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Transcript of MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more - LA · PDF fileMicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and...

  • MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more

    September 23, 2013 Page 1 of 10

    The following Tips and Tricks include features that are new in the version SELECTSeries 2&3 and some that have been around for a while enjoy Explorer the File Open dialog. Lets take a close look at the File Open dialog.

    Show file details Add file Properties Open different file types (Raster, Sketch up etc)

    Switch Interface back While using the Use Windows File Open Dialogs you can toggle back to the old interface by pressing the Shift + ESC keys. Its a one way trip, not a toggle.

    Task Navigation Note new but very cool.

    Rollup (pushpin) Turn off totally Show Main Classic

    Positional Keyboard Navigation Have you used AutoCAD? Do you like using the keyboard? Have we got great news for you!!

    Home focus remaps the keyboard Customizable keys Word file for printable quick reference on www.la-ocmug.com/downloads.html

    When in the Home Focus:

    ESC Key Sends focus to Home

    Enter Key Opens the key in browser under the cursor (if Key-in Browser is not docked)

    Space Bar Sends focus to AccuDraw

    Tab Key Cycles through under cursor


  • MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more

    September 23, 2013 Page 2 of 10

    Saved Layouts for dialogs Now you can save different looks for your dialogs

    Transparent Dialogs and Toolboxes Transparency has been extended to toolboxes.

    New Attributes There are two new Attributes in town Element Transparency and Element Priority.

    Drag Element to match - To quickly match an elements level, color, line style or line weight: Use Element Selection and drag the Element to the Attribute on the Attribute Tool box, or the Symbology Preview to match all.

    ALT+DATA to Match - To quickly match an elements level, color, line style or line weight: hold the pointer over the element, and press ALT+Data. The active attributes will change to match the element under the pointer.

    ALT+DATA to Match key-in command match element fromcursor

    Make it a Function Key or AccuDraw shortcut

    Docking - There is a new method for docking dialogs to the edges of the application window. Docking indicators appear on the screen when you begin to move a dockable dialog. When you drag a dockable dialog over one of the docking indicators, it highlights

  • MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more

    September 23, 2013 Page 3 of 10

    the available docking region (along the corresponding edge of the application window. Simply release the mouse button, and the dialog becomes docked to the selected edge.

    Why is docking cool? Let's look at the Element Information tool.

    New Mouse functionality Have you looked at the Button Assignments lately? Turns out theres been some changes made back in the V8XM version. Here are some of my favorites:

    CTRL + Tentative : Sets the AccuDraw Origin and makes AccuDraw the focus always a good thing!! ALT +Reset : Quickview of Element Information Wheel double click : Fit View

    Popset Do you ever get frustrated with the Tool Settings window getting in your way? The Popset feature has some changes

    Display Sets Display sets let you select a group of elements to display in selected views, with all other elements hidden. You can create display sets from selection sets or named groups. Display sets display is controlled from the View Attributes dialog, where the Display set control lets you turn their display on and off.

  • MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more

    September 23, 2013 Page 4 of 10

    With Display sets active, you can use the Named Groups dialog to select a named group and then display only the elements in the group, in the chosen view(s), by clicking the Put Elements into the Display set icon. This lets you quickly switch between different named groups.

    Using the view control pop-up menu, you can set selected elements as the display set, or you can clear the display set, so that all elements display. You can also add or remove elements from the display set.

    Eye Dropper In the True Color tab of the Active Color dialog, you can select, hold and drag the eyedropper to anywhere on your monitor to select a color.

    Remap Elements in Level Manager To quickly move elements from one level to another, simply use the Remap Elements to Level dialog from the Level Manager. To use this new utility, select the source level in the Level Manager, issue a right-click and choose Remap Elements to Level from the resulting menu. Then simply select the destination level and click Ok. It cant get any easier than that!

    View Different Models - You can view more than one model from the same file in separate views. To do that, open multiple windows and define which model to view from the View Attributes dialog. Just navigate to the View Setup section and note the Models picker. To see this already set up, take a look at the file called Drawing Composition in the Examples/General workspace.

    Raster References as Elements As with references, raster references are treated as elements which allow you to manipulate them as you would any other element. In the event that this is undesirable, simply lock the raster attachment. Theyll still be selectable, but impossible to manipulate. And, to prevent accidental deleting/detaching when they are unlocked, turn on Workspace > Preferences > Raster Manager > Disable Delete element Tool on Selected Rasters.

    Raster Reference Geospatial PDFs - Geospatial PDF files are now supported as an input format in Raster Manager. To quickly see if a PDF is geospatial, refer to the thumbnail information when attaching it as a raster reference.

  • MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more

    September 23, 2013 Page 5 of 10

    Saved View Boundary Elements - The Saved View dialog has a new column called Show. When enabled, a boundary element will display showing the extents of the saved view. These graphics can be selected with the Element Selection tool, or by a fence, and be manipulated like a standard element.

    Edit Text in Cells Text in cells can now be edited directly. Simply double-click the text to open the Word Processer and edit as required.

    On The Fly Links - MicroStation enables you can attach one or more links to an element in the open DGN file. This allows you to click the element and open the files that are linked to it.

    For example, you could add a link to a Microsoft Excel workbook that contains specifications and costs for beams, or use a key in link to quickly navigate to the next drawing sheet.

    Once links are added to an element, you will see a link icon adjacent to the element when the Element Selection tool is active. Right clicking then provides a Follow Link option along with a list of linked items.

    To quickly and easily add links to elements on the fly, choose Add a Link to an Element from the Organize task. In the tool settings dialog, choose the type of link and other associated options. Then simply select the element to attach the link. In the event that you want to delete or even edit an existing link, you can do so via the Element Information dialog.

    MS_LEVEL_USE_ASCII_NAME_SORT - When set, it will cause Level Manager and Level Display to sort names according to ASCII order. With it set: 1, 10, 2, 20 Without it set: 1, 2, 10, 20

    Reference View Flags A few feature of MicroStation is the ability to control each references view flags. Now youll be able to turn the fill display, or any other view attribute, on for one reference and off for another.

    To do that, select the reference in the References dialog, then choose Settings > Presentation. If Use View Flags is turned off, then the settings are controlled by the parent model. If the option is turned on, then each attribute listed can be turned on or off independent of the parent model.

    The ability to turn on or off this switch is also available with the following key in: REFERENCE SET USEVIEWFLAGS=

    % key in - Used to start another Windows application key in %filename.extension. Examples:

    %calc opens Windows Calculator %winword opens Microsoft Word %excel Opens Microsoft Excel

    Clip Volumes - A Clip Volume is used to limit the displayed volume for a view to the region within a clipping element. This is useful for working within a limited volume of a model without being hindered by geometry outside the region of interest. When a clip volume is applied to a view, only elements that are located within the clip volume will display, or can be snapped to, in that view. Each view may have a different clip volume applied.

    Section clip tools allow you to apply a clip volume by defining a clipping plane with two data points. The clipping volume is then created by sweeping the defined clipping element through the entire model.

    Geo-Coordination - MicroStation V8i contains new Geo-Coordination features. These features let you specify the position of your design contents on the earths surface. Once that position is established, the design can be easily coordinated with other data for which the geographic location is known.

  • MicroStation V8i Tips and Tricks and more

    September 23, 2013 Page 6 of 10