will be made of4 components, each interacting with one anotherto boost and improve cooperation and networking:5 research clusters, a technopark, a universityand a city.

    Skolkovo endeavours to discover solutions toreal-world challenges through five unique talent-driven clusters (IT, Biomedical, Energy, Nuclearand Space & Tele commu nications), each alreadyactive and headed by outstanding scientists.Entrepreneurs and scientists work side-by-sidedeveloping creative ideas from research toproduct development, from start-up to majorbusiness operation.

    310 innovation focused companies havejoined these clusters after being selectedthrough a competitive process. They benefit fromresearch grants of between $50,000 and $10million. $150 million has already been granted.

    The Technopark will host world-class infrastructure,resources and business support. It will provide afull range of business services: incubation,intellectual property protection, investor relations,access to venture funds, and much more besides.

    Our Technopark is fully integrated in the globalinnovation community, through membership ofTechnopark-Alliance.

    The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology(SkTech) will offer exceptional Masters and PhDprogrammes in partnership with the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology (MIT). This non-governmentalpost-graduate school was established to nurturethe future community of talents needed to buildour legacy. By 2014, SkTech will be home toover 1,200 students, 300 PhD scholars and200 professors.

    Skolkovo is more than a science or technologypark: it is a full-fledged city that aspires to be anopen-source blueprint for future cities. We areapplying the latest cutting-edge solutions in eco-efficiency and urban design to ensure optimalconditions for research and business, work andrelaxation, and an aesthetically appealing urbanenvironment.

    Every effort is being made to ensure its 26,000+residents well-being. The 4km2 city will enjoy

    excellent transport and infrastructure facilitiesincluding a congress centre, schools, medical andrecreational facilities. In 2011 alone, $170 millionwas spent on construction and the first stage isdue for completion in 2014.

    Investor Relations & PartnersWe offer partners an outstanding concentration ofhuman, intellectual and financial capital within afast-growing network of technology, financial andinfrastructure partners.

    Major corporations have already recognised thebenefits; including Boeing, Cisco, EADS, GE,Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, SAP, andSiemens. Agreements for the creation of 12corporate research and development centreshave already been signed involving 1100+researchers and a total budget of $420 million.

    The long-term aim is that private investment willprovide 60% or more of the funding. Already, 19venture funds have agreed to $230 million ofinvestment. Skolkovo provides foreign partnerswith numerous benefits including attractive taxand legal status, cooperation with Russian sciencefacilities and specialists.

    We invite you to join us in this historicopportunity and help build a brighter futurefor Russia and the whole world.00

    00Skolkovo FoundationFactsheet



    With 3 Nobel Prize Laureates,over 310 companies and start-ups, $1.5 billion annual budget,world-renowned scientists, theSkolkovo Innovation Centre isto become Russias largestinnovation project and a newglobal technology hub.

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    A global community of talents making innovation work








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