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ChemiaThe Science of Alchemy

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ChemiaThe Science of AlchemyPresented on Spirit Quest Radio August 12, 2010

Featuring Adamus channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe assisted by Linda Hoppe Hosted by Jaentra Green Gardener

2010 Geoffrey Hoppe Golden, Colorado. All rights reserved. You may freely distribute this document in its entirity. See contacts page on website:


ChemiaThe Science of Alchemy(Full recording with Questions & Answers is available at Shaumbra Shoppe) ADAMUS: I Am that I Am, and proud of it, Adamus Saint-Germain at your service on this beautiful morning, evening, afternoon depending on where youre at and what youre doing. I give thanks to Linda for the breathing. I give thanks to all of you for joining in on this segment tonight, for we have some activities planned for you. Of course, its not going to just be chatter; were going to be going through an experience together. As we get underway here, I want to thank Jaentra, and I want to thank Mark, Clyde, Deborah, Linda and all of you who are gathering in tonight, who are joined by angelic beings, some from the Crimson Circle, some from the Order of the Arc, and some from the spiritual families from which you have come. We gather our energies tonight as we go into the next stages, into the New Energy, as we go beyond words and we start into some of the practical applications. Let us take a deep breath together, because tonight I would like to balance these energies, all of our energies together. Youre going to get a bit high, some of you. Some get so overwhelmed by the energy, you get a little sleepy, you doze off; youre still getting the energy, but you think youve missed the words. Thats fine, but right now we dont want any problems with the technology, with the Internet or the phone lines, as weve had in some of our previous gatherings. You know what happens when you gather together this many people from around the world who have a deep passion and a deep commitment and a deep love for this Earth, for life, for humanity and most important, for themselves well, that tends to blow out some of the electronics. It tends to overwhelm the circuits. But if we take a deep breath together right now, wherever you happen to be, no matter what youre doing, lets stop and take that conscious breath. And in that breath, bring it down into the core of your being.3


Many of you right now youre kind of up in your brain. Youre thinking a lot. Your mind is racing. Even as Im talking, youre wondering about some of the other problems in your life and hoping that I address those tonight. Youre hoping that youre going to receive some sort of insight or healing tonight, which you might. But, you see, the mind is racing with all of its things, and at the same time, something else deep within you is opening up right now. Lets just call it you, the Self, the spirit that you really are. Its opening up. So we have tremendous energy in a very high conscious manner taking place in this moment. Lets not blow out all the Internet circuits. Lets keep everything stable tonight. Alchemy So tonight, this afternoon, morning, whatever it happens to be where you are, I would like to address the topic of alchemy. Im going to be talking about this more and more as we do these gatherings, but lets talk a little bit about alchemy right now. I know many of you have studied it in the past past lives, some in this lifetime. Theres a wide variety of different concepts about what alchemy is. There are many of you that are still fascinated by turning lead into gold, stone into diamond. Youre still interested in trying to change the weather to suit your particular needs, whatever it happens to be, and of course, you have a limited degree of success, but a lot more frustration than anything else. Lets take a look at the core or the root of alchemy. Alchemy is simply the transmutation, the change, the rearrangement or the re-manifestation of energy. As you know, if you listened to any of my discourses in the past, you are not energy; you are consciousness. Consciousness does not contain any energy of its own, but yet it calls forth energy thats been sitting in a very neutral state of being in this grand cosmic pool of energy. Its just been sitting there in neutral, so neutral that its hard for scientists or mathematicians or aliens to see it, but its there. When your consciousness is ignited or inspired, when theres something your consciousness wants to discover or to learn, what happens is you create a dynamic within you that attracts the appropriate energies. And then you take those energies and play with them. You manifest with them. Those energies were never meant to be locked in place, never meant to be defined and held in that definition for eternity. Its a temporary state.



