More Bike Riding, More Often in ... More Bike Riding, More Often in Queensland BikeHack pre-briefing...

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Transcript of More Bike Riding, More Often in ... More Bike Riding, More Often in Queensland BikeHack pre-briefing...

  • More Bike Riding, More Often in Queensland BikeHack pre-briefing event - Thursday 2 May 2019

    George Zdanowicz CEO, Enhance Research 0412 370 393 / @georgezd

    Presented by:

  • PHASE 1: Stakeholder Interviews and Focus Groups

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    Key themes from cycling stakeholders

    • Car focused culture: habit + hurry

    • Niche activity, not mainstream

    • Negative stereotypes – linked to lycra

    • The terms Cyclist & Cycling = serious, sport

    Cycling in Qld hasn’t reached mass acceptance & is burdened by negative misperceptions

    • Why ride is deeper than just health & fitness

    • Think confidence, energy, freedom, fun…

    • Different benefits for riders vs the community

    • Major concern is safety + emotional & functional obstacles

    Benefits of cycling run deeper than superficial lines & the safety perception remains a major hurdle

    • Childhood memories = freedom, independence

    • The hardest part is getting started (again)

    • Riding is a progression: knowledge & skills

    • By women, for women: different needs

    • Riding in Qld = weather + scenery

    Riding is a progression based on confidence & experience… the key is making it as easy as possible

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    The terms ‘cyclist ’ and ‘cycling’ have negative connotations and stigmas due to strong association with competition, clothing ( lycra) and MAMILS (middle-aged men in lycra).

    Conversely, the terms ‘bike rider ’ and ‘bike riding’ are viewed positively and linked with enjoyment, leisure, experience, community and nostalgia – especially with families.

    This means that the language used to describe bike riding in Queensland is important.

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    Motivating benefits identified with bike riding are more emotional and immediate, such as time out, freedom and enjoyment.

    The nostalgia of bike riding as a child is also a strong positive emotion, and a potential enabler to getting back on a bike again.

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    Family bike riding is viewed positively as a way to connect with each other and the great outdoors.

    This tends to be instigated by mothers.

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    The more delayed benefits of bike riding such as physical health, cost savings and the environment are potentially less likely to (re)motivate

    riders. For more experienced bike riders, gamification and apps that help to

    monitor health and fitness are recognised as potential motivators.

  • 8

    The weather and landscape are considered the most unique aspects of bike riding in Queensland

  • PHASE 2: Quantitative Survey

  • Riding in Queensland

  • 11

    Immoveable 15%

    Moveable 17%

    Slightly likely 12%

    Moderately likely 9%

    Very likely 4%

    Extremely likely 2%

    1-2 times per year 11%

    3-6 times per year 10%

    Once a month 9%

    Once a week 11%

    Rejecters 32%

    Considerers 27%

    Current Riders 41%

    Base: Weighted Qld General Population + Boost (n=3,558)

    Queensland riding participation and consideration…

  • 12

    Riding in Queensland – some facts


    Rode a bicycle as a child


    Top positive thoughts about riders: Health & Fitness

    Households with bicycles

    Adult: ready to ride 67%

    Children’s: ready to ride 32%

    Adult: not ready to ride 23%





    I do ALL bicycle maintenance myself

    I do MOST bicycle maintenance myself

    I do SOME bicycle maintenance myself

    I do NO bicycle maintenance myself

    Of those with a bicycle

  • 13

    T y p o l o g i e s o f r i d e r s

  • 15

    I got my first bike after I got married. Riding seemed dangerous and just unachievable. And now it's my ticket to freedom. I love the social aspect, I love being able to explore places and understand the city a little bit more than I did driving a car. I love just looking at things as I go.

    ”Active Transport, Female

  • 17

    “I ride my bike for leisure and recreation, but also to keep fit. In the afternoons, the kids and I like to head down to the park and have a ride. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy.”

    ”Healthy, Happy Families, Female

  • 19

    I’m thinking on a weekend it’d be nice to ride along the foreshore at Wynnum or go to Redcliffe and ride but then I’d have to own a bike, I’d have to transport it, get it somewhere. But recreation on the weekend, I’d consider taking up bike riding if it was convenient to get a bike, and not have to maintain it, and it was an easy ride, a nice comfortable ride.

    ”Tourism & Recreation, Female

  • Saves money

    Don't have access to a private vehicle

    Getting around / transport

    Environmentally friendly

    An activity I can do with children / family / friends

    Fun / enjoyment Freedom

    Saves time

    Get as many cars off the road as possible

    Relaxation / reduce stress / time alone

    Improves the community

    Active Transport Healthy, Happy Families Tourism & Leisure

    The top benefits of riding differ across the typologies

    Base: Weighted Qld General Population + Boost All (n=3,558) QF2:Even though these may not be your reasons for riding, which of the following do you believe are benefits you get from riding a bicycle? MR

  • Attitudes to riding vary across typologies

    I am willing to change the way I travel if it is helpful for the


    I know where to go to find information about bicycle

    infrastructure in my area (e.g. bike paths)

    I feel safe riding a bicycle on the road in Queensland

    There is good bicycle infrastructure (e.g. bike paths) in

    my area

    Bicycle riding is a convenient way to get around in my area

    Riding a bicycle gives me a sense of freedom

    Active Transport Healthy, Happy Families Tourism & Recreation

    Base: Weighted Qld General Population + Boost All (n=3,558) QH3 How much do you agree with the following statements Top 3 Box rate 8-10.

  • 22

    Even the most active riders agree that their knowledge of legislation needs improvement

    25% 32%





    32% 25%


    Active Transport Healthy, Happy Families Tourism & Recreation

    How would you rate your knowledge of Qld legislation as it applies to cycling?

    Poor or Very Poor Fair Good or Very Good

  • Encouraging people to ride more

    Help me navigate the available infrastructure

    Help me get my family

    started on a bike

    Help me with finding

    others like me and my

    family to ride with

    Help me with temporary

    access to a bike if we don’t have

    one for everyone

  • 24

    N e x t s t e p s

  • More Queenslanders riding, more often

    Make riding mainstream

    • Social stigma attached to cycling

    • Viewed as fringe / extreme activity

    Language is important

    • ‘Bike riding’ = friendly / accessible

    • ‘Cycling’ = serious / competitive

    Harness the emotion

    • Riding for purpose or for pleasure

    • Focus on the immediate benefits

    Fond childhood memories

    • Associations with fun & freedom

    • Habits change, but memories last

    Riding as a progression

    • The first motivation = recreation

    • For families, women are instigators

    Unique to Queensland

    • The weather & the landscape

    • Best way to explore is on a bike

    The big priority will be (re)trial amongst high propensity typologies where the focus is primarily riding for recreation