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  • 1. Incondicional Magia negra Dive in dulce Mi santa Heart attack

2. The cheetah isPenguins arethe faster landthe mostanimal in thebeloved birds worldworldwide Bottlenose dolphinare lights to slate gray on the upper part 3. friends callsFamiliesfriends Texts/emailsCousins Timeline/ messageTwitter/insta gramPictures, putpictures up, checkfor followers 4. Prince PERFECT MelissaRoyceCOUPLES 5. Princeromeo royceSpanish singersanto From New York SpanishPrince roycesinger Age:23May11,1989 6. Woke up shower Brush your teethGo to your room Dry upGet dressGo to the kitchenFind something to eat chief it then eat it and leave 7. Get good gradesschool Graduate Good futures Cant get a jobDrop Live on the street out Become a rat 8. captainCo- Coach coachplayers playersplayers 9. twitter mentionDirect message