Miniature Centrifugal Compressor Development

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Miniature Centrifugal Compressor Development. Kevin Finney Ray Zhou Xiaoyi Li Krishna Murty. November 22, 2002. Current Status. Motor Motor and controller have been delivered… Methods to cool motor being considered… Compressor Parts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Miniature Centrifugal Compressor Development

  • Miniature Centrifugal Compressor DevelopmentKevin FinneyRay ZhouXiaoyi LiKrishna MurtyNovember 22, 2002

  • Current StatusMotorMotor and controller have been deliveredMethods to cool motor being consideredCompressor PartsParts with blades have been sent to machine shop in California for a price quote. You ask, why California?Assembly of CompressorJig fixtures needed for assembly are ready to be machined. Waiting to see if the compressor parts can be machined in California.Safety ShieldDesign and construction of the safety shield complete

  • Motor UpdateReceived the motorMotor brackets can be designed and built now. Can include integrated cooling jacket.Need to obtain an adjustable power supply and solder the wires to the wire leads. Motor requirements given in following tableTherefore, to obtain the desirable speed and power

  • Methods to Cool MotorReasonable choicesUse chilled water lines in laboratoryUse external chilling systemWater jacket being designed now to surround motor and remove heat.

    Need to remove 620 Watts of heat.

  • Compressor PartsMachine shop in Sanford determined they werent capable of machining the parts with blades.Been determined that a five axis simultaneous movement CNC mill required. Recommended to find a company with a Deckel Maho CNC Mill.WHY CALIFORNIA? Machine is difficult to locateWhen located, difficult to spark interest for such limited quantity of parts.Wessdel Manufacturing and Engineering in Santa Clara, CA showed interest.

  • Compressor Parts UpdatePrepared surface and wireframe iges files of the three parts with the blades.Sent the files and the 3 plastic models to Wessdel Manufacturing and Engineering.Will have a quote prepared by the first of next week.Much more interactive company Wanted me to specify:Radius at root of blade and hubScallop height allowable of material between bladesTolerance allowable of the blades

  • Status of Jig Fixtures for AssemblyParts required for mounting of bearings and assembly of compressor will be machined once the Impeller, Diffuser, and Guide Vane are being machined. The jig fixture parts arent needed until the compressor parts are acquired.

  • Safety Shield Status

  • Project StatusParts AcquiredBearingsCoupler for low RPMMotor and controllerNon-bladed compressor partsSafety shieldParts DesiredAdjustable power supplyBladed compressor partsCooling systemCoupler for high RPMMeasuring devices for required measurements