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IT Cluster Skolkovo Projects Blackberry presentation

AgendaSpeak-to-it Mobly Altergeo, Askeroid Indoorgo BoardMaps MobiVita


Speaktoit (1)Talking personal assistant for smartphones, cars and other platformsAnswers questions, performs tasks, notifies about important events

Fulfills user requests by contacting relevant external services

Core benefits:Conversation-based engineContext awarenessProactive assistance scenariosIntegration with many external services

Android: iOS:


6,000,000+ downloads Highest-rated voice assistant for Android, iOS, Windows PhoneSpeaks English, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, ChineseEstablished in 2010Funded by Skolkovo and Intel CapitalTeam with strong background in NLP/mobile/B2C webTotal headcount: 20Top 10 Android Apps of the Year by New York TimesTop 10 Productivity Apps for 2013 by Forbes Winner of RedHerring Top 100 Global AwardWinner of Stanford SSE Labs Demo Day CompetitionBest free Android apps of 2011, PC World

Speaktoit (2)ProductCompanyAwards and recognition


Speaktoit (3). Video


Mobly (1)- Mobly helps people to perform cheap roaming calls and access multiple communication apps via mobile Internet using mobile phones.-Mobly keeps ONE account (number) for many communication services- No need to change SIM when you are in roaming!

Mobly partners with TOP mobile operators in Russia and worldwideProject status: Prototype, delivering B2B version, Agreements with NEC Japan and top mobile operators for testing the service after software dev Global voice & data roaming provider


Mobly (2)

Technologies used:Online profile changing when in user in roaming IMS, VoIP, 3GDenis Miganov - CEO (10 yrs. in IT/Telecom)Nikolay Ilyin - Founder, mentor and ownerMark Hinton Strategy expert (25 yrs. in IT)

Team:Investments:- 1 MLN USD400K USD from VEB Innovation fund 100 USD from private co-investment500 USD TBD/searching


Profile and investments

Altergeo (1)

35M+unique devices/day170M+location requests/day

135M+ WiFi/GSM/WiMAX/LTE pointsHybrid location technologyClients and partnerswhich combines the advantages of positioning based on WiFi, WiMAX, LTE, GSM, IP, and several other methods

Founded in 2008

Employees: 20+, with strong background in programming, systems and mobile

Offices: Moscow; Irkutsk (Russia)



Esther Dyson



Effective combination of various approaches to locate mobile devicesAccuracy: 20-30 metresSmart IP location with 500-1,000 metres accuracyCompatible with most mobile/desktop platformsUniversal solution for precise real-time ads geotargetingAvailable as SaaS or on-premise solutionAutomated coverage update engineThe Europas 2013: Best Russian Startup (winner); Best Transport, Travel or Environmental Startup (finalist)Bully Award 2012: winnerRed Herring Top 100 Global 2012: finalistRed Herring Top 100 Europe 2012: finalistRussias Top 25 Hottest Tech Companies by InformiloTechnologyAwardsReliability and scalability99% of location requests processed in Test zone in Malls - algorithms debugging and testing 3 meter average accuracy95% of the time, accuracy below 10 meters100% accuracy in floor recognition without barometric sensorGood results on floor to floor jumping 15

New precise, auto mapping, self compensation algorithm for Indoor-LPS (Local Positioning System)


Indoorgo positioning algorithms use existing Wi-Fi networks, available in every mall and store. The system has no bottlenecks as it serves unlimited number of clients working in battery friendly passive mode,and the best thing is that you dont need to log in to the wifi network to use the indoorgo service.

We achieved a phenomenal position accuracy of a few sm. that could be seen in a demo movie. You can see the application tested by one of indoorgo developers, where the initial accuracy was a few meters, and even this was enough to make a zoom in to a store level. Now you can see the server application in real time tracking mode. The positioning is based on patent pending technology combining wi-fi and acoustic waves inside the building.

