Maths quiz grade 6 final round

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Grade-6 Finals

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Grade-6 Finals

Maths Quiz

Round 1

INSTRUCTIONSThree questions will be given to each clubEach question carries 10 pointsNo negative marking.The question will not be passed to the next team

Club Name : LegendsQ1. In an algebraic expression a symbol having a fixed numerical value is called ? Q2. Which digit can neither be positive nor negative?Q3. If the diagonals of a quadrilateral bisect each other at right angle then the quadrilateral is a?

ANSWERS1.Constant2. 03. Square

Q1. An isosceles trapezium has how many pair of sides equal ?Club Name : ElitesQ2. Next in the given sequence will be16,25,36,49.Q3. 56 days how many weeks?

ANSWERS1. 12. 493. 8

Q1. Is 253654 divisible by 3 ?Club Name : VictorsQ2. The total length of the boundary of a closed figure is called ? Q3. Find the missing numerator99/121 = 9/?

Answers1. Not Divisible2. Perimeter3. 11

Club Name : SupremesQ3. What will be the next term in this sequence0, 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, ___

Q2. 2 km = ?cmQ1. What is the sum of all the angles of a quadrilateral ?

ANSWERS1. 360o2. 2,00,000 cm3. 21

Club Name : MaestrosQ3. What fraction of a revolution does a minute hand of a clock move when it goes from 3 to 12 ?

Q1. Find the value of -25 + 100Q2. Are the lines in the capital letter L parallel or perpendicular?

Answers1. 752.Perpendicular3. 3/4

Q1. What are the three interior angles of any of the two set squares.Club Name : LeadersQ2. Next in the given sequence will be17,23,29,31 .Q3. For 9 sweets 1 boxHow many boxes for 81 sweets . Which number operation will be used to solve this situation sum ?

Answers90o , 60o , 30o or 90o , 45o , 45o2. 373. Division

Round 2


INSTRUCTIONSEach group will be given a tangram kit.You all need to make Rectangle with the kit that you receive.Each group will be given 1 min to complete the task.The scores will be as follows First : 30 points Second : 20 points Third : 10 points


Round 3

INSTRUCTIONSThis is a buzzer roundThere will be 5 questions in this round.The club that raises the flag first will be given chance to answerIf the club answers correctly then they score 20 points.For incorrect answer the club will lose 10 points.There is negative marking for incorrect answers.

Q1. Count the number of squares in each of the given figures.

Answer: 15

Q2. If + denotes x, x denotes +, - denotes and denotes -, then find the value of 2 + 15 15 3 x 8 ?

Answer: 33

Q3. How many ms are preceded by n and followed by m?

m n m n n m m n m n m m

Answer: 2

Q4. One morning Sonia started to walk towards the Sun. After covering some distance she turned to the right, then again to the right and after covering some distance she again turns to the right. Now in which direction is she facing?


Q5. Study the following information and answer the question?Ankita is taller than Megha.Ankita is shorter than Beena.Latika is taller than Garima.Garima is taller than Beena. Who is the tallest of all?


Round 4

INSTRUCTIONSClubs will be given 10 questions.Time Frame : 1.5 Min10 points will be given for each correct answer.

(0.007 + 2.78) = ? (30 + 6/10 + 2/1000) = ?(-7 (-13)) = ? LCM of 16, 24, 8 = ? If the two interior angles of a triangle are 60o & 40o. Then what is the third angle? Is 60:80 proportionate to 50:90? 1/3 + 2/5 = ? 493 x 8 + 493 x 2 = ? 20 + 12 3 5 x 4 = ?Six million five hundred forty three thousand two hundred ten is : _________QUESTIONS

Answers1. 2.7872. 30.6023. 64. 485. 80o6. Not Proportional7. 11/158. 49309. 410. 6,543,210