The furniture youre sitting on right now is in a temporary state. So, therefore, alchemy truly is the inherent ability within your consciousness to transmute energy into any form that you choose. Of course, over eons of time here on Earth, it has gotten bogged down. Its gotten very, very slow. So now the change in the energies in your life seems to be at a crucially painful pace. In other words, change doesnt happen very fast. The change in your life that you perceive tends to mostly be mental and not really from the true inner consciousness. Then theres always the desire to change everything around you, but yet not understanding why its around you. So you could say that theres been this loss of the ability to alchemize, to change energy. You get frustrated and you just say, Theres nothing I can do about it. You retreat. I would like for all of us to bring that back again. Its time for humans to understand that you truly can alchemize very, very easily. Origins of Alchemy The word alchemy itself was derived from an ancient word, a tone, literally, that goes back long before Earth was ever created. When humans started trying to practice alchemy on Earth, they picked up on the vibration of this tone and came out with a word similar to this, but it was chemia (pronounced sha MEE ah). Chemia. If you could imagine this word chemia as a tone not a harsh word like Cauldre is speaking right now, but chemia as a tone you can start connecting back to some of the original wisdom and the knowledge that you had about true alchemy. Chemia chemia, I love that word. Chemia actually also means Egypt. That was the original name for this great country. And the original intent was the alchemization or the transmutation, and if you take a look at the origins of why they use that name for Egypt, it is because there was a desire to transmute or to alchemize the energies that were coming back up from the lost culture of Atlantis. There was the understanding that Atlantis was coming back up those who had gone to live beneath the surface of the Earth were literally coming back up and along with it a lot of the wounds but also a lot of the joys of the times of Atlantis. So there was a very focused intent on alchemizing or transmuting those into a new and a higher vibration. Old Atlantean energies brought up into what was then a new world. So, therefore, this term chemia, which also means Egypt, also means alchemy. Just to give you a little bit of information about where all that came from.



The Egyptians, some seven to eight thousand, nine thousand years ago, really brought back the art of alchemy. But it wasnt about changing lower metals into gold. Gold was an important part of the alchemization process, and it still is today, but its not gold that actually does the alchemy, or you should not be striving to just turn things into gold. Theres a common misperception. Gold has a beautiful way of balancing energies during the alchemization process. You see all of the literature and all the what would you call them urban legends about alchemy leads a human to believe that it is about turning lead into gold. Its not at all. Gold was an important part of the alchemization process because it helps to stabilize sometimes very erratic energies that are flying around during the process of alchemy. So what is alchemy? What was alchemy? Well, it was quite simple. It was about taking the basic human energies and consciousness, and alchemizing to transmute them or to allow them to bring in the higher frequency energies. Higher frequency energies exist all around you. Higher frequency energies are out in the universe, out in the cosmos. Theyre everywhere, but its very difficult to actually realize them or manifest them on Earth. Earth has such an incredible density, a magnificent gravity, but also a type of energetic density. So the Egyptians who have come back from the surface beneath the Earth, who were the Atlanteans the Egyptians worked on alchemy. And it was the ability to constantly transform what you would call the lower vibration human energies into higher vibration spirit energies, or at least create a mid zone that would allow these higher frequency energies a portal or a pathway to come to Earth. There was a limited degree of success with it. The pyramids themselves were vessels or temples to help facilitate this alchemization process, and it actually worked quite well. There were some phenomenal things that were done within the pyramids themselves. But unfortunately, this higher vibration energy, it was hard to sustain that once you got out of the pyramids, once you went back into everyday life. But the original work with alchemy was specifically about the transmutation of lower frequency energies into higher frequencies. The work with alchemy continued over the ages. Of course, as religions began to take a hold on Earth prior to the time of Yeshua, during the time and shortly after the time of Yeshua, there were those who felt that alchemy was some type of witchcraft, so many of the alchemists had to hide what they were doing. What most of the early ones were really doing, of course, is transmuting low vibration into high vibration, but what they did to hide their work, to a degree, was to set up these laboratories and these complex rooms where they told others that they were simply6