Our innovation

CaaS (Content as a Service)Personalized Ad - is available only when you can forecast/predict person behaviorTechnology puzzle - The technologies incorporated in our solution effect each other enabling to achieve fast convergence and precisionFast mapping - We are planning to achieve an auto-mapping, which is the main problem today

Indoorgo IsraelIndoorgo Russia2011 2012

Developed algorithms and architecture of Indoorgo platform. IP portfolio perspective:

US (ultrasonic) and WiFi coexistence for navigation and position detectionBeacon piggyback usage for AdsDifferent SLAM methods for high accuracy during indoor navigation2013 2014

WiFi and INS algorithms improvements - select best algorithm for sensors data fusion

Client server platform for navigation, integration with 3d party applications

2 PHD scientist - Indoorgo Isworking tightly with engineering team in Indoorgo RU

2011 2012

Developed code for Android navigation platform,Mobile sensors (WiFi, INS) researchserver part design started2013 2014

II phase WiFi algorithm add codeII phase INS algorithm add new codeII phase mechanism of sensors data fusionII phase db structure and server development

Indoorgo (2)Status & Roadmap


Indoorgo (3). Video


- Skolkovo Technopark resident since 2011

- Develops BoardMaps a unique issue management system built specifically for Boards, committees and other corporate governing bodies

- BoardMaps for iPad and Web (for Russian jurisdiction) successfully launched in December 2012. All logic remains server-side, encrypted protocols with iPad and Web clients

- Broad and diversified range of top-tier corporate customers and prospects in Russia and other C.I.S. countries

- Ambitious plans for international expansion in European (Luxembourg, Netherlands, Cyprus, Channel Islands) and Asian (India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia) jurisdictionsAbout Dashboard Systems


PROBLEM: Top corporate governing bodeis act in a situation where there is simultaneously a lack and excess of information. Most Boards communicate by email and virtual datarooms. Inboxes are overloaded, important issues get "stuck". Directors do not have latest status at their fingertips.

BoardMaps for Blackberry

Draft Agenda itemItem included in agendaAgenda item consideredDecision made on agenda itemMonitoring task completionTasks completedAgenda item is closed and archivedVoting on agenda item

Today: NO Board application (or collaborative issue management, or meeting agenda/decision/action item) available on Blackberry App World

Solution: Assist Dashboard Systems to develop BoardMaps for Blackberry Plan and conduct Board or other governing body meetings, Take decisions by onsite or remote voting,Track task and action item completion,Employcase management to link related tasks, positions and outcomesExchange comments, annotate documents.


EDGE Video OptimizationMobiVita EDGE Video Optimization Server is a solution for video traffic optimization in 4G mobile networks by caching and transcoding.

Intel: support & technology transfer from Intel Co.Skolkovo status company: funding + taxes exemptionsTeam with 10+ years of R&D experience: projects with Intel, Siemens, NSN, Samsung, Nokia, etc.Experience in development LTE products targeting mobile operatorsMobiVita: 2 Doctors, Prof. + 5 PhDs + 18 Developers

Company & TeamCAGR 106,6% for network offloading solution (2009-2015)**$1,5 bln: Revenue of Mobile Network Monitoring and Optimization (2011)**:$17.5 bln (2016, Forecast) will spend MNOs for new LTE equipment (CAPEX)*$30.0 bln (2017, Forecast): global market for mobile video services*

MarketReducing backhaul cost for mobile video delivery Dramatically (up to 70%) reducing carrier network video traffic Reducing RAN traffic (over air) by content-aware adaptation Significant improving mobile users QoE for video streaming New opportunities for video services monetization

Key Advantages*Infonetics 2012**ABIResearch 2010


Consumer Edge (eNodeBUser):Less latency and jitter, no stallingImprovement of users QoE Fast adaptive video optimization

Internet &Content providers

Consumer Edge

Traffic offload (-80%) in Core & Backhaul Network

Core & Backhaul Network EDGE Optimization Server

EDGE Video Optimization