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1.• The Trichur Brothers, Srikrishna Mohan and Ramkumar

Mohan, are vocalists from Carnatic tradition and belong to the Sitaram Group, a traditional business family based in Trichur, Kerala.

• The brothers, along with a team of musicians from Chennai, have composed a song, a teaser of which was released in December 2014. It received over 1,000 hits within a short span of time. On the request of the ministry, the teaser has been taken off all online mediums.

• The brother’s composition, due to be released, is touted as

the world’s first ever song dedicated to a particular event.

• What event are the Trichur Brothers dedicating their work for?

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And the answer is…

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Namami Gange Anthem• The brothers are rendering the world’s ever

composition dedicated to the cleaning of a river.

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2.• On March 8, 2015, the international women’s day, an

NGO named Chaanv, released a fashion calendar titled ‘Bello’ which means ‘beautiful’ in Italian.

• The theme of the calendar was to ‘broaden the interpretation of beauty‘.

• Belgian photographer Pascal Mannaerts, who shot the photos for the calendar, could not stop raving about the subject’s courage, adding "I am inspired, so much to learn from them.“

• What was the subject of the calendar?

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And the answer is…

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3.• The 1896 discovery of the X was one of the

greatest Jewish treasures ever found. It provided the world with the some of the most important documents of the medieval Middle East.

• X is a collection of some 300,000 Jewish manuscript fragments that were found in Ben Ezra Synagogue in Old Cairo, Egypt.

• These manuscripts outline a 1,000-year continuum (870 CE to 19th century) of Jewish Middle-Eastern and North African history and comprise the largest and most diverse collection of medieval manuscripts in the world.

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• The X documents include both religious and secular writings. The normal practice of maintaining X was to remove the contents periodically and bury them in a cemetery.

• But as many of these documents were written using the Hebrew alphabet and as the Jews considered Hebrew to be the language of God, and the Hebrew script to be the literal writing of God, the texts were not be destroyed even long after they had served their purpose.

• Identify X.

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And the answer is…

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And the answer is…

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• answer.mp4

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5.• X is regarded as one of the foremost Russian physiologists.

• Studying the conditional reflexes, X came to the necessity to isolate the experimental dog completely from any exterior influences during the course of the experiment.

• For this purpose he made a project of a very special construction, named “Y", with 8 sound-proof cameras, separated by spiral staircases and passages with noiseless covering. With the help of Prince Oldenburgsky and Ledenzov charitable company this project was realized in 1913-1917.

• X, Y ?

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And the answer is…

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6.• The ‘urban dictionary’ defines X as an impossibly difficult

choice, especially when forced onto someone. The choice is between two unbearable options, and it's essentially a no-win situation.

• X is centered on a scene in Auschwitz where X has just arrived with her ten-year old son and her seven-year old daughter and a sadistic doctor, presumably Doctor Mengele, tells her that she can only bring one of her children; one will be allowed to live while the other is to be killed.

• As a mother, X adores both of her children and can't make this agonizing choice... until several soldiers force her and she hastily gives her daughter to them, sobbing as they take her little girl away.

Id X…

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And the answer is…

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X- Sophie’s Choice

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8.• X is a form of folk music from Mexico and began as a

regional folk style originally played only with string instruments.

• X can refer to the music, the group, or just one musician.

• The word X was thought to have derived from the French word for marriage, dating from the French intervention in Mexico in the 1860s, related to the music's appearance at weddings. This was a common explanation on record jackets and travel brochures. This theory was dis-proven with the appearance of documents that showed that the word existed before this invasion.

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A monument dedicated to X

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And the answer is…

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The Mariachis!!

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9. What does the pattern in the board signify?

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And the answer is…

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Foucalt’s pendulum- To prove the rotation of Earth

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10. Alternate theory for X• Rising temperatures could have turned the Nile into a

slow-moving, muddy watercourse--conditions favorable for the spread of toxic fresh water algae. As the organism known as Burgundy Blood algae dies, it would have turned the water red.

• Any blight on the water that killed fish also would have caused frogs to leave the river and probably die.

• The lack of frogs in the river would have let insect populations, normally kept in check by the frogs, increase massively.

• Biting flies in the region would have transmitted livestock diseases; a sudden increase in their number could have sparked epidemics.

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• Volcanic eruption would have resulted in showers of rock and fire.

• According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), when locusts get hungry, a one-ton horde can eat the same amount of food in one day as 2,500 humans.

• “Hamsin", a southwest wind charged with sand and dust, which blows about the spring equinox, would have produced darkness rivalling that of the worst London fogs.

What set of events are the above theories describing (in a scientific way) ?

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And the answer is…

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The ten plagues of Egypt

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11.• Many reports still call it "folklore" or "superstition" but

X is beginning to be considered a historical and biological fact-Y blossoms en masse approximately every 48 years. This particular type of Y grows throughout a large area of Northeast India (primarily in Mizoram and Manipur States) as well as regions of Burma (mainly Chin State) and Bangladesh (Hill Tracts). The blossoming Y produces fruit, then dies off. The fruit has a large seed, resembles avocado, and is packed with protein and other nutrients. The resulting events are known to cause X.

• X, Y ?

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And the answer is…

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X- Mautam (bamboo death)Y- Bamboo• During Mautam, Melocanna baccifera, a species of

bamboo, flowers at one time across a wide area. This event is followed by a plague of black rats in what is called a rat flood. This occurs as the rats multiply in response to the temporary windfall of seeds and leave the forests to forage on stored grain when the bamboo seeds are exhausted, which in turn causes devastating famine. Famines thus caused have played a significant part in shaping the region's political history. The most recent spate of flowering, on the bamboo species' genetically-linked timetable, began in May 2006, and the state government and the Indian Army attempted to prevent a famine, in vain.

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• The above photo shows a fashion show hosted by the Italian designer FENDI. What is of interest is the choice of venue for hosting this event.

• Karl Lagerfeld, whose designs were showcased, commented, “After this, where can you go?”.

• Where did this fashion show take place?

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And the answer is…

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