trying to transmute the lower metals into higher metals, or stones into precious jewels, or things like that. But it was really a faade, it was really a smokescreen, because the true alchemists still were working on the transmutation of low energy into high. There was a positive benefit of all the others who came along later to practice alchemy, but in the definition that you would have now to turn metal into gold, that type of thing because so many people were chasing after the pot of gold, so to speak, that humans discovered a lot about the chemical nature of their reality. They learned that when you combined certain elements, when you subjected them to fire or to air or to water or to gravity, that it would create a different state of chemical process. So there was a lot of benefit that came out. But the true alchemists over the age really werent all that fascinated just with changing lead into gold, stone into diamonds. You could say, in a way, that you are all of you listening you are the New Energy alchemists. Now, I know, you would love for me to show you how to take a stone and turn it into a diamond and you actually can after you understand some very important principles but dont make the riches the goal, because its inconsequential to the true riches of the spirit that you can get from alchemizing energy in your everyday life. Alchemy Guidelines So lets talk a little bit about how you do that. First of all, you have to understand that alchemy begins within you. It seems obvious but when many of you go to actually practice it, you start looking for it outside of you. It actually begins within you. You have this energy, you have this ability called chemia, to transmute anything. Its always been with you. Its still there. Its been locked away or buried for a long time, but it has to begin within you. Dont start looking to the heavens. Dont start looking for things in the air around you. Dont start calling in spirit guides or anything else, because the moment you do that, you once again shut down your own chemia. The second and very important part of this is that when youre alchemizing, when youre transmuting energy, you dont apply any force or any power. You dont apply any force or power. Now, many of you have attempted this in the past. Ive actually been right next to7


you when you were doing it. You held an object in your hand or placed it on the table in front of you, and you focused on it. And you focused on it even harder and harder and harder to the point where you got dizzy with so much focus. You were trying to turn that object lets say its a stone or an apple in front of you, or what you were holding you were trying to turn it into something else. The only thing you were doing is making that stone even more of a stone or making that apple even more of an apple, because you were exerting so much energy, so much force and power on it, and that force and power was intersecting with your own belief system that you were holding an apple or a stone. The antithesis of the belief system was also present, which was that you were going to try to turn it into something else, but you actually really didnt believe that you could, so you were actually just making the stone more solid, the apple more of an apple. In true alchemy, there is no force or no power. You dont have to think of anything in your mind. You dont have to push anything. No force or power. So what do you do? Well, to alchemize and Im going to use an object Ill use a stone as an object for the example here. After our break, were going to do an experience together that doesnt involve an object necessarily. But what do you do? How do you alchemize? How to Alchemize Well, you have a stone sitting in front of you. After breathing, allow yourself to be one with the stone. Accept that the stone in front of you is, in that moment, a stone. As you begin to fully accept the form that the energy is in right now, then you can begin to understand and to imagine that it is just energy. It has many, many, many other potentials. It is currently formed as a stone, and it has been on Earth for eons of time, but that rock in front of you also has the potential to be water. It has the potential to be air. It has the potential to be fire. It has the potential to not exist in this physical reality, but actually exist in another dimensional state, whether as a stone or as something else. That stone has the potential to be a rabbit or a tree. It is just energy expressing but one of its many, many potentials. And as you understand that there is no force needed, it is actually about expanding your concept of what it could be, suddenly, it begins to release that stone from its current hard physical state of being so that the stone can understand you see, the stone has its own form of non-souled consciousness,8


but it has an awareness of itself. And when you expand your imagination and your consciousness to understand that it is so much more than that object you see sitting on the table, but you do it without power or force, it literally begins to unlock the energies that form the subatomic particles that form the atoms and the molecules and everything else that forms energy into a stone. So basically what youve just done is released it from having to play a role a role as a stone. The energy dynamics in and around that stone literally start to change in that moment. Suddenly, this rock, this stone thats sitting in front of you has been released from its command or its service as being a rock. Its not because youre inflicting anything on it. Youre not trying at this point to change it into anything. Youre acknowledging it for what it is a rock and what it is also everything else, potentials. Its just energy sitting there. At this point and this is very important do nothing. Go into that space of nothingness. Theres going to be a desire or an attempt to try to now start using mental force, mental power to change that rock into something else. Actually, when you hit the point of feeling all of the potentials of what that rock really is or really could be or really was, when you get to that point of feeling its raw source energy, then do nothing. Its going to be a challenge for some of you, because now is when you get excited. Youre going to want to try to turn it into a lump of gold and go running out the door telling everybody what a great magi that you are. But, no, at this point do nothing, because in that nothingness you get out of the mind. In that nothingness, you make an even deeper connection with that object that was a stone. You go into the deeper energy attributes of what it is, and you transcend just the definition of its energy in human terms or in mental terms, and now you really begin to feel, at some part deep within you, what energy really is. So at this point there is nothing to do with it. Be in that space of nothing. In other words, no force, no mental activity, putting no other desires upon that stone. Be in that space of nothingness until you can honestly tell yourself that youre in the nothingness with it. How will you know when youre truly in the nothingness with that stone? When suddenly, like a flash of lightning coming through, you realize that the nothingness is actually everything. Youve just passed through an important barrier. Youve crossed a very important chasm. That nothingness wasnt nothingness at all. What that nothingness was is the opportunity to get beyond the mind, to get into your true consciousness, and to get into more of an expanded divine state. And when you get9


