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Mobile. The term is at the forefront of almost every discussion about technology trends, the future of computing, and Digital Government. So what is it and why should you care? In this educational and interactive session, Pete Eichorn, Director of Technology at will “cut to the chase” and discuss the latest trends in mobility and their potential impact on you and your agency. In this presentation, Pete will cover the importance of mobile and explore its power; demystify the latest trends in mobile technology; and get you started on the path to mobile Zen.

Transcript of Mobile Trends

  • 1.Presented by: Pete Eichorn Director of Technology Texas NICUSA Government Going Mobile: What It Means for You

2. 2 This is not a pipe. Rene Magritte (1948) 3. 3 Ce n'est pas un tlphone mobile. This is not a mobile phone. Motorola (1973) 4. 4 Text Yes No DK Do you feel like the move to mobile devices has or will affect your job? Yes | No | I dont know The Power of Mobile Real-time Survey 5. 5 The Power of Mobile Survey Results 6. 6 DL Renewal 30% eCommDirect 40% DL Eligibility 46% CHL 35% 22% Ready or Not Mobile Use is an Expectation of Your Constituents 7. 7 Examine the public's accessibility to government services and agencies through the use of mobile applications and online services. Joint charge with: House Committee on Government Efficiency & Reform House Committee on Technology Our Legislators Care Interim Committee Charges 8. 8 Demystify the Buzz Words Scott Adams 9. 9 Geolocation Identification of a user/devices geographic location via a variety of data collection mechanisms Uses network routing addresses or internal GPS devices to determine location Responsive Sites Design method that helps website read what type of device is being used and adapt for that screen size Any changes made to website carry through to all devices Native Apps Developed separately for various platforms, lives on mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad) Installed via application store (Google Play, App Store) Mobile 101 10. Wearable Watches Wearable Tech 11. 11 AstronomyNavigationGolf Activity-Based Location-Based Augmented Reality (AR) 12. 12 Development languages that make mobile websites look and feel like Native apps Responsive Design 13. 13 Near Field Communication (NFC) Devices communicate through touch 14. 14 A body of tools capable of discovering and analyzing patterns in data so that past behavior can be used to forecast likely future behavior. Predictive Technology 15. 15 Predictive Technology Examples 16. 16 Payments In 2013, people in the U.S. spent ~$30 billion using mobile phones in retail. Infonetics Research Security By 2017, consumers will spend $2.9+ billion a year downloading mobile security software. Internet Retailer, eMarketer Post PC Era Post PC Era = more mobile (smaller, thinner, lighter) + communications + apps + cloud services Steve Jobs Important Trends 17. 17 Battery Gyroscope BluetoothWiFi Audiojack Speed New Form Factors Social / Crowdsourcing Agency Efficiencies Wearable Tech Important Trends continued 18. Start with the end in mind 19. Identify curious advocates 20. Start small 21. Decide on an implementation approach 22. Decide on implementation approach Do your part to make something beautiful 23. 23 Were here to help! Feel free to contact us: Pete Eichorn, Director of Technology Email: [email protected] Twitter: @pkeich Phone: 512.501.5996 Visit to learn more! Contact Us