Maximo Mobile Suite Workshop Regis Adamus Sep 2012

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Transcript of Maximo Mobile Suite Workshop Regis Adamus Sep 2012

  • 1. Tivoli SoftwareIBM Maximo Mobile SuiteRegis CaetanoMobile Testing Team LeadSeptember 11, 2012 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 2. Tivoli Software Agenda Benefits of going Mobile Maximo Mobile and Maximo Everyplace overview IBM Maximo Mobile Key differentiators Product Architecture Maximo Mobile Applications Demonstration Questions and answers2 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 3. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Solutions Benefits of Going Mobile Elimination of paper Reduction of errors Flexible and quicker answers; Work step reduction3 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 4. Tivoli Software Maximo Mobile Market Mobile connectivit and accessibilit are increasin across y the globe always connecte , y g always o d n Customers want Maximo functionalit available everywher and on any y e device Customers have mobile options from IBM, partners and from others4 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 5. Tivoli Software IBMs Maximo Mobile Solutions IBM Maximo Everyplace IBM Maximo Mobile Maximo Maximo 6 or 7 Connected only Connected or Disconnected All of Maximo (including industry solutions) Embedded single point of service, security and screens extended to mobile devices App Designer administration on the server Embedded single point of service, security and Configurable mobile UI administration on the server Java Client Most of the existing web browsers supported PDA devices (Windows Mobile), full screen laptop Apple iPhone / iPod touch and Android Devices or tablet support Access any Maximo functionality from the mobile Maximo key applications extended to mobile device devices5 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 6. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Key Differentiators Extends key Maximo applications to mobile devices Requires no separate server hardware or 3rd party software components Further improves Maximos overall TCO Run in connected or disconnected mode, allowing users to continue to work when connection is not available and get real-time updates when connection is available Enables flexible responses and quicker resolutions. Maximo look & feel Provides the same user experience across devices Reduces user training and errors related to switching between UIs6 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 7. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Suite Collection of mobile applications that extends Maximo functionalities into the hands of remote workers Mobile Apps: IBM Maximo Mobile Work Management IBM Maximo Mobile Inventory Management IBM Maximo Mobile Asset Management IBM Maximo Mobile Installer Server side apps: Security Groups (Mobile) Mobile Data Manager Mobile Error Manager7 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 8. Tivoli Software What kind of devices does it run on? Designed to run on Windows Mobile PDAs. Windows Mobile v5, v6.0, v6.1 and 6.5 Minimum of 128 MB of internal RAM or the use of flash memory of 128 MB or greater If flash memory is used, the newest flash memory technology is highly recommended. Older flash memory technology can be quite slow. Also capable of running on Windows XP, Vista and 7 based devices like laptops and tablets since Release 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 9. Tivoli Software Overview of IBM Maximo Mobile9 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 10. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Architecture Aligned with Maximos Architecture Extends Maximo business processes to mobile environment Mobile Maximo Business Objects interact with the Server-Side Maximo Business Objects directly Server components built into Maximo server no middleware or separate server Single point of administration and security Configurable Intelligent data lookups Connected and sync Incremental data updates Familiar Maximo UI Maximo users will immediately related to the mobile user interface10 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 11. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile General Features Connected vs. Disconnected Operations Invisible to user Utilizes connectivity when available Store-and-Forward utilizing a local, mobile DB2e database Automatic updates and configurable transmissions Supports: Dock in the Morning, Dock in the Evening Spotty Connectivity (Wi-Fi) Full Connectivity (Wi-Fi or Cellular) E-Signature and E-Audit Enabled Enable Full Screen UI Support (Large/Small Fonts) Barcode Enabled RFID Ready All fields enabled Smart-Barcoding available on some table window screens Configurable for RFID11 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 12. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Work Manager Standard Features Work Orders, Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, Changes and Releases Asset & Location Details History, Meters, Spare Parts, etc. Calibration Option Safety plans Calibration data entry Scheduled Dates & Priorities Datasheets Identify/Create Work Orders, Service Requests Ownership Assignment Reporting Actuals Labor Time Parts Asset Downtime Meter Readings Failure Reports Start/Stop timer changes (premium pay codes) Attached Documents Crew Management and Reporting Linear Assets Independent Status Change12 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 13. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Inventory Manager Physical Count of Items in Storerooms Issue of parts to work orders and laborers Issue multiple parts to Work Orders Return of parts to storeroom Transfer of inventory between storerooms PO Receiving Inspections Partial inspections Serialization13 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 14. Tivoli Software Maximo Mobile Asset Manager Application Supports Asset Audit scenarios Determine and ensure accurate asset/location information in Maximo Users can identify the existence of assets, confirm their configuration, make any updates to any inaccurate information and generally manage the assets/locations in Maximo.14 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 15. Tivoli Software IBM Maximo Mobile Asset Manager Navigate location and asset hierarchies with a drill down view View & Modify Details, Classification Attributes Spare Parts & Subassemblies Users & Custodians Enter Meter Readings Move & Swap Update Status Create New Assets, Locations and CIs Audit/Asset Inventory/Discovery Mode View/Create/Manage by Route or Collection Issue Items From Storeroom (typically software in the IT world)15 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 16. Tivoli Software Software Update Management Ability to remotely update the mobile software on PDAs Automated installation of the mobile software on PDAs16 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 17. Tivoli Software Mobile Data Management Allow administrators to determine the data to be sent to the mobile workers devices. With Mo