to that point, your body will either jerk or shake or suddenly youll see a burst of light or suddenly youll want to take a very deep quick breath, and youll realize that you have just now transcended yourself into a consciousness where you can understand that it is all-ness. Now, in this state of all-ness a lot of different things start happening. You start making different conscious connections with yourself. You start understanding the true nature of your energy, the things you have attracted into your life to make up your physical and human reality. You start understanding the interconnection of energy between everything. And you begin to understand yourself as a sovereign conscious being. I know theres a lot of talk about we are all one, but the reality is you are your own One. Yes, we all are from Source, but were all sovereign beings. You dont go back into some oneness. The goal here is not to re-one everybody else or reunite or reconnect or re-homogenize, but suddenly in this state in this non-mental state you suddenly realize the oneness of you. Now, in this state of being, understanding the interconnection of energy, understanding now yourself as Creator, now you imagine whatever you want that stone to be. Its sitting there ready to serve you. Do you imagine that stone just continuing as a stone? Or do you imagine that stone, that energy, now transmuting into something else? It could be transmuted into a car. It could be transmuted into gold if you must have that lump of gold. It could be transmuted into anything, literally a vase of flowers. It could be transmuted into a beautiful symphony. It could be transmuted into a book. It doesnt matter. What you do is you imagine it. You imagine now your consciousness, this raw energy, doing the dance together. You imagine without restriction. You imagine wide open, as beautiful as you can possibly imagine, imagining beyond limitations of Earth. And then when youre done, you take a deep breath, and you let it go. When youre done you take a very good long deep breath, and let it go. Youve just alchemized. And when you open your eyes, if they have been shut, youre going to open your eyes and youre going to see that stone sitting there, and youre going to wonder to yourself, Have I done it right? because shouldnt it now be a lump of gold? Shouldnt it be a big automobile? Shouldnt it be a stack of money? Yes, it is. The interesting thing is, the stone could, and probably should, still be sitting there. But somewhere out there, coming to you quickly, is what you imagined. What you10


imagined yes, whether its a car, whether its gold, whether its money its now making its way into your reality, and its going to be appearing. Whether its days, weeks, months, however long, it doesnt matter. But its going to be coming in. The stone is still sitting there, because at some point in the process you understood its not about doing magic tricks. Youre not trying to impress people by just changing that rock into gold in front of their very eyes. If you could really do that, they would probably first honor you and then secondly kill you, because you would scare them so much. But what youve just done is in these other realms youve literally called forth energy, brought it in and now wait for its arrival. Yes, it is that simple. And if anybody out there is saying, But Ive tried that, Adamus, and it didnt work, you havent tried it in the way I just described, and you havent tried it in this New Energy. And if youve tried it, which many of you have, youve used force and power. Youve come from your brain and not from your heart. You see, the moment you start trying to force something, trying to sit there and scrunching your face tight and squeezing your eyes and focusing your energy on it trying to change it, its not going to. Its going to stay in that same state of being, and youre really not calling in energies from the other realms. So its that simple. Ill be going into more detail with this as we continue with other discussions, but right now lets do some alchemizing together. An Experience of Chemia Take a deep breath and feel the tone of the word chemia. An ancient word, one of the first tones in all of creation chemia. Its within you. Its your God-given ability to transmute, to change and to alchemize whatever it is to serve you, because remember, the Master allows all energies to serve them. Lets take a deep breath feeling into you, into your chemia. Now feeling into your body, into your physical body. Here youre made up of blood and bones, organs, hair, all sorts of different chemicals within your body. Theres a lot of energy running through your body right now.



Take a deep breath feel into this into this alchemy chemia. (pause) As youre feeling deeply in, not trying to exert any power, not trying to force anything thats very, very old, thats very yesterday its about the acceptance. And now, as you take a deep breath, going into that point of acceptance of your physical body, take a deep breath and feel my energy. Im not in physical form, but Im right with you, every one of you. Im right beside you. (pause) Im in the air. Im in the energy patterns. Im in the consciousness of all of us who are here together. You have the ability, just by taking a deep breath and accepting, to alchemize me into you. Take a deep breath, and let us meld together. Let me merge with you right in your body, right in your physical body. If youre not comfortable with this, dont do it. But if you are comfortable, let your chemia, your ability to transmute and here what youre doing is transmuting, combining you with me. Take a deep breath and lets jump into each other right now. (pause) So its no longer just you or just me. It becomes us. You and I. When Oh, and you always have the ability to disconnect, to unmeld, to get back to yourself. But let yourself enjoy the experience right now, if you will, of alchemizing two energies and two consciousnesses, you and I, together, as the tone of the word chemia seems to be singing out from both of us. My chemia to your chemia. Me and you now together.



(pause) Let yourself experience it and feel it, how just a moment ago I seemed to be talking from outside of you, and right now were talking together inside of you. Before I seemed to be separate, and now were together for this beautiful moment. Me absolutely feeling you, and you can feel deep into me. Keep breathing. Were together inside of you right now. Let yourself feel into me, Adamus. (pause) Theres so much of me that is so much like you, so much of you that is also part of me. And this is alchemy. This is melding energies together. Very different than just trying to turn stones into gold, its alchemy. Letting the energies dance together to the point where theres no separation. By the way, it requires a very trusting person to do this. If you feel resistance, just take a deep breath. You dont need to do this. You can set your own limits. It takes a very trusting person to open themselves so much, to let someone else in. But its an experience of alchemy, of blending, transmuting. Now Im going to move out now. Im going to move out, I would ask you to release me, of course. Im going to move my energy outside of yours again. Lets take a deep breath as I back away out of your body, as I come back to me and you come back to you. Take a deep breath Feel into the experience. Oh deep breath youre fine. Youre doing very, very well. Now, an interesting thing happened there. When you allowed the alchemy of our consciousness which is different, by the way, than the alchemy of just energy, you allowed the alchemy of our consciousness and our related energies we created something else in that beautiful moment. And what was it? What was it?



When you brought forth your chemia, let it meld, let it blend with mine so for a moment there we became together, we transmuted together, you and I created something else. What was it? Im going to let you answer that question. Ill give you a few hints. It was the byproduct of our alchemy, and every alchemical process has a byproduct. In other words, you could be imagining the stone turning into a new car, but theres another byproduct, another thing that happens that you may not have been aware of. What was it when you and I melded? The answers going to be quite different for the different people, but what was it? So as we go to your time of questions and answers, I may just ask you what did we you and I create together? So with that, I am taking my deep breath, preparing myself for the long list of human questions that are coming. One more comment before we start. Im going to be discussing more of New Energy alchemy in the days and months to follow. I want to bring it up right now, because every one of you is being bombarded with energy every day from the news, from Earth itself, from a lot of what you would call rather sinister energies right now that are trying to restrict rather than expand consciousness. Youre being bombarded with energies just caused from the natural change in consciousness. Youre being bombarded by people who are at an all time rate of feeding. There are so many people right now that are energy feeding, that are vampire energy feeding off of each other. Even people you know and love, people that are in your inner circle and in your family. Theyre feeding off of your energy like never before. So its important to begin to understand the process of alchemy, because at its core, it is just energy. If youre being bombarded with all these theres tremendous energies coming right now from the other realms and the other dimensions and other, what you would call, ET life forms in your physical universe. Theyre all focusing on Earth right now. Its a surprise some days that your body can hold up to it, and definitely a surprise that your mind can. So I want us to begin to alchemize energy, to realize that its not good or bad. Its not politicians trying to dictate their needs. Its not people just trying to steal your energy. Well begin transmuting, and youll find that its just beautiful energy. Just beautiful. So well continue our discussions hopefully even on this show. [Q&A follows, download audio in Shaumbra Shoppe